What is Two Way Radio Communication & How it Works

Nothing is better than two way radio system to communicate within a group of people. We can use two-way radio communication from a far distance. Where the normal mobile communication system is not reachable. If in a certain area there is not enough mobile signal tower, then it is not possible for us to communicate within that specific area. Though we can communicate using walkie-talkie that works same like the two-way radios. There is an argument among people whether walkie-talkie and two-way radios are same or not.

The walkie-talkie is a communication device that can use while walking. We can also use two-way radios like the walkie-talkie if the two-way radios are handheld. But all two-way radios are not handheld. Some two-way radios are attached to the cars or to the large two-way radio repeater. So here the two-way radios and walkie-talkies are not the same. but their function is same. Let’s jump into the comprehensive discussion about two-way radio and how it works.

Choose Perfect Two Way Radio

Two-Way Radio:

As we know two-way radio is a communication device that works with certain people who use this device within a certain area. This area is the signal range of the two-way radio system. If we are using a radio that is out of the range then we will not be able to get the signal from other devices. Most of the people who have no knowledge about two-way radio communication system. They think a two-way radio works everywhere and for every user. Normally all two-way radios are divided into their certain hubs. If you are using a two-way radio Hub A you will not get any signals of hub B. It is like the sim card of the mobile phone. To see the proof to use a walkie-talkie or two-way radio of a police or government employee. Then take another two-way radio that belongs to an industry in the same place. Now you will notice that the two devices giving two different signals.

Normally, the signal area of the two-way radio ranges from 5 to 6 miles. But you can increase the signal ranges using the VHF RADIO two-way radio. This type of two-way radio can transmit the signal up to 30 to 45 miles away. If You need more power signal then you have to use a repeater that can transmit and receive the wave up to 100 miles of away.

Choose Perfect Two Way Radio

How Two-Way Radio Works:

Normally two-way radio works using the half duplex and full duplex channel. The half-duplex channel can both transmit and receive the signals but one after another. While the full duplex channel radio can transmit and receive the channel at a time without making any delay. It is mostly like normal telephone communication system.

The two-way radios are grouped by a hub which is called the base station. From the base station all the signals and of the two way radios are being controlled. Some base station uses the two-way radio repeater to increase the communication ranges of two-way radios. The repeater uses an antenna to make the communication more clear. Some repeater has two antenna and some repeater has only one. In two antenna one is used for transmitting the signal and another is used for receiving the signal. In one antenna repeater, it can both transmit and receive the signal using its only one antenna.

The antenna of the repeater makes the communication easier. So to get the proper signal we have to install the antenna on the top of the ground. where there is no other tall building or trees that can make problem in transmitting and receiving the signal.

A two-way radio is fastest communication system. To transmit any signal you just need to Use the PTT (Push to Talk) button on the two-way radio. Some two-way radio system has the facility to record any message and transmit it to all eh devices. But to get this facility we will need the radio repeater. We often see that the airport station, subway station or police station makes the announcement to the public using mikes. But this is not coming from the sound system. This sounds come from the radio repeater in a base station to give any message to everyone.

Two-Way Radio or Walkie-Talkie:

It merely depends on your need. if you have a small office or business area then walkie talkie is enough for you. But if you are running a large industry or want to communicate in the forest then you should use the two-way radio.

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