How to Make Fishing Lures Easy | Homemade Fishing Lure Ideas

Fishing lures play a vital role in catching fish by attracting fishes. There are many types of fishing lures available in the market in very cheap rate. But you can also avoid this expense by making it with few household items, your craftsmanship and a little bit of patience. Besides household items, you can also use kits and mold to make plastic lure or you can make them by purchasing parts from warehouse and supply store.

But whatever method you use, making your own fishing accessories is always fun and you will be satisfied with the outcome as you designed according to your choice. Today we will discuss few ways to make best fishing lures at home by using available items near you and your innovative ideas.

Spoon Lure: 

Stainless steel spoons are the most durable household item to make lures. They are shiny enough to attract the fish to it.

Tools and Material: Before starting you need some tools to work with-

  • Stainless steel spoon;
  • Hackshaw;
  • Flat metal file;
  • Drill;
  • Needle nose pliers;
  • Glue;
  • Fishhook;
  • Some thread;
  • Few Feather;
  • Split rings;
  • Swivel;

Making Process: If you have all the tools required, just follow the steps and make your fishing lure.

  1. Cut off the spoon handle using hackshaw.
  2. File the edges with a flat metal file to make them smooth.
  3. Make two holes into the top and base with a drill.
  4. Attach the split rings, swivel and fishhook to the base with needle nose pliers.
  5. Attach feathers to the string by using glue. And your fishing lure is ready to use.

Woodblock Lure:

 If you like to do a little woodworking, you can make a wooden lure for fishing. Though this type of lures needs some extra effort than others, the benefits are similar to functional lures.

Tools and Material: For making a woodblock lure you need-

  • Woodblock,
  • Template,
  • Cutting/ sawing tools,
  • Sharp knife,
  • Sandpaper,
  • Drill,
  • Split rings,
  • Fishhook,
  • Paint,
  • Googly eyes,

Making Process: After gathering all tools and materials you are ready to make your wooden bait fish lure by following those steps-

  1. If you have ever used a store bought lure or seen it before, make a template.
  2. Choose a wood block a little bit larger than the size you want to make.
  3. Draw a pattern on top, bottom and each side of the block according to the template.
  4. Cut down the edges of the block with cutting tools.
  5. Carve the detail with a sharp knife.
  6. Refine the shape with the sandpaper.
  7. Drill the necessary holes in the shape.
  8. Paint the lure with as much detail as you can. And apply waterproof color- coat on it.
  9. Attach the eyes.
  10. Attach the fishhooks with split rings and your homemade baitfish is ready for fishing.

Jerkbait Stick Lure:

 Homemade jerkbait fishing lures are also effective as store bought jerkbait lures. It is very simple to make by own.

Tools and Material: To make a jerkbait at home you must need-

  • A sturdy stock,
  • A drill,
  • Paint,
  • Clear nail polish,
  • Paperclip,
  • Fishhook.

Making Process: To make the jerkbait lure simply follow the steps-

  1. Break and curve the stick according to the size of a minnow.
  2. Drill a lengthwise hole through the center of the stick.
  3. Unfold the paperclip and stick it through the center hole.
  4. Make a loop to the each end of it to attach the line and the hook.
  5. Paint the lure.
  6. Apply nailpolish to make it waterproof.

Cork Lure: 

This is the simplest and neat- looking lure you can make at home.

Tools and Material: Cork lure can be made of only a few tools-

  • Wine Cork,
  • Bottle cap,
  • Fishhooks,
  • screweyes,
  • Sharp knife.

Making Process: The simple steps of making cork lure are-

  1. Cut the cork lengthwise with a sharp knife.
  2. Insert few screw eyes to make loops for fishhooks.
  3. Attach fishhooks where you want.
  4. Attach googly eyes.
  5. You can decorate it with paint to make it more attractive.
how to choose and use depth lures

Bottle Cap Spinner: 

Bottle cap spinner or rattle lures are another simplest lures you can make at home. It is also known as the basis of a homemade lure.

Tools and Material: Necessary tools and materials are-

Making Process: Now follow those simple steps-

  1. Make two parallel holes at the edge of the bottle cap where the crimps start.
  2. Add split rings in both holes.
  3. Add fishing hook at one split spring.
  4. Tie on the fishing line to another split ring.
  5. Finally, fold the bottle cap and your simplest fishing lure is ready to go.

So you can see with few simple household items you can create innovative fishing lures easily. Of Course making lures at home take time and effort but they are as effective as store bought and also by making them by own you can cut a bit of expense.

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