Marine Battery Monitor Reviews (2018) | 3 Best Selections by Experts

Marine battery monitor is important things to carry when you are boating. This equipment provide convenience and security while you are aboard on your boat. Furthermore, this accessories can help you to prevent any unwanted events. Such of this is having dead batteries while in the middle of the sea or any water-bodies.

But of course, your trip would be trouble-proof if you have the best trolling motor machine and best battery with you. Moreover, water-based vehicles do need the best marine battery for smooth operation.

Best Marine Battery Monitors Comparison - 2018





Further Info

Xantrex 84-2030-00

15.7 ounces

14 x 12 x 10 inches

Clipper Battery Monitor

2.5 pounds

10 x 8 x 4 inches

Victron BMV-700

2 pounds

8.1 x 8 x 2.9 inches

Top Two Best Marine Battery Monitor

Xantrex 84-2030-00 LinkLite Battery Monitor

Outstanding Features:

  • Read your Battery Bank like a fuel Gauge;
  • Displays voltage and remaining Battery capacity;
  • Provides critical information;

The Xantrex 84-2030-00 LinkLite Battery Monitor has a digital interface for easier reading. It has a huge screen that tells you the remaining life of your battery. Aside from this indicator, this battery monitor can also show you the amps, voltage, and the remaining amp hours of your power cell.

Furthermore, this device can compare the current and previous performance of your battery.

When you battery is almost out, this device will set an alarm to notify you. The Xantrex 84-2030-00 LinkLite Battery Monitor is water proof and uses little power to function.

What we liked

  • Easy to install and use;
  • Two battery inputs;
  • Battery voltage inputs auto sensing;
  • Splash proof front panel;

What we didn't like

  • Practically not any accept little bit expensive;

Clipper Battery Monitor Instrument

Outstanding Features:

  • Designed to monitor performance of 12 volt lead acid battery systems;
  • Monitors voltage, current, number of amp/hours;
  • Supplied complete with a precision 100 AMP shunt;

This is one of the great choices for a marine battery monitor. The Clipper Battery Monitor Instrument has a simple, digital interface for comprehensive reading.

This device is perfect for 12-volts lead acid batteries. If you are using such type of battery, this battery monitor can accurately track its voltage, currents, and the amp hours on it.

Of course, it can indicate the remaining juice of your battery and its estimated working time.

What we liked

  • High contrast LCD backlit;
  • Simple to operate;
  • Low voltage visual alarm;

What we didn't like

  • Practically not any;

What is a Marine Battery Monitor?

A marine battery monitor is a device that tells you the remaining life of your battery. Aside from this function, a marine battery monitor helps you to estimate the remaining working time of your battery before it gets dead. It can also show you how long you will have to charge your battery.

Some monitors even have indicators to tell you the health condition of your battery. In this way, it will prevent you from sailing with a deleterious power supply.

Is a Marine Battery Monitor a Necessity?

When you are sailing, it would be hard to tell the remaining juice of your cell. This ambiguous circumstance can lead to a disheartening situation such as getting stranded. If you have a battery monitor, you can avoid this unlikely predicament. You can immediately go back if you notice that your battery is almost drain.

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