What Are Polarized Lenses & Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Every year more than 3.2 million people lose their eyesight from prolonged UV exposure. Angler and cruiser spend their most of the time under the sun light. So, their primary concern should be protecting their eyesight from the harmful prolonged UV exposure and from the glare of the sun. Polarized lenses can save us from this danger.

Some people think traditional protecting lenses are enough to get us the solution.  But the thing is traditional lenses are not able to work like polarized lenses. Let me clear how polarized lenses are made; how important it is to use and some fact about polarized sunglasses.

What Is Polarized Lens:

Polarized lenses are basically a special type of lens that is used to sunglasses to protect human eyes from the glare of the sun on the surface such as glare on water, snow, and glasses. When the sun light hits a surface it generally absorbed the light, and do not reflect. but when it hits the reflective surface like water it becomes polarized. This reflection of sunlight creates a glare which is harmful to human eyes.

Polarized lenses are special because the glare of the sun cannot bypass through the lenses. Polarized lenses are laminated with vertical stripes that protect our eyes from this glare.

How Polarized Lenses Work:

How polarized lenses work

When the sunlight hits on water it creates a horizontal reflection while polarized lenses are made vertically that can easily be absorbed the glare of the sun. So, when the glare reflects from horizontal angle vertical polarized lenses absorbed it easily.

polarized lenses used millions of parallel rows of dichroic dyes that cannot be seen with bare eyes.

Though glare can reflect in the vertical angle, the protective features of polarized lenses reduce the brightness of glare up to 50%.

Which Polarized Glasses Are Best:

Which polarized glasses are best

There are no differences between polarized lenses. But the glasses are different for layers.

Some polarized glasses use two layers of lenses which are more protective and costly and some glasses use a single polarized lens which are less protective and cheaper than the two-layer polarized sunglasses.

People think dark color can reduce the brightness of glare but it is not true. The only thing that can reduce the glare is the layer of lenses. A Light shaded polarized glass with two layers of lenses can reduce more glare than a dark color single layer lens.

When you buy a polarized sunglass always check the dense of the lens.

Why Should You Buy Polarized Glasses:

As you know how polarized sunglass can protect your eyesight from the glare of the sun. You should also know what are the benefits of using polarized sunglass and who can get its benefit.

Most of the time angler need to see what fish in lure under the water. Polarized sunglass can help them to see their game clearly.

When drivers drive on the highway they often face mirage on the road and that can cause an accident to them. Polarized sunglass can help here and avoid the accident for them.

A photographer needs to use polarized sunglass on a sunny day. Though most of the camera lenses are polarized when a photographer need to see the object first they can’t see through the camera.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Best Fit to All Conditions:

Besides benefits of using polarized sunglasses, there still has some limitations for using it.

Display monitors such as cell phone display, digital LCD screen clock, and camera display are not clearly visible when you were polarized sunglass.

Sometimes sunlight also reflects on the air such as when a pilot flies their plane they often face the glare of the sun. Because the sunlight reflects on the front body part of the plane. this can make a problem for the pilot to read the instruction when they use polarized sunglass.

When there is a tunnel on the road don’t use polarized sunglass, it can cause a big accident.

What is polarized lens

Can UV Protection Sunglass Beat the Polarized Sunglass:

This is always confusing. Most people think a UV protecting sunglass can work like polarized sunglasses but this is not true. UV protection sunglasses are only capable to protect your eyesight from dangerous Ultraviolet ray while polarized sunglasses can do the both. These two sunglasses are same at looking but they offer to different benefits.

So, these are the fact about polarized sunglasses. If you often go for driving or fishing don’t forget to take a polarized sunglass to get a clear vision and to save your eyes.

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