How to Successfully Use 1 Scope with Multiple Rifles

how to successfully use 1 scope

Are you the hunter or enjoy the adventure of shooting? If you are nodding in yes, you must have different kinds of rifles with you. Managing all these guns can be expensive at a time.

Some experts may say that rifles and scope must be together. So, once the scope is intact in a rifle, it has to stay there. It is feasible for everyone when you consider rifle scopes within 300 dollars.

What if you get to know about the option of buying expensive scope and using one for more than one rifle? Yes, it is possible and there is no harm in doing it. You need to be careful.

Is it Possible to Use One Scope on Multiple Rifles?

You might be thinking that it is against the ethics of using a rifle. Traditional shooters have this concern. They play by the rules and stick to their traditions. But don’t you think that we are entering the modern era?

It is the time when almost every other industry is shifting. Tactics and tricks are changing. So, even if it is about the rifles, you can change your tricks with it too and use the one scope with many rifles.

Before you jump to the question; how are you going to do it? 

Let us guide you that how the scope of rifle works.

Understanding the Working of a Rifle Scope        

If you are an expert shooter, you must be aware of its working. In other cases, beginners must know how the scope works before trying to use a single scope on other rifles.

Sometimes a novice fails to understand the factor of quality. So, keep in mind the quality of the scope is more important than the rifle.

You can have a mediocre gun, but a quality scope can help you hit the target with unimaginable accuracy. First of all, learn about the components of the scope. It includes an objective lens, ocular lens, objective bell, and eyepiece.

All these parts help the shooter to reflect the image and hit its target.  We can go into detail, but let’s see how you can use the same scope on multiple rifles.

Way to Use One Scope on Multiple Rifles?

Remember, it is a high road and you cannot unmount the scope and mount it on the other rifle. You have to take proper measures and precautions to do it. At least, now you know that scope quality is more important than the quality of a rifle.

How to Do It?

  • Before you install the idea. Keep in mind that you need to pick up the similar rifles. It is not necessary to pick up all the identical rifles, but choose the ones that have some similarities.
  • If you are an expert on rifles, you will know the ones that have similar features and I increase the possibility of setting the same scope in each of them. Settings of the scope might differ with it. The best example in it is 5.56 mm and 300 Blackout.  Both are similar in many ways, and also famous in the AR platform.
  • The next step is to keep in mind the mounting system. AK and AR have different systems and you must be careful of it while mounting the optics.
  • Ask any expert about it. You will get advice about the quick detach. Yes, it is the best technique for moving a scope from weapon to weapon. It is easier and convenient to swap the scope between the weapons.

And, while you're counting on the advantages, there's another advantage. The price can be reduced. We recognize that for everyone, the range for each particular may not be an affordable option.

You may buy similar weapons or rifles and then spend more in a scope's value. With a single lens, you can enjoy the precision of hitting a target. Simply set the settings to fit your requirements.

Be Aware of the Cons

While you are counting on the benefits, you may want to be aware of the disadvantages too. As we discussed, all rifles are not the same and often the scope is designed only for the one. It will be to cater to a certain length and velocity of caliber. So, this might affect the accuracy of targeting.


Using the same scope on different rifles is an amazing choice. However, it is possible, but not a substantial choice of expert shooters. If you can do it with perfection, then you are good to experiment with it. Otherwise, you may need to learn it from senior shooters.

Last Updated on February 5, 2021 by Leo Evans

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