Midland GXT1050VP4: A Detailed Overview in 2021

midland gxt1050vp4 review

If you’re looking for a two way radio for hunting, adventure, hiking or other outdoor events and stay connected with your partner, then you need a highly effective radio. In this case, the Midland GXT1050PV4 is the best choice.

In a word, the Midland GXT1050VP4 is amazing. The special and unique features and high performance have made this radio best among similar products. This two way radio is suitable for any kind of outdoor activities. The radio has a huge connection distance. Additionally, the radio supports USB charging which allows charging the device with car or laptop type device. This feature is awesome, because you are able to charge the device while on the way. Besides, the flash light and amazing NOAA weather alert are placed for your better safety. The radio is waterproof too. Without any doubt, this is the best!

Here, we have the Midland two way radios reviews for you-

Midland GXT1050VP4 - Waterproof Two Way Radios


  • NOAA weather alert;
  • NiMH rechargeable battery;
  • 50 channels;
  • 142 privacy codes;
  • Long range 36 miles;
  • Hands free operation;
  • Ring free vibration alert;
  • SOS siren; Monitor;
  • Direct call, Group call;
  • 5 animal call alerts;
  • Microphone & headphone jack.

NOAA Weather Alerts:

This device has built in NOAA weather alerts service. So you will get notification for upcoming weather condition and can prepare for bad or unexpected situation. That’s a great feature because the NOAA weather alert supports most of the areas. So you can stay connected with this device.

50 Channels:

The GXT1050VP4 has 50 channels (22 standard & 28 extra) with 142 privacy codes. It gives you 5560 channel option so that you can use a secure conversation and can block unwanted channels. This device also has group call function and 10 call tones. You can now recognize the person without holding the radio. You are also able to make individual calls.

Long Range:

Definitely 36 miles is a huge range for connection. When you go for an outdoor event, it allows you to be connected within 36 miles. I think it’s enough distance for an outdoor trip. Besides, the SOS signal can send your location to your team mate in an emergency situation.

Hands Free operation:

The device allows you to operate the device hands free. You have microphone and headphone for operating the device while you’re busy with another work. Also, you can set different tone for different person so that you can know the person who is calling. You can also answer them. The whisper feature ensures a clear and quiet sound for both talking and hearing.

JIS4 Waterproof:

This radio is JIS4 waterproof so this device is survivable in rain or water splash. Sometime bad weather brings rain, but you don’t need to worry about. The JIS4 water protection will protects your device.


eVOX offers 9 levels of voice activation. So you can control it with your voice, even you don’t need any external microphone. This function helps more for better hands free operation.

LCD Display:

The GXT1050VP4 has a bright LCD display that offers you to read the display in night or dark conditions. It also works well in daylight. Also, you have ability to watch 2 channels at a time in the monitor. The keypad lock system is good for unwanted calling or operation. Additionally, you have audible key press sound and call completion indicators for better activity.

Dual Power:

The device is a 5 wattage power two way radio and can run with included NiMH rechargeable battery or 4 “AA” standard size (not included) battery. You can keep extra AA size battery for emergency. But that’s not necessary because the rechargeable battery can be charged with AC or DC power and you can easily charge it with your car or laptop, as I said before. Besides, you can set the power output to save the battery. You have option to set the power output as LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH according to your usage time.

Channel Scan:

The device is able to scan for the active channels automatically. So you can find an active channel very easily. Additionally, this device has 5 built in animal call alert of Duck, Turkey, Crow, Wolf and Cougar.

Silent Operation:

Well, sometimes we need silence while hunting. Imagine, you are preparing for hunting an animal and then your radio rings loudly. You’ll then surely lose your hunting. For that kind of situation, this device has silent operation. You can keep the radio silent when you need and it will inform you about calls or other activities by vibrating.

Other Features:

Besides the essential and awesome features, this radio also keeps additional special feature like X-TRA talk power, Auto Squelch, Roger beep, Low battery indicator, Battery life extender, Drop in charger capable etc to maximize your safety and performance of the device. The “Mossy Oak" camouflage color of the device is too awesome than similar products.

Midland GXT1050 vs Midland GXT1000:

The Midland GXT1050VP4 and GXT1000VP4 are both manufactured by same brand. The Midland GXT1000 is really a well known and popular device to the people. This is too much familiar that most of the user uses the device.

The GXT 1050VP4 is the newer and upgraded version of GXT1000VP4. There is no primary difference between these two devices. All the features and performance are same. The manufacturer only brought the GXT1050VP4 in a new look and more durable body material. The amazing “Mossy Oak” camouflage color of the new GXT1050VP4 gives it better look. It looks like professional. I really appreciate the color of this device.


  • Hands free operation;
  • NOAA weather alert feature;
  • 50 channels with 142 privacy codes;
  • 36 miles of longer range;
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery.


  • No major con found.


This is a many special features based two way radio.  But, some other two way radio may have some features that Midland doesn’t contain. For an example, the Motorola T605 (read this review) has built in flashlight but this item doesn’t have the feature. But with the other sides, this is much better than other two way radios in the similar range.

Ultimately, this one is very user friendly as well. The work-ability and the features are just wonderful. It’s just a small radio with a huge amount of special features. So, there is no doubt that, this device is the perfect choice for you in any kind of usages at all.

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