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What is Required for a 24 Volt Trolling System

If trolling motor is a modern PC controlled brushless engine, you will probably explode the PC circuits in a flash when the too-high voltage is connected. On the off chance that it’s a straightforward antiquated commutated DC engine with brushes, it will probably acknowledge the higher voltage and at any rate, keep running for a brief […]

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Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping (2019) | Top Five Reviews

The problem I’ve faced most during camping is charging my phone and other electronic devices. Only a good quality solar panel can be the source of energy in these cases. They turn sunlight to electricity. Nowadays, new technology makes solar panels more flexible, comfortable, affordable and better performing than before. By using them you’ll be able to […]

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What Size Marine Battery Do I Need for Trolling Motor

When you realize that your old trolling motor marine battery needs to be replaced by a new one. But you are confused about what size marine battery do i need for trolling motor, here is my comprehensive advice to guide you through choosing the right battery size. Marine battery comes in a wide selection of sizes, […]

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Best Trolling Motor Plug Reviews (2019) | Top 3 Selections

When you are boating, you need to secure your batteries’ connection. This necessity is highly applicable to trolling motors. For this, a trolling motor plug proves to be handy. The connection between the trolling motor and the battery is dependent on the quality of the cap. You don’t want to get annoyed by constant breaking of […]

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