How to Install A Kayak Seat | Step by Step Guide for Beginner

Kayak Seats:

Have you a kayak or are you interested about it? Then you should read this article.

If you have an excellent kayak seat, then you can realize that it can be the noticeable difference between your soul of adventure pursuit and give up kayaking forever. However, searching and install a great kayak seat perfectly can be a pursuit as well. Well, in this case, we’re now here to help you. It is known that every kayaker needs something little different from their favorite kayak seat, because of it’s a question of pleasure & comfort. There are various kinds of kayak seats available on the market. But the real question is to find it.

Kayak seat mainly comes with nylon pack cloth because you will use it in the water and it have to be long lasting. It gives priority to your comfort.


The kayak seats are durable. It usually made from the cloth nylon pack in order to a better lasting. It’s also rip resistant. Besides, it never stretches over use! This fabric is UV (Ultra Violet) resistant, so you don’t need to worry that it’ll be fade like some other fabrics in the direct sunlight. There’s a basic cushioning of nylon what support for your back and hips and provides relief. There are reinforcements too in the back side to make sure that you have a good support base. Most buyers told this function gave them a lot of support.

However, it has reflective logos in both side of the front and the back of the seat that provide a great visibility for paddlers moving between the seats. And they also provide good visibility for other kayakers nearby you while you’re in a low sunlight conditions.

The straps that ensure the kayak seats can provide adjustments in various directions what makes it too straight to adjust the height and the angle of the seat in you kayak. They’re also secured with the heavy-duty brass clasps. You have option to modify your seats too. Kayak seats are very affordable. You’ll enjoy the kayaking very much with a good kayak seat.


The all kayak seats aren’t thickly padded. But the other cushioning those are sold in standard kayaks is better in this condition. Besides you may not find this one comfortable if you’re a heavier person for your longer jaunts. Some previous buyers told that the used-pad in the kayak seats most were a little thin. With those statements, many of buyers have found it was more than sufficient for them.

If you have back problem or need your lower back support, you may then find the lack of it. Because in most of the seats, there is no built in specific lumbar support.

How to Install a Kayak Seat:

Installing a kayak seat to your kayak is not a hard task. It is very easy. You can do it simply by following the steps given below.



You have 2 sets of straps. Attach the first straps which are at the top of the seat in front and attach the second straps which are in the bottom behind the seat.


Look at your kayak and select a place to attach the seat.


Now, place the seat into your kayak so that the fold if the seat resting comfortably against the back of the seat area.


After then, attach the clips in the correct area so that it can be attach perfectly.


Now, tighten the straps. This is best to tighten up the straps gradually until you are satisfied with the position of the seat. Make sure that you end up with the straps taught. If you do, then the seat does not move while you are using the kayak. If the seat is installed correctly, the back rest should end up slightly curved.

Please note, to get the most power out of your paddling, make sure that the back rest as close to the vertical as possible.

To Install A Kayak Seat

If you want to remove the seat from your kayak, then slightly loosen one of the straps so that you can unclip the straps. You should then be able to unclip the rest of the straps very easily. The next time when you want to put the seat in it again, will be a lot quicker as all the other straps will be correctly set up.

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