What to Wear When Kayaking in Summer

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Kayaking is a great way of enjoying the natural beauty from a different angle. When you are going on kayaking, you have to protect yourself from any obstacles. And when you are kayaking in hot weather in summer you will have two questions.

  • What do I need to wear?
  • How do I stay cool?

Well, I will explain both of your questions. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the protection. It is just not for the summer, but it is also required for winter season also. We will now discuss what to wear in summer kayaking.

As the sun is very hot in summer the most important part of your body that you have to give protection is your eyes and face. And for that, you need to wear a full brimmed lightweight and breathable fishing hat. A full brimmed hat not only saves your face and eyes from the sun but also protects your neck and ear.

2. The Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the best gear to protect your eyes both from the glare from water and sun. They help you to look at the water with less effort. You should wear 100% UV resistance sunglasses to have the best service.

3. Hand Gloves

Wearing hand gloves can offer you protection from multiple levels. They provide UV protection for your hands, less soreness from holding the kayak paddle for a long time, and also protect when you are handling fish. But the problem is most of them are not comfortable and breathable. So you have to find a comfortable pair otherwise you won't feel better wearing them.

4. Buff or Sun Mask

You can wear Buff or Sun Mask to get 100% protection for your face. You can find 100 of fantastic designs that are breathable and comfortable.

Kayaking Clothing Guide

5. Long Sleeved UV Shirt

Long Sleeved UV Shirt is also a great option for getting 100% UV protection. You can wear a Long Sleeved UV Shirt that is made of UV resistance comfortable materials.

6. Finally, Wear Your Life Vest

A life vest is for life-saving. They help you to remain inflated in the water. You have to find a perfect life vest for you and wear it before you go out for kayaking. There are so many models of the life jacket in the market. So, which life vest is best for hot weather? Find one that is lightweight and made of comfortable materials. Also, make sure that the life vest is UV resistant and inflates well. Don't forget to wear a life vest every time before going to kayaking.

You also have to offer protection to your legs and feet. Don't ignore those parts of your body. And always use suns cream to protect your screen from the excessive heat of the sun.

Hope this article is helpful for you. Keep these tips in mind when you are kayaking in summer. Always wear the right clothing, or you will not be able to enjoy your journey. Even you may end up at the beginning. So be careful about the clothing.

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