How to Care and Repair an Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayak has so many advantages. They are too much lightweight so you can easily maneuver them. Transportation is also easy because of their lightweight. But the problem is, no matter your inflatable kayak is expensive or cheap it is common to get a puncture in it. From which material your kayak is made of doesn't mater. It will be punctured sooner or letter. But, if you take proper care of your inflatable kayak the time will be longer. Here we will discuss how you can look after your kayak and still if you get a puncture how you can easily repair it. Both caring and repairing may be tricky if you know little things. So we are going to give you some tips so that you can take care of your kayak and repair it if necessary.

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How to Care Your Inflatable Kayak

[1] Inflate Well to Avoid Puncture

Make sure that your kayak is fully inflated to get the most out of your expeditions on the water. One thing you should keep in mind as you, your kayak can be overheated. So don't keep them in the excessive heat all day long when it's inflated.

[2] Maintaining is the Key to Durability

We all know, prevention is better than cure. You can decrease the risk of damage by taking care. When you are out on the water, you should check the water level. If the water level is low, then keep looking if there are any rock under water which may get your kayak a puncture.

Store your kayak in a cool and dry place. Make sure that the kayak is clean and dry before storing to prevent mold can accumulation. Never pack it up if not fully dry.

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You can use a protectant for UV damage protection. You can buy a protection spray, they are very cheap but protect your kayak from UV rays. Use an inflatable kayak cleaner to clean the boat then use the spray. If you don't have any inflatable cleaner then just use natural cleaner. Never use any harsh chemical cleaner, they are harmful to the kayak.

Now let's discuss repairing of an inflatable kayak

The inflatable kayak should last longer. But it's natural to get a puncture even if your kayak is the best one. So, don't worry about it. Let's get some tips to repair it quickly.

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[1] How to Locate the Leak

If you are getting a problem with finding the lick, then you have to inflate the kayak and apply soapy water. It will make bubble from the leakage area. Now as you locate the lick follow the instructions bellow.

[2] Repairing a Small Leak

For small repairs, just deflate your boat, clean and dry the area and then apply a small drop of glue. Now leave it to dry. When it is dry, you can use it just like before.

[3] Repairing a Big Leak

For larger repairs, you need to apply a patch to the area. There is a rule of thumb you have to apply a patch if the lick is bigger than a pinhole. If it is more bigger, then you should contact the customer care.

Okay, hope now you will take proper care of your kayak. And still, if it gets punctured you will be able to repair it quickly. So, enjoy kayaking.

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