How to Use A Walkie Talkies for Schools And Colleges

If you think our educational institutions don’t need a two-way radio system, then you are totally wrong. If they don’t need then why manufacturers specify that these are the two-way radios for schools and colleges? A lot of time the administrative authorities need to communicate with the staffs of their school and colleges. Sometimes walkie talkie also helps to track the staffs of the schools and colleges in the emergency. That’s why they prefer walkie-talkie for emergency communication.

While the emergency bell of school and college scare the student. But using walkie-talkie will help them to control any situation before students get scared. Anybody can use the two-way radio in school and colleges. Here are some of the common use of walkie talkies for school and college.

how to use a two way radio

For Security:

Like any other institution whether government or private the security should be the principle concern for the educational institution. We are even witnessed by some recent tragedy happened in schools and colleges around the world. Most of the gunshot that took place in those school are for lacking proper security. Perhaps those schools and colleges could reduce or prevent the accident if they would have taken proper security steps. That’s why I recommend to every educational institution to use the two-way radio system to get alert before anything happens.

In such situations, the security staffs can communicate with each other to take the necessary steps when they find someone suspicious.

To Call the Maintenance Staff:

Staffs like the caretaker, IT technicians, and laboratory assistance are rarely found on their desk. To call them walkie talkie is the perfect device.

For Special Events:

School and colleges often organize different kind of events like sports day, open days, concert, parent’s day, reunion. Walkie-talkies are the best choice to deal with every situation in this type of events. Walkie-talkies are also recommended for the schools and colleges for tour and trip.

Which Walkie-Talkie to Use:

how secure are two way radios

The Academic area of schools is not so large. But some college like Berry College is established in a large area. For such big campus, they will need high frequency. That’s why they will need to get the license of FCC to use walkie-talkie that covers the frequency. For low frequency and fewer radio channels, small schools can use the FRS family radio service. These are simple walkie-talkies. For high frequency, they will need to set up a repeater that will control all the walkie-talkies.

Get Walkie-Talkies for Free:

Some companies like Walkie Labs at their initial journey give walkie-talkie to the schools and universities as a part of their promotion. If You know any schools who need walkie-talkies for their school or college you can tell them about such offer. An especial trick to get such offer is telling them to open a tender to provide walkie-talkie. Though the schools can manage walkie-talkie on themselves. But for FCC license most of the people hire a dealer who provides them the walkie-talkies. If the school announce such type of tender lots of new company would come forward with their offer as a part of their promotional campaigns. Such way a school can get walkie-talkie for free.

As I said how walkie talkie is good for security so there is nothing more than security. If any educational institute is concerned and wants to manage everything within a short period of time then they must use the walkie-talkie.

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