How to Make Your Own Coon Hunting Light

When we want to go for coon hunting we have to think about the coon hunting light. Because coons are mostly active at night. So, without coon hunting light, it is not possible for us to hunt the game. Besides searching the coon, you also have to walk through the hunting place. So, coon hunting light will help you to perform both tasks.

Most of the professional coon hunter use the coon hunting light after purchasing it from the market. But purchasing a good coon hunting light for your hunting rifle will cost you extra money. But you can save this extra money by creating your own coon hunting light. To make your own coon hunting light you have to know about the specifications and parts idea to create your desire coon hunting light.

Specifications and Parts to Create Custom-made Coon Hunting Light:

  1. A long-distance flashlight
  2. Red light/ green led Emitter
  3. Infinite brightness adjustment
  4. Light holder
  5. ​A 4’’ by 2’’ metal bar

When creating a coon hunting light, the beam is the most important thing to consider. The beam of a coon light should be 200 to 300 ft. That’s why to choose. According to our needs, we have to use the hunting light. So, it is preferable to use a light that we can easily adjust the beam of the light. By the adjustable beam option, you can also spread the light if you want to use the light for walking.

So, to make a coon light you have to remove the existing emitter from inside the normal light. If you know how to remove and solder the emitter then it is good. See this video How to Solder a Circuit Board to get some idea.

After removing the Led emitter replace the Green or red LED emitter with the flash emitter.  Then Use the holder and mount it on the scope. If you want to use the coon light in the side point of the gun then you have to mount the holder on the lower handguard or with the bayonet mount. But finding a light holder for the size of lower handguard will be difficult. That’s why use a hose clamp to attach the light to the gun. See the Mounting of a light with a gun.

After attaching the holder use the metal bar inside the holder. You will only need this metal bar if the holder cannot hold the light tightly. If you use the metal bar the light will be stable while walking or running.

Red Emitter or Green Emitter:

The green emitter is for long distance spotting but raccoons are less attractive to the green light. On the other hand, raccoons are very attractive to the red light. But the If you need to spot the coon for a 200 to 300 ft distance then you should use the green emitter.

So, this is the simple process of creating a coon hunting light using a normal LED flashlight. If you want to use the coon light like a headlamp the process will remain the same.

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