Marine Cooler VS Regular Cooler

Everybody loves cold drink while they are on the trip or on their outdoor vacation. Nothing is better than taking a sunbath at the beach and drinking your favorite beer. Whether you are on the trip with your family or friends a cooler is a must to enjoy the drinks. You can also store your foods for the long day outing. But every cooler is not good for the long day outing. While you can take a regular cooler at the beach but you can’t take a regular cooler at fishing. It generally depends on the time you want to take the cooler out with you.

For a long day outdoor activity like camping and fishing, you should take the marine cooler. Because marine coolers are specially made to store the food for long hours. But for short time outing like spending time at the beach, you can use a regular cooler. Because you will spend less time at the beach. So, here are some differences between a regular cooler and marine cooler. Go through the full article to choose the right cooler for you.

Features of Marine Cooler:

There are different brands of marine coolers. Some of them are Rubbermaid, Pelican, Camco, Coleman, Igloo, and Yeti. The ice retention time of a cooler depends on the layer and materials used inside and outside of the cooler. Most of these brands use almost same materials to manufacture their cooler. But All coolers don’t perform the best. Because a little difference in the material vary the performance of the cooler.

Size and Materials:

Maine coolers are larger in size than regular cooler. It uses stainless steel inside to make the cooler durable. Most of these coolers are rubber quoted or hard plastic to give a nice hand grip. That’s why it also called hard or extreme marine cooler. To carry the marine cooler, almost every brand use two wheels like the travel bags.

UV Ray Protection:

Most of the marine cooler are white. Because in a long day outing, the white colors of the cooler prevent the excessive temperature of the sun. These extreme marine coolers are made of the UV ray protective layer. UV ray is harmful for any kind of plastic materials. If you left a normal plastic under the sun you will see the plastic become discolored. But marine cooler used the UV ray protection on the plastic. So, you can leave the cooler at any place for a long time.

Better Insulation:

A marine cooler can retain the ice for a long time. Because the insulation of the marine cooler is thicker than a regular cooler. That’s why some of the brands offer even 6 to 7 days of ice retention for a marine cooler.

Sitting Facility:

A regular cooler is either made of nylon fabric or normal plastic. But a marine cooler is made of hard plastic. So, you can easily use a seat cushion on it to make the best use of it. See the video how to install a seat cushion on marine cooler.

Features of Regular Cooler:

A regular cooler can be seen at the beach to drink or ice-cream seller. These regular coolers generally made of either normal plastic or nylon bag. Brands who makes extreme marine cooler they also make this regular cooler.

Size and Materials:

Most of these regular coolers are small in size. So, you will not be able to carry much Cans and food in it like an extreme marine cooler. The materials of these regular cooler are not hard. So, you have to be concerned while carrying this regular cooler from the massive hit.

Most of these regular cooler looks like a bag. Some of these coolers even designed like the backpack. But Inside, there is a plastic or stainless-steel storage to retain the ice. So, you can easily carry it for a one-day tour.

UV Protection:

Some brands Use the UV protection for the fabric of the regular cooler. But most of the brands don’t. So, while buying a regular cooler make sure the fabric has UV protection feature.


For thinner insulation of the regular cooler, the ice will not retain for more than one day. As the regular coolers are manufactured for short tour. That’s why it is a good option for short time outing with your girlfriend or wife.

Now decide which one is right for you. A marine cooler is versatile and can be used for any places. But when you want to go for short vacation then regular cooler would be the best choice for you. Also, consider the size of the cooler. Because, carrying more than one cooler is not a good decision to enjoy the vacation.

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