How to Get FCC License for Two Way Radio

In the USA, if you want to use a radio communication system for business then you will need the FCC license. This license also required If you want to operate your two-way radio under the GMRS. FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission. It regulates the two-way radio communication system in the USA.

There are basically three types of frequencies available for the radio communication system in the USA. To use a two-way radio in the USA, we have to choose any of the frequency band services. These band services are (LMRS) Land mobile radio system that requires a license. (MURS) Multi-use radio system and (CB) Citizen band. MURS and CB do not require any license of FCC. IF you want to get more channel with more frequency than you have to choose the LMRS. So here is the process how we can get the FCC license for Land mobile radio system.

Qualifications to Obtain The FCC License:

To obtain a license to operate the radio for commercial purposes, you have to pass an examination held by the COLEM. This (COLEM) Commercial operator license exam managers will certify you through the exam. If you pass the exam, you can attach the certificate to the application form of FCC. If you are not a citizen of USA then you will not get this license. To get the FCC license the radio holder must be 18 years old.

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You will also need the right equipment to get the license for FCC. Because all equipment is not same to operate at the same frequency. You have to show specific equipment of two-way radio for certain frequency.

How to Apply for FCC License:

The application process for FCC license is technical. Many agencies are working to get you the FCC license. You can apply for GMRS FCC license in the Universal licensing system. If you apply through this website it will send to the FCC to get you the GMRS license.

To get the license for commercial purpose you have to use the paper form 601 of FCC to make the application. This application form generally come with the radios.

Cost for FCC License:

The license cost for Radio varies on the frequency and quantity of the channels. GMRS operates on maximum 22 channel. If you want to get the license for any GMRS of maximum 20 watts then it will cost 85$. The license length is for 5 years and there is no additional charge for between the period.

LMRS operates on maximum 512 channels. And the license length of LMRS is 10 years. You can get the FCC license for any LMRS radio up to 100+ watts. The cost of this type of LMRS license is 290$.

The government institutions get an extra facility on the licensing cost. The FCC filling cost is free or them but they have to pay the processing fee.

How Many Days It Will Need to Get the License:

The licensing process is lengthy. It will take approximately 6 months to get the license. Generally, the after-application process begins within the 10 days after you pass the exam held by COLEM. It will be better to make a deal with your dealer to get the license in short period of time. Some dealer works with the coordinator of COLEM who advises the FCC on licensing process. If you give a service charge they will work for you to get you the license less than 6 months. You also have to file a letter to the FCC that you have installed the radio system. So, they can make the process short for you.

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Renewing License:

If you already have the FCC license but it is running out of the expiry date, then you have to renew it again. You have to file a renewal application before 90 days of the expiry date. If you fail to apply before 90 days then you have to apply before 30 days with a late fee. The government entities are exempted from late waiver FCC filing fees.

Using Two-Way Radio Without a License:

To use this certain radio band services in the USA, you must have the FCC license. If you are a citizen of other countries then you don’t require this FCC license.

So these are all the clarification about the FCC license. Using unauthorized band service within US territory is a forfeiture offense. If the government notice that someone using LMR or GMR services without obtaining the FCC license, there must be a fine waiting for him.

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