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Intercom is a great device to communicate inside your home. While you are sleeping or taking rest in your bed, it's so much disturbing when someone knocks on the door. In such situation, you can talk with them through an intercom device. Especially It helps in a great way to our grandparents who can’t walk or physically disabled. They can easily call other family member using this device when they need.

So, to install this two-way intercom system at your home you have to either buy it from the market after seeing the buyers trend or you can make your own. A two-way intercom system is not so much expensive to buy. But If you don’t want to spend this much money than you can follow my tips to create an intercom system for your home.

Things You’ll Need to Make Intercom:

To make a two-way intercom system you will need an In-Line coupler, a pair of old corded telephones, a 9V battery, Wire strippers, scotch tape, Phone cable, Battery jack, soldering iron, Soldering materials, 2 telephone sockets and a resistor.

Open the Coupler:

First of all, open the inline coupler. If you can’t pen it take it on the edge of a table. Keep the middle of the coupler on the edge of the table. And give a press on the coupler to break it from the center. Normally a coupler has four wires red, green, yellow and black.

Joining Resistor:

After opening the coupler cut off the yellow and black wires as we don’t need these two wires in making intercom system. Or you can leave them at their place. Take red and green wires and cut the red wire from the center. Then strip the ends of red wire using the wire stripper. Some people strip the wire using plier which is not recommended for striping thin wires.

After striping, the ends of the red wire take the solder and solder both of the ends of the wire. Solder one end of the wire with the resistor and connect the wire of the battery connector with the other end of the resistor. Then solder another end of the red wire in the coupler with second wire of the battery connector. Then use the scotch tape to cover the resistor and joint of the wires. If you find it difficult then you can watch this video

Connect the Telephone Wire:

After soldering the resistor and battery connector hide this inside the coupler. Then take the telephone wire and connect it to the coupler jack. Now it should work fine. After testing the telephone now take the wire as long as you need. You can buy long telephone wire for your intercom system from local telephone selling the shop. Or form the electronic shop.

Before using the intercom, system makes sure the battery is fully charged otherwise it won't work properly.

Another Project:

Yet you are not finished making your homemade intercom system. To get alert of an intercom call you have to set up a ringtone generation. Which is quite difficult for you. But you can do this by using a simple ringtone generator. To connect this ringtone generator, you have to open the telephones. Find the green wire and gray wire inside the telephone.

Then Open these two wires from the circuit and connect the wire of ringtone generator with the telephone ringing wire circuits.  Connect the black wire of ringtone generator with the green wire of the circuit and plug it again in the circuit. And do the same with the gray wire of the telephone ringing circuit. Now put the generator inside the telephone and test the intercom.

 You will get the alert of intercom call if someone from other side lifts the telephone. The ringtone generator will continue to ringing until you also lift the telephone. It will work same for another side if you first lift the telephone.

How to Make It Wireless:

To make the wireless intercom system instead of using corded telephone use the wireless headset. But to use the headset as wireless intercom you have to power the receiver.

 So, this how you can transform your old telephone line into a useful home intercom system. To use it outside of your house you will need a long-range wire. But I only recommend to use it inside your home. Because Using it on your door will need an extra door intercom system.

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