How to Find Two Way Radio Frequency

A two-way radio is a great device for the people who love adventure, fishing and go long away from home so frequently. Keeping a two-way radio will save you if you fall on a danger when there is no one to help you. A two-way radio has a very long range so it will not be out of network like a mobile phone. So hope you understand the purpose of the two-way radio. There are few more things that you should know about the two-way radio. One of the things of them is selecting the or finding the radio frequency.

In this point, we will describe few things that you should think about when you choose a two-way radio, you should know about them to get a radio that has better range and longer battery and much more. One of the types of the two-way radio is GMRS that offer longer range. Another one is FRS that has 14 channels with low transmission power

There are few types of frequency for the two-way radio. All of the frequency has different advantages. Also, the range depends on the selected frequency type. There are 3 types of frequency that you should consider, they are separated by their bands.

Here the frequency bands of a two-way radio: VHF, UHF, 900Mhz. You have to pick one from them and have to know how to choose the right one. They are different from each other and appropriate for a different area. The range of the frequency is also differed according to the band. Let discuss a little bit about the frequency band so you can pick the right frequency.

Very High Frequency Or VHF

First of all, we are discussing the vhf band. The vhf stands for the word: very high frequency. This frequency band suited for short distance terrestrial communication. It provides max range and this frequency mainly used in the agriculture, field operations and on other rural purposes.

Two Way Radio Channel Guide

900 MHZ

This frequency bands mainly used in hotels, retail and light manufacturing. That means if you are in an office or any organization building and need to communicate with each other, then the 900 MHz on site frequency band it appropriate for this purpose.

One more radio frequency band remaining that we will discuss now in this section of this article. Hope this guide will help you to choose the correct frequency when you are using a two-way radio.


The word UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency.  The using fields are in hotels and educational institution. This is default frequency for indoors and outdoors. Maximum radio use this frequency bands and this frequency is very versatile.

So we hope you have learned a decent amount of information about the two-way frequency band and know which frequency use for which purpose and its range etc. So for the next time, you use a two-way radio for emergency purpose then you can use it correctly as you know that way to choose the frequency.

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