Top 5 Lithium Marine Batteries (Reviews 2021)

Lithium Marine Battery

Lithium or Lithium-ion (Li-ion in short) batteries are the power sources of many devices nowadays, such as cell phones and laptops. Even for trolling motors, lithium batteries have been popular in us.What is the Lithium Marine Battery?The lithium iron phosphate battery is essentially a huge mobile phone battery for your boat. However, albeit it carries a similar name because of the …

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Best Battery Terminal Connectors (Reviews 2021)

Battery Terminal Connectors

A battery terminal connectors are for the purpose of connecting your electrical cables to your battery or any power supply. These devices are essential to maintain an uninterrupted power supply, especially for a trolling motor. Moreover, a car’s terminal and connector is different from a boat. A ship’s terminal is usually made from tin-plated copper. For a car, it is usually …

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Optima 8006-006 Bluetop Starting Battery Reviews (2021)

optima 8006-006-ffp bluetop

Doing recreational activities are fun and better especially when you are fully prepared. Before planning out an activity, you have to make sure that all the necessary things are brought with you. This is especially true when you are travelling by sea – that is, boating. Of course you do not want to get stranded in the middle of the …

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The Best Canister Filter 2021 (Newest Models)

best canister filter

The canister filters are essential things for filtering the aquarium or fish tanks water. A clean and dirt free environment is highly required for aquatic animals. The canister filter cleans the water and removes harmful dirt and debris from the water. So if you are an owner of an aquarium then you must have canister filter to filter the water. A …

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S L A – DCM0035 Replacement Battery Reviews (2021)

Sealed Lead Acid – DCM0035

The Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) – DCM0035 can power your motor all day long. It enables you to have a hassle free trolling experience. Unlike other wet acid batteries, this battery is spill-proof. It affords you the convenience of rough trolling without worrying about damaging its cells. The Absorbed Glass Matt technology binds this battery’s cells together while containing the electrolyte …

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