How to Do A Marine VHF Radio Check

If you are a newbie user of the marine vhf radio then you should know the basic things about marine vhf radio. This will help you to use the radio properly when you are in the water in a critical situation. So doing a marine vhf radio check is a great way to learn about the radio system.

What Is Marine VHF Radio:

Marine vhf radio is a device or component that you can use to communicate with harbors and marinas when you are facing any issue in the water at the time of fishing or boating. This device has a very high frequency, we can know this from the word that exists in its name. The word VHF stands for Very High Frequency. You can call for rescue service or do communication with harbors or locks using the marine vhf radio.

Why Should Keep A Marine VHF Radio:

What Is Marine VHF Radio

You should take a marine vhf radio with you if you are going to water for fishing or kayaking or boating. When you are in the middle of the water, the weather can get worse and cause a strong wind or storm. At this situation to get back to harbor you can easily call for help using the marine vhf radio. You can send a distress signal using the radio.

How to Do A Marine VHF Radio Check:

On various coastal of the USA, much coastal boating market offering automatic radio check. You can use them to check the marine vhf radio by selecting a channel, by turning on the radio then send a regular request for a radio check.

You have to detune the squelch dial when you turn on the marine vhf radio. Be sure that you have detuned it until the static is heard over the speaker.

The channel 16 is the international that every boater should monitor. So when you are in the water on your boat don't forget to monitor the channel 16. Also, adjust the band of the marine vhf radio to the USA frequency when you are in the water that situated on the US.

Marine vhf radio has a functionality that will allow you to toggle with the 16 channel and any other channel you are monitoring. You can simply push the scan button to do this thing.

Always hold the mic properly when you are speaking. There is a button on the marine vhf radio called push to talk or PTT button, you have to hold this button by pressing it to speak. And as soon as you fish the talking release the push to talk button.

Sometimes, your voice can be distorted by vhf radio waves. To avoid this voice dissertation, you should speak much clearly and slowly. You should only use the channel 16 for the distress call, use another channel to speak.

We hope you have gathered much info by reading this article, After you finish the taking, you can end the transmission by pronouncing the word, OVER. So that's all for doing a marine vhf radio check. Hope you will be benefited after reading this article.

Why Should Keep A Marine VHF Radio

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