How to Use a Marine VHF Radio

A marine vhf radio is an important thing and life saver at the time of disaster. Every man who loves fishing or goes into the water by boat should carry a vhf radio with them to be safe at the time of danger. If the weather get bad and you stuck on the water then you can use the radio to get back to harbor safely. But you have to learn first how to use a marine vhf radio. No more worry about this. In this article, we will discuss the steps that you should do to use marine vhf radio properly.

Follow the Following Steps to Use Marine VHF Radio:

Turn on the radio and make sure that you have adjusted the speaker volume. Then adjust the band to the frequency according to the area where you are fishing. As an example, if you are fishing in US waters then set the band to USA frequency. The channel 16 is the standard and you required to monitor this channel. You can use the scan button that is located on the radio to switch to another channel if you want to monitor.

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When you are starting your boating or fishing trip, don't forget to do a check over the marine vhf radio. You can use channel 16 to do the check. Use the word "Radio Check" when you are doing a check using the radio. You can also mention your location along site the word (Radio Check). Remember one thing: Don't send any false distress alert.

If you are stuck in an emergency situation then start by saying the word "mayday" 3 times. After that inform them everything about the position of your boat, the number of the persons you are carrying in the boat, the distance between yourself and any known landmark etc.

Speak as clearly as you can also speak slowly. If you speak fast then the radio wave can distort your voice. Use the word "Over" when you are ending the transmission. Don't talk over the channel 16 use it only to send a distress signal. Always use another working channel to talk. Keep the conversation short and speak everything clearly.


We hope that now you have got a complete idea the method of using a marine vhf radio. Don't speak a bad language when you are contacting with cost guards. Also remember that, if you are taking other people with you when you are going out for boating, then don't forget to teach them also the method of using the radio. If you are unable to memorize the mentioned steps then you can print this out and take it with you for a better result.

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