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Here we displayed some of infographics to select your right products easily: 

Infographics for Chargers - How to Choose Right Type

Are you looking to buy a charger? Okay see this Infographics before you make the investment! This is short guide of choosing perfect chargers available in the market, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. For details you can see this experts guide.

top 3 bank charger

Infographics of Choosing Your Solar Panels

Follow this infographics to choose a solar panel which is fulfill your best need. The infographics included some of solar panel in the present market. We select these some important criteria like waterproof for durability, ability of withstand any type of weather condition, charge protection for overcharge or discharge, maintenance free, long time guarantees etc. So this infographics definitely able to help you picking your perfect products. For more check this guide.

Infographics of Solar Panels

Infographics for Choosing Marine Chargers

To follow this infographics choose your perfect products in short time. We think it's definitely able to help you. For details read this article

Infographics for Choosing Marine Chargers

Infographic for Selection Your Boat Motor

This infographic help you find your exact boat motor. And it is important because kayak or marine vehicles needs good trolling motor that could be with it in all heavy situation and usage.

But common and general motors are not made for heavy usage, and those are fail to deliver expected result. So we need to know which is best for our boat. Before selecting on one, we should look on some, which are best in the performance, and then pick it. Selecting the one needs good sense, obviously which most of the people lack due to the absence of any credible resource site. This infographic is intended to highlighting the basic info with good performing trolling motors. Details information here.

Infographic for Trolling Motor

Infographic - How to Choose Electric Boat Battery

To choose your boat batteries there are three vital points that you should find out:

  • Group
  • Cold starting
  • Reserve capacity

If you choose a battery the wrong group, you can face the problem that is very large. And cold start, this is the ability of the battery to start the trolling motor in cold weather. Like temperature of -18 ° C for thirty seconds and a voltage exceeding 7.2 volts. Finally, reserve capacity. Is the time in minutes that your boat can run if the charging system fails and cannot support the electrical needs of the motor and have to rely on the battery only. It is always preferable to buy a battery with high reserve capacity.

When we are looking a good battery, we use some criteria to narrow it down to pick our perfect one. We mainly focused on five things: size/weight, price, versatility, how long the battery lasts per charge and durability/lifespan of the battery. We describe it to this Infographic below -

Other important matters are choosing trolling battery: low maintenance and maintenance free. Low maintenance batteries that can be reviewed in its electrolyte level and filled with water when required. And maintenance-free batteries are also known as sealed. They cannot be filled or checked, so they are easier to maintain. But how to find these type of batteries? Please follows this infographic for details help. Full Guide here.

There are six factors that you need to consider, like:

1. Price: Actually Price is a no-brainier, suppose if you know that your budget is under $100, you will want to make sure that you aren’t looking at any batteries that cost more than $100. On the flip side, if you find your choice able price, you may want to check and make sure that this products is reputable with good reviews.

2. Brand: There are a lot of different brands selling batteries, and they can all seem pretty similar. However, you definitely want to make sure that you are buying a battery that comes from a good, well-known brand.

3. Durability and Lifespan: When choosing a battery, you want to make sure that you are choose one that is going to last you a long time. What use is a battery that only lasts 6 months? So it is important factors.

4. Vibration resistance: Another recommended factor is vibration resistance. This is something that, while highly important, is often overlooked. Batteries can be badly damaged or even ruined by intense vibrations. So please remember it.

5. Size: Size also matters because if you have a bigger boat you might not care about the weight of your battery and if your boat is small you may want to look for a battery that weighs under 40 pounds.

6. Reserve Capacity/Hours per Charge: Reserve capacity/hours per charge also choosing factor, like if you are planning on taking longer fishing trips, or if you plan on fishing every day, you are going to want a battery that can go for a long time per charge. So please follows this infographic for details help. 

Infographic for How to Choose Boat Battery

Infographic for Marine Batteries

Why need to learn which battery is best in the present market? Because they are an essential part of your autonomy at sea and they will condition among other things the start of motor, the operation of your navigation tools, windlass, your traffic lights and all elements of domestic comfort. So, you need right power solution. The perfect batteries required some important rules like below:

The essential: The battery produces electricity through the chemical reaction of lead immersed in a sulfuric acid solution. When the reaction is exhausted, it is sufficient to put it into electrical tension to regenerate the solution.

Starter battery: to start an engine and navigation lights + bilge pump.

Service battery or slow discharge: to power refrigerator, coolers, windlasses, electric motor. A starter battery used in slow discharge or servitude will not hold because it is not made for this use. Depending on the size of your boat and its habitability you will not have the same needs in terms of power and number of battery on board.

Start-up: Maximum current over a short period (within the first 10 seconds). At low temperatures, the capacity of the battery to provide a high-current current is paramount. Therefore, the cold starting power, or CCA, is the essential parameter of an SLI battery. A starter battery is used only to start an engine and to associate some small electronics: bilge pump, signal lights, echo sounder.

Ease or slow discharge: To power electrical systems subjected to repeated stresses. More active material thanks to innovative plate technology, thicker positive plates and / or a higher density of active material lead to a longer life. Excellent cycling resistance even with high discharge depth. The essential parameter in the choice of a service battery is the capacity in ampere-hours (Ah), p. ex. C5, C10 or C20. It is important to carry out a complete energy balance to determine the capacity of the battery bank. A battery of servitude or slow discharge will be used for all the consumers of current: refrigerator, electric motor, windlass, electric coolers.

The high number of fine plates in a starter battery makes it possible to obtain a large total area and hence a very high current flow.

In a backup battery, the use of special separators can extend the life of the battery…

Consideration these required we select top 9 marine battery in present market and which are included an infographic by below.

When choosing your battery we consider some factors. Like we keep in mind that all of battery are not same perform. Such as starting battery is not deep cycle battery. Because these batteries are better at performing different functions. So we following these factors are below when we choosing our batteries.

  • Reserve Capacity
  • Size of Battery
  • CCA vs. MCA
  • Longevity
  • Deep Cycle Functions

If we avoid these matter then we can not pick our right battery. So it is important and we discussed the details information in an infographic . We hope by following this infographic you can able to choosing your perfect battery. Details guide here.

Infographic for Marine Batteries

Infographic for Choosing Perfect Reels

In the market, there are many companies and many types products are available. Every company has to focus on different aspects of their products. There are many newly designed reel is being manufactured every day, but they are not much effective. If you went to purchase a good products, you will fall into many problems to choose which one actually perfect for you, which one is best with your value?

You have to think about few issues when you are selecting a baitcasting for fishing. If you look at the infographic below, you can easily pick a good reel. Because, after research our expert team, we selected top 5 reels. Through this infographic, you can easily compare which one perfect for you. Because we know that if you are new in baitcastinng it is very difficult to sort. If you have select wrong reels, a beautiful sunday will be tragic. After you see the infographic below, and you do not have to be worried about to choose best one.

If you're an experienced baitcaster, after seeing this infographic below your experience will be increased many folds. If you are new, from the first day of fishing we want to give you the best experience of fishing with the perfect reel. Consideration these required we presents you top 5 in present market and which are included an infographic by below. For more please see this.

Infographic for Choosing Perfect Reels

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