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Solar Power Calculation Formula

We recommend how to calculate solar panels you need by increasing your home hourly (kWh) vitality by the peak daylight hours for your zone and dividing that by a panel wattage.Solar power creation is certainly not an inevitable factor. Maybe, it’s a blend of different variables and components. The subsequent vitality after the transformation of […]

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10 Best Marine Battery Chargers Reviews (Buying Guide 2020)

You’ll find many types of battery for your boat like- AGM, Gel, Lead Acid and Lithium Ion. Each technology has its own standard charging profile. Following the charging profile of the battery will help you to maintain the health of the battery. Proper maintenance of the battery and selecting the right type of battery charger can […]

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What is Required for a 24 Volt Trolling System

If trolling motor is a modern PC controlled brushless engine, you will probably explode the PC circuits in a flash when the too-high voltage is connected. On the off chance that it’s a straightforward antiquated commutated DC engine with brushes, it will probably acknowledge the higher voltage and at any rate, keep running for a brief […]

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5 Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping (Reviews 2020)

The problem I’ve faced most during camping is charging my phone and other electronic devices. Only a good quality solar panel can be the source of energy in these cases. They turn sunlight to electricity. Nowadays, new technology makes solar panels more flexible, comfortable, affordable and better performing than before. By using them you’ll be able to […]

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7 Best Marine Solar Panels (Reviews and Compare 2020)

Solar panels are a good source of renewable energy which uses energy from the sun to power electronics. These panels store energy from the sun to power whatever items that require its energy – such as boats or yachts. Marine solar panels can prevent dead battery resulting from extended use of a marine battery for your […]

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10 Best Solar Power Bank Reviews (2020 Edition)

When your phone battery dies because you forgot to charge it, you rely on a power bank. But what happens when you forget to charge both? Or have you ever thought of a situation when both your phone and power bank is dead due to several days long power cut? Or do you have any […]

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