How to Select Your Own Kayak

How To Select Your Own Kayak

Kayak is a small individual type of boat that offers you one of the funniest opportunities to explore a body of water. This extreme sports everyone should practice in different aquatic environments such as the sea, a lake or a river and to adapt to each of these various waters; it adopts different sizes, structures, and designs.

Paddling kayaks

As for elections, choosing your own kayak can be a great dilemma for those who are starting in this sport or who lack guidance in this topic.

Before we begin to consider the idea of buying a kayak, we must think that this water sport requires an adapted and specific equipment to practice safely. It is important to go to professional companies and go to the advice of your salesmen before any purchase you want to make. But to channel the choice beforehand, we will analyze some essential points for you to choose the kayak that is right for you.

To know a little

To practice kayaking you will need to find an adapted kayak, in which you feel comfortable and safe, the first thing that you must know before arriving at any store are the measures of your body and your experience in the sport.

Body: You must know your height and weight so that when you check your purchase with a seller, it can guide you correctly to a boat that is appropriate to your physiognomy. Depending on the length and size of a kayak tub, you will feel more or less comfortable, and this will have a direct effect on your comfort within the boat.

Adjusting the kayak to your body measurements will be an essential aid as long as you want to sail longer. A small kayak may not seem uncomfortable to you at first, but do not trust! As soon as you want to take a tour of an hour or more, the lack of space can be harmful.

Level: Equally, this is a critical point when choosing your own kayak. From 1 to 10 you can graduate your level of experience in this sport using one for a person who has never used a kayak and 10 for a kayak expert.

In addition to considering your current level, you should think about what do you think will be your level in a couple of years?

This information is necessary to place you within the world of this sport. Depending on your level it may be more or less convenient to get a higher level kayak to adapt to your evolution and optimize the purchase. If you are practicing kayak regularly and you intend to increase your skills, it is better to choose a kayak above your current level. Take into account this question since according to your objectives it will be better to orient you to a more professional kayak.

How To Select Your Own Kayak

The Use of Kayak

Choosing your own kayak can end up being a crazy story for the simple reason that there are all of colors, shapes, sizes and utilities. As this sport can be practiced in the different aquatic environments that we know (seas, lakes, and rivers), it presents very various forms and models of each other.

Choose Your Kayak

A river kayak could turn out to be a hell of a lake walk, and a kayak cruise is entirely unsuitable for traversing the rapids of a river. For this reason, after knowing the measurements of your body and your level of experience, you must ask yourself the use that you intend to give your kayak.

There are kayaks of many different types, and they correspond to different modalities as well, but soon we will mention the most important of them:

Recreational kayak: Without major complications and to enjoy an outlet to lakes, slow rivers or calm seas, this type of kayak is ideal for beginners, families or occasional kayakers. There are different subcategories with the legs outdoors or inside, with space for cargo or in tandem.

Leisure Activity

Cruise Kayak: For longer trips, there are these kayaks 5 meters long and 55 centimeters wide. Rather narrow and with compartments aft and bow, these boats will allow you to transport everything you need. You can sail in seas, lakes or rivers of calm waters and long journeys.

Sea kayak: Similar to kayak for cruising, this boat is usually a little wider, comfortable and robust, which gives it more stability. Most of them are usually auto-void indicating that you will be carrying your legs out. Obviously, there are competition models that vary a little in their design and size.

Kayak fishing: This kayak is self-emptying type very similar to sea kayak but with the useful modalities for fishing. This boat is fully prepared to load with all the fishing equipment and has the necessary stability to carry out this activity on board. You can sail in seas, lakes, and rivers of calm water just like the kayak of the crossing.

Whitewater Kayak: The "River-running kayak" as its name implies, is the Rapids runner. This kayak allows you to descend through turbulent waters just as rafting boats do. An own adventure through the unknown waters of an enraged river is what you can offer. It is one of the most exciting and extreme modalities of kayak sport.

This type of kayak is quite versatile since it can be used by beginners as well as by experts, although the professionals usually have more sophisticated models like "creek and Squirt or Playboat Freestyle." It is a kayak only suitable for high current river and allows to do some acrobatic jumps.

Detachable kayak: This type of kayaks are un-inflatable or removable. They are an excellent choice for people who lack space to store the kayak. Although they tend to be slower than the fixed mount, these boats can be used both in the sea, on a lake and also descend a river.

Depending on the use you intend to give your next kayak it will make it easier to target a particular type of these boats. Once you know if you want to use your kayak in the sea, in a lake, in a calm river or with rapids, for long cruises or directly to fish; Your choice will be much more channeled.

Materials and Design

Formerly all small and large craft used to be made of wood, but nowadays kayaks of different types of materials have been created with certain advantages and disadvantages. We will mainly find fiberglass kayaks from various qualities, kayaks of various polyethylene compositions, carbon kayaks, cloth kayaks and wooden kayaks.

The subject of the construction materials of the kayaks usually arouses considerable controversy among the experts of the subject reason why it is impossible to make a qualitative comparison of the kayaks of different materials. For this reason, we can say that in addition to their differences in weight, strength, maintenance and appearance, kayaks usually change a lot of price according to their material of manufacture.

The best we can recommend is that you try as many kayaks in the water as you can before deciding on one. As soon as you can, it favors renting kayaks or borrowing from a friend so that you can try out more possibilities on kayak types before deciding on your own.

Find a good compromise between your needs, aspirations and financial abilities when choosing your kayak. It is worth mentioning that a kayak with good resale value is a good investment, especially when it comes to your first kayak. It is likely that as you acquire more skills, your criteria of choice change quickly and you want to get a kayak more adapted to your needs.

Once you know what type of kayak you need, and can offer you, try to choose a color and style in which you feel comfortable. You will look cooler if you see that you feel good inside!

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