What Type of Battery is a Marine Battery

what type of battery is a marine battery

Having a marine battery for your boat is a must for you to have a fun and a smooth-sailing experience in every boating and fishing activity. Thus, in this article, we will share to you everything you need to know about What type of battery is a marine battery, from its type all the way to how to charge it.

What type of battery is a marine battery

Marine batteries play a vital role in starting your boat’s engine and powering the electrical systems of your boat. Thus, it is important for you to use perfect battery for your boat, so that you will have a fun experience without worries.

A marine battery comes in many types, and most of the marine batteries nowadays are using any of these battery chemical types: flooded, gel or absorbed glass mat (AGM). Flooded marine batteries are the cheapest ones commonly used by people on a budget. It uses liquid sulphuric acid, and it gives off hydrogen and oxygen during charging period. Flooded batteries may be cheaper, but it requires more maintenance than other battery types because it discharges itself.

Gel batteries are formed by combining water, fumed silica, phosphoric acid and sulphuric acid. Also called as a recombinant battery, this battery type uses pressure in the cells to form gases and produce water, which can greatly help in avoiding dehydrating the battery when charged. Gel batteries also feature leak prevention due to its viscid gel makeup, and its voltage is lower, which makes it need a charging system for voltage regulation.

AGM batteries use glass mat separators and acid electrolyte, and its pressure valves transfer oxygen from the positive plate to the negative plate, where it combines again with the hydrogen to produce water. Thus, this type of battery is safer, more durable and does not need much maintenance. However, when you want to use AGM battery for your boat, you will need to use a smart charger.

What size of marine battery do I need

The size of a marine battery is referred to in groups. Thus, these battery groups act as way to know not only the size of the battery but its power as well. The group 24 marine battery is usually the smallest among the other batteries. Thus, given its smaller physical built, it also has a smaller power capacity. On the other hand, the group 27 marine battery is a bigger one, and features a bigger power capacity. Thus, if you have a lot of electronic systems in your boat, a group 27 marine battery is the best and right choice for you.

How many volts are in a marine battery

A marine battery’s voltage capacity plays a vital role in keeping your motor and all your boat’s electrical systems powered and functioning well. Thus, it is always best, right and safe to have a battery with the right voltage capacity for your boat.

Most people use 12V marine batteries in their boats. Since 12V marine batteries are just good for smaller boats, people with larger boats still use batteries with a 12-volt capacity, but what they just do is they connect around 2, 3 or 4 batteries together in parallel. Usually, larger boats such as yachts use a 24V or a 36V battery capacity. Other large boats also use a 48V battery.

How We Select Right Type

Basically, there is no such thing as the best marine battery that applies to all boats. Other people may be fine in using a flooded battery for their boat, while others may not. Other people might also use a 12V battery for their boats, while others might not find it enough for their boats. Thus, the only key to make a marine battery the best battery is to have a thorough look and check on it if it is the perfect one to use for your boat.

Furthermore, it would greatly help to read on battery reviews for you to have an idea on what marine battery perfectly suits your boat. However, to make your battery the best one even for a long period of time, follow these tips: keep your battery cool, neat and dry, only use 1 battery type, don’t mix a new battery with the old ones, and don’t fully discharge your battery.

How to Charge a Marine Battery

Usually, manuals show the best way to charge a particular battery purchased. However, you can also follow these steps on how to charge a marine battery. First, lightly cycle the battery during the first few charges to give way to the completion of battery plates’ formation. Then, after these stages, charge the battery until it becomes full; you can use a meter to test its completion. After charging, allow the battery to cool for a while to prevent heat from growing which can cause battery corrosion. In addition, do not charge your marine battery in between uses, because this will shorten the battery’s useful life.


So what type of battery is a marine battery ?  With these facts and tips, you can surely put your best battery into great use! Thus, just follow all of these you can perfect matching your trolling motor, battery and battery charger , and guaranteed you will have a fun and fulfilling experience in every water activity. Sail on!

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