What Is the Purpose of a Boonie Hat

Boonie hats are seen to be worn by military men, snipers, and armies when they are on operations. Nowadays these hats become very popular in summer outdoor activities. Men and women love to wear Boonie hats while fishing, hunting, and camping. It is so common that the Boonie hat is named as ‘fishermen hat’. 

There are other styles of hats that people use in their outdoors and fishing but the Boonie hat has special advantages. Let’s reflect on its purpose and advantages so that you can decide whether want one or not. 

what is the purpose of a boonie hat



The main reason fishermen use this hat is to camouflage. Boonie hats have loops all-around their crown. So that leaves and twigs can be attached to make a better camouflage. Other hats do not offer this advantage. Besides, these hats are available in prints and colors that are hard to detect in the forest. To use while fishing, cameo prints, snake prints, or earthy solid shades are great choices. 

Sun Protection

Boonie hats are an upgrade of bucket hats. Before the Boonie hat, bucket hats were widely used. But the wider and stiffer brim of the Boonie hat gives better sun protection on the face, neck, and shoulder. Other hats provide limited protection. 

Wind Support

On windy days, the Boonie hat is your best friend to go fishing. Enjoy the wind without worrying about the hat flying away. Because this hat has a stiff body and brim that sits on the head more securely. The drawstring chin strap gives additional support against the breeze and strong wind. 

Well Vented 

To make the hats well vented, multiple eyelets and mesh panes are used all around the crown. You can enjoy the sun without drenching in sweat. A Boonie hat is usually made of cotton or polyester to make it comfortable using under sun and humid weather. 


These hats are suitable for any outdoor activities including parties, picnics, camping, concert, street dance, and so on. One Boonie hat fits all the outdoor events perfectly. 

Multiple Styles to Wear

The Brim of the Boonie hat can be folded on one side or both sides. It creates different looks and also gives an illusion of a cowboy hat. However, these hats are available for men, women, and unisex styles. All hats are wearable in multiple styles to create multiple looks. 

Easy to Carry and Clean

The hat is foldable. Fold it and keep it in the backpack of your pant pocket, the shape won’t ruin it. The hat always bounces back to its shape when worn on the head. 

In the outdoors, clothes get dirty easily. Thanks to the thoughtful material of the Boonie hat. It is easy to hand wash and hang dry. So, keep the hats clean even you are in the outdoors, fishing all day. Because it doesn’t need a washing machine or dryer to wash and dry. 

How to Buy 

  • Prints and Colors
  • Unisex or Gender Specific
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Size

How to Wash

Simply soak the hat in warm soapy water for half an hour. Then, rub gently with your hands and change the water. Soak the hat in clean water and squeeze the water out of it. When the water starts coming out clean, hand the hat to drip dry. 

Never put a Boonie hat in the dryer or in the washing machine. This will ruin the shape and size of the hat and may also make the material wrinkly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a Bucket Hat and a Boonie Hat?

Though the construction of both hats is quite similar, there is a big difference in useability. The bucket has a short and soft brim. Usually, it doesn’t have any chin strap. There is only one way to wear a bucket hat. 

On the other hand, a Boonie hat has a bigger and stiffer brim and crown.  It holds its shape better. The brim can be folded upward and downward. There are various ways to wear this hat and are mostly worn by men. It is specially made to provide camouflage, ventilation, and sun protection outdoors. 


For fishing or any other outdoor enjoyment, a Boonie hat is more comfortable and stylish to wear. Now a wide range of Boonie hats available on the market and sold under different names. These are made for men, women, with neck flap, military-style, ponytail opening, and so on. 

So, do a little more research if you think you want one. Surely there will be found a hat that will support all your preference to wear a Boonie hat during fishing.

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