How to Make A Simple Kayak Cart

Planning for an outing to water but don’t have anyone with you to drag your kayak to the launching point is really a difficult task! You can get injured or the kayak can be damaged.

Believe me! I had gone through all these and realize a kayak cart can turn the whole process much easier and allow you to move the kayak without being injured.

So I started to search on the internet and found a lot of professional companies are making some quality carts, but I wasn’t ready to deal out the price they were asking for. Next, I search for some DIY video of how to make kayak cart and found a couple of good videos. I took notes from these, head to the local hardware store, gather the necessaries and made my very own kayak cart.

I’m sharing the process I follow for those who are going through the situation like me and want to make the car by own.

Things you need:

  • A measuring Tape;
  • A Marker;
  • Box Knife;
  • A Hackshaw;
  • A Hand Drill;
  • 3/8-inch Bit;
  • 1 Foam Pool Noodle;
  • Two 7-inch Lawnmower Wheels;
  • 1 Nylon Strap;
  • 3/8-inch Diameter Steel Rod of 36-inch Length and 4 Nuts & Washers;
  • Two 1-inch PVC End Cap;
  • Four 1-inch PVC Pipe T Connectors;
  • 7 ft. of 1-inch Diameter PVC Pipe;



First of all measure and mark your PVC pipe and make the frame of the cart. Then cut it into 1 piece: 18- inch, 4 pieces: 8- inch and 2pieces: 9- inch.


Second step is to glue each edge of the 18- inch PVC T- joint and push them firmly together. Now at the opposite edge of the T-joint, glue the two 3-inch pieces. Then glue one 9- inch piece into the vertical section of every T-joint.


Cover the open ends of the two 3- inch pieces with the caps. In this step, you need to be careful about keeping the hole straight & parallel to the PVC pipe.


On the top of every 9- inch piece, glue a T- joint and rotate all joints. This will help them to stand perpendicularly to the main T-joint crossbar. Then glue every 8- inch section into the edge of the upper T- Joints.


Now into the 3/ 8 hole of those caps, insert the steel rod and tighten a bolt on each edge to secure it on the place. Next place one washer, then wheel and then the other washer. Finally, use a bolt to secure the wheel.


In this step, you need to cut the foam noodle you have, into four 8- inch pieces. Make sure to cut them lengthwise downward one side in a straight strip. Place a slice of foam noodle over every four upper 8- inch support turning the cut facing towards the ground. And secure them by using a plastic zip tie on both edges of each noodle.


Now all you need to place your kayak on the pads & secure it in place using the nylon strap. Remember, tighten the kayak properly will ensure to not fall off the cart while going down on the path.

How To Make A Simple Kayak Cart Infographic

After completing my cart I can say that making a kayak cart is so easy and less expensive. Moreover, making a cart by me was so much fun and I customized it however I want! So if you want to make one, all you need to follow those simple steps and you will have one of the best kayak cart.

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