How to Jig the Lake Trout in Summer

Jigging is one of the effective technique for the lake trout. Jigging is a great way to catch lake trout instead of trolling. And this fishing technique has some extra advantages for catching lake trout. Especially game fish like Genus Salvelinus Brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, Aurora trout all these kind of lake trout enticed by the method of jigging. When anglers use this technique, the jigs look like an injured live bait and it entices the game to bite the jigs or lure.

The jigging techniques are different for winter and summer. The jigging action for winter lake tout depends on the lake. Jigging for lake tout works really well in little deeper water. If you are heading to catch lake trout in the summer you should know how to do jigging. You should also know the things that make effective jigging for summer lake trout. So, in this article, I will cover the techniques for jigging that works for lake trout in the summer.

Choose the Right Jigs:

All jigs are not same to be used for lake trout. Using jigs for lake trout also varies for the season. So, when you want to buy the jig select the perfect one that is specially made for the summer lake trout. You can use Sutton Silver Spoon, Mepps, Panther Martins or Blue Foxes for jigging lake trout in the summer. Sutton silver spoon is the best lure to use for jigging on sunny days. And on dull days use the brass colored combination lures.

Know the Jigging Techniques:

The jigging techniques include different variations. But most of the anglers use the up and down jigging to catch the lake trout. The resting time for jigging also an important factor to catch the lake trout. When you use the jigging technique you should jerk the lure up and down for a minute. Then lift the lure a little up and then again rest the lure in the bottom. Don’t lift the lure again for jigging before you take a rest time for 30 seconds. Continue this jigging process until the trout is not biting the lure.

Choose the Right Gears for Jigging:

You should spend money to buy the jigging gears. You can’t just simply go to the tackle shop and pick up the fishing gears. Jigging gears are different than the normal fishing gears. You have to choose the right jigging reels, rods, and jigging lines.

Most of the jiggers like to use the overhead jigging reels for lake trout that is designed with narrow spools. This reel has the smooth dragging facility that helps to fight with the big lake trout. To use jigging technique, you should choose the jigging rod. Expert jiggers often use 6 to 7 feet jigging rod to catch the lake trout in summer.

In the old days, anglers mostly used Steel Wire for lake trout in the summer. But now anglers use jigging line that comes in the combination of different colors. With the steel wire, it feels heavy to retrieve and you will be disappointed when you see the trout are small in size. So, this special jigging lines has the advantages over the steel wire.

Measure the Weather:

You should use the lures for jigging based on the weather condition. To measure the weather condition, you can install a fish finder to your boat. If you see the air pressure under the water is little high then you should use the heavy lure. In summer, lake trout do not float higher than 60 feet from the bottom of the lake. Lighter and small lures cannot go deeper than 30 feet for heavy wind pressure. For this, you need to use a heavy lure for jigging that can stay at 30 to 60 feet of the water depth.

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If you see there is no bite in the lure from the lake trout at 30 to 60 feet of water depth, you should drop the lure down and measure the depth to set the lure position for jigging.

You can also use a depth finder to measure the depth of the lake. If you jerk the jigs at wrong depth then there is no hope of summer lake trout.

Jigging is a funny technique to catch the lake trout. Show your kids jigging method for catching lake trout, they will definitely take it as a fun game. Jigging technique is becoming more popular among new anglers, as professional jiggers showing more success in jigging to catch the big game.

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