7 Best Marine Binoculars for 2021 (Newest Models)

top marine binoculars

A marine binocular isn’t just a toy to play with while on the launch. Most of the boater use it for watching birds or sightseeing only, but marine binocular comes with different features which ease up the boating and cruising experience. There are different types of binocular that you can use instead of marine binoculars. But what you will miss …

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9 Best Software Defined Radios (SDRs) in 2021

best software defined radio

Software Defined Radio is probably the latest species of radios. The usage of SDR is even more widespread and versatile. However, people always expressed mixed opinions about the SDR about being very simple to tune but difficult to set up. I believe that’s because everyone doesn’t have a clear concept about which one to buy to do the job they …

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10 Best Marine Battery Chargers (Buying Guide 2021)

Marine Battery Charger

You’ll find many types of battery for your boat like- AGM, Gel, Lead Acid and Lithium Ion. Each technology has its own standard charging profile. Following the charging profile of the battery will help you to maintain the health of the battery. Proper maintenance of the battery and selecting the right type of battery charger can increase the lifetime of the …

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8 Best VHF Marine Antennas for 2021

best vhf marine antenna

A VHF radio is compulsory equipment to accompany anyone riding on any marine vehicle. The VHF antenna is the next must-have unit to have in any marine watercraft to make to the radio most of it. Without a proper antenna, you will lose any connection to the outer world even if the radio you are using is top-notch.  The problem is, …

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9 Best Power Inverters for Boat – You Can Trust (2021)

best power inverter for boat

To lid a civilized life in the middle of nowhere, only a marine or RV battery is not enough. By pairing the battery with a marine inverter, you can ensure all your AC gadgets and appliances are running nice and smooth. When it comes to using an inverter for boats, you have to be a little bit more careful.  The …

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