How to Install Wakeboard Tower Speaker

A wakeboard tower speaker is an on-boat sound system for wakeboard water sports. When angler goes for fishing they don't listen to music on the loudspeaker. But, wakeboard boating is totally different. This is all about extremeness, sport, and fun where you will love to listen to music in high volume.

Some boats like the cruiser and two-story boats have the built-in high-quality sound system. But In most of the wakeboarding boat, the sound system is not that good. As music adds extra fun in wakeboarding, so to enjoy the wakeboarding you have to install the wakeboard tower speaker in your boat. The installation process is so easy. You will need some tools and a speaker to install this tower speaker. So here is the full process to install the wakeboard tower speaker.

Things You Need to Install the Speaker:

You can use any speaker for the wakeboarding boat. But to install a normal speaker as a wakeboard tower speaker you have to get some extra tools. If you buy a wakeboard tower speaker then the speaker mounting and installation process will be easier.

Another thing about wakeboard speaker is that the power of the speaker. Normally when any speaker is mounted on empty space, the sound seems to be disappeared. That’s why you will need a wakeboard tower speaker to get the best sound. You should also buy an external amplifier to increase the speaker sound.

Other things that are needed to install the wakeboard tower speaker are Wire, drill bits, clamp, grommets hose, masking tape.

Start Drilling the Tower:

Some wakeboard has premade hole in the tower to install the speaker. If your wakeboard tower doesn’t have the holes then drill into the tower. The wakeboard tower might have many joints. that’s why you will need to drill several holes as the connection requires. After making holes take the wire and enter it through the holes. You should use a copper wire to attach the speaker wire to it. After attaching the copper wire with the speaker connection wire, you can easily pull the wire through the holes.

Use the Grommet Hose:

After pulling the wire inside the tower, take the grommet hose and cover the visible wire on the tower. Then use the masking tape to attach the grommet hose to the tower. Don’t use any parament object like glue to attach the hose grommet. You will need to open the wire in future if the speaker doesn’t work.

Set the Clamp:

Normally with wakeboard tower speaker provide clamps for mounting the speaker on the tower. So, use the clamp to mount the speaker on the tower. The design of the clamps generally depends on the design of the speaker. If the speaker is attached to an external tower (a straight bar) then you have to mount the bar with the wakeboard tower. But if the wakeboard speakers come in two pieces of the sound box then you have to mount the boxes directly with the clamps.

This type of speaker mounted on a hanger clamp. you have to push the hole on the speaker to the hanger and tighten the clamp with a bolt.

Connect the Speaker:

The connection of speaker with the wire is so easy. Just attach the jack to the port behind the speaker.  Connecting the speaker to the amplifier is not so difficult. Because when you will take the wire inside the tower, the whole will be started from the place where you will keep the amplifier. Generally, amplifier situated near the steering wheel. So, you can connect the amplifier to the electric socket of the boat.

If you want to play the speaker from an external battery on the boat then you have to install the amplifier near the battery box. Or you can use large wire to connect the amplifier if you want to keep it on the rear side of the boat. But to connect it with additional battery and on the rear side, you will need extra tools.

So, this is how you can install a wakeboard tower speaker to enjoy the water sports. Normal speakers are cheaper than wakeboard speakers. But for hassle-free installation, you should buy the wakeboard tower speaker.

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