How to Clean Pontoon Boat Carpet

Don’t you want to show people your pontoon carpet looking new even after years of use? The worst thing that a pontoon owner hates about his boat is the dirty carpet. Pontoon carpet often used when people do water fun and human traffic is also a reason for being dirty. Cleaning pontoon boat carpet is different than other carpet cleaning. Generally, pontoon uses marine carpet which is made of polypropylene fibers that are quite resistant to stains. But to give a new look to the carpet it needs deep cleaning. Followings are some tips for cleaning your pontoon boat carpet.

Park Your Boat In a Good Place:

For easy cleaning, you should take or park your pontoon to a good place where cleaning is much easier. You can also take your boat to a driveway to ensure that the used water does not pollute the water way.

Take Step After Checking The Carpet Material:

Generally, most pontoon boat carpet made from polypropylene fibers but check yours what is your pontoon carpet made of. Some pontoon carpets are made of artificial grasses which make the carpet more difficult to clean.

checkout does your pontoon carpet use any long-term UV protection or mold protectant. Then you should not use any chemical to wash the carpet that reduces the effectiveness of this protectant.

Avoid Car Washes:

Some people think that cleaning pontoon carpet is same like washing car carpet. Sometimes owner’s manuals of your pontoon also say you can use car washes but the pontoon carpet is made of high-quality fiber materials which need extra consideration before cleaning it.  The high-pressure nozzle that used for car washing can make a hole in or can release glue from the carpet. The owner’s manual also has the instruction of how often should you clean your pontoon carpet

Start with a Stiff Brush:

Don’t use water or other cleaning ingredients until you loosen all the dirt that stuck to the carpet. When you are sure that your stiff brush is done enough then broom to collect the dirt and place all the dirt in a dustbin.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner:

How To Clean Pontoon Boat Carpet

After removing visible dirt use a vacuum cleaner to clean the left dirt that is not collectible by your hand or you can directly use vacuum cleaner after loosening the stuck dirt to save your time. Use a cordless vacuum cleaner to get the best result it is more convenient to clean the dirt where the wire is not reachable. A wet or dry shop vacuum cleaner is worthier when you need to remove debris from your pontoon carpet. This vacuum cleaner does a great job for sucking unwanted debris.

Use a Blower:

If you see vacuum cleaner cleans all the dirt easily then you don’t need to think about a blower. Blowers only recommended when the carpet needs deep cleaning. Use a cordless powerful blower for the same reason as vacuum cleaner has.

Remove stains Naturally:

Stain is another disturbing thing that tells a boat old. To remove different kind of stains such as Food and beverage spills, Blood, Sand, Dirt, Red mud, Mildew I would recommend don’t use any chemical first. Go naturally to remove these stains use water and white vinegar at 1:1 ratio and spray it on the carpet. Scrub on the stain using a stiff brush or your hand then leave it for 20 minutes to get dry. Use a water hose to finish the natural stain removing process. Repeat this process if you see still there are some stain remaining on the carpet.

Dry The Carpet:

When you finish cleaning with water let the carpet dry under the sun if possible. Time takes for proper drying depends on the amount of water sucked by the wet vacuum. For this reason, make sure the shop vacuum sucked enough water. This process will minimize the amount of time that needs for proper drying.

When the carpet is completely dry, again use a stiff brush to fluff up the carpet it will give a dazzling fresh look.

Boat Carpet Cleaning Tips

Further Stains Protection:

If you have the option to add a carpet stain protectant you can use this. Some protectant also offers UV protection along with stain protection. But use this protectant only if your boat owner’s guideline as any recommendation to use this stuff.

Generally cleaning depends on the amount of dirt your carpet has. If you see lots of stain and debris on your pontoon carpet and that is not possible for you alone to remove this dirt you can hire a professional carpet cleaner or commercial service provider who does this for money.

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