Hunting Knife Maintenance Tips | How to Maintain a Hunting Knife

Hunting knife plays a vital role in your hunting life. You can depend on your knife to execute better in any situation while hunting. But you can’t expect your knife to be in a perfect state for years without taking proper care of it. Ignorance to your hunting knife will make it rusty and corroded. The elements of the knife, the weather where you live in and tough use of it is will leave mentioned effects on your precious hunting companion. So you need to take proper care of it after every use. Because only proper care and maintenance of it can ensure that you will be able to enjoy its company for many years on your hunting trips. For the maintenance, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Maintain a Hunting Knife


In the maintenance process, the first step is to clean your knife properly. You should keep clean your knife after every use even in the field. Even if you didn’t use it except holding, it needs to be cleaned properly after the trip. Because our hands release enough oil and sweat to make your favorite knife rusty one. You can follow those simple steps to clean your knife-

  • Clean your knife very carefully with soap and water by using hands.
  • To avoid any type of scratch, dry it properly with a dry, soft and clean cloth.
  • To remove strong stain use vinegar mixed with salt and gently rub with a clean wine cork.


  • Never use strong cleaning substance to clean your knife. It may affect your knife.
  • Use baking soda and water to clean if the material of your knife is carbon steel. And just use plain water and soap for stainless steel material.
  • Make sure that your knife is dried nicely before storing.


A sharp knife will give you the most pleasant memory from your hunting trip. Because a sharp blade is more productive, safe and fun to work. You do not need to put excess pressure while using it. So you need to sharpen your knife time to time. There are different types of sharpener and sharpening techniques to sharpen a hunting knife. You should choose one according to the type of blade steel and grinds of your knife. But in generally following these tips will help you-

hunting knife maintenance
  1. Firstly, select the right angle and stay in this for sharpening. In most cases, 20 to 23-degree angle works well.
  2. Most of the time, new people tend to do it with extra pressure. But you do not need to put over pressure on it. Just use a light grip and low pressure and it will be done.
  3. Use the same number of strokes on both sides to sharpen the knife.
  4. Try to sharpen the knife before getting dull.
  5. To test the sharpness try to cut a paper. If it slices cleanly without tearing or bending the page, your knife is sharp enough.


It is always a good idea to oil your knife before storing as it works as a multipurpose miracle chemical. Lubricating your hunting knife properly with oil can prevent it from being rusty and remain attractive. Just follow few simple steps to protect your knife from any damage-

How to Maintain a Hunting Knife
  • Use a small amount of oil to lubricate your knife. Because oil attracts dust, dirt and any other unnecessary element so avoid too much oil for lubricating.
  • You can use all purpose oil that used for firearms to lubricate your hunting knife.
  • Wiping off the excess oil from the blade will prevent it from becoming sticky or gummy.
  • You need to oil handles as well as the blade.

But remember-

  • Use linseed oil for wooden handles.
  • Use mink oils for leather handles.
  • But handles made of rubber or plastic or any other synthetic material need not to oil.


After cleaning and lubricating properly, you need to store your hunting knife in a safe and dry place. For storing just remember few things-

  • Never store your knife in a leather sheath as leather can absorb moisture.
  • You can use thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl or nylon sheath to store your knife.
  • For long time storing, wrap the knife with plain paper then put it in a ziplock plastic bag with a bag of desiccant to absorb the moisture.

For a better hunting experience, you must need well performing hung tools. As your knife is one of the most important hunting tools for you. So proper care and maintenance will lengthen the life of your hunting knife and every time you can have enjoyable memory after the trip.

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