How to Clean Fish With Electric Fillet Knife

how to clean fish with electric fillet knife

A good fillet knife is an essential thing for the anglers. It saves time, energy and your finger too from getting hurt. You will get manual and electric fillet knife in the market to fillet fish. Electric fillet knife saves much time and allows you to clean fish easily. But to clean a fish properly, you have to learn first that how to clean it using an electric fillet knife. Many people don't know the proper method of fish cleaning using the knife. By considering this situation, we have written this article and hope that this will be helpful. We have discussed everything step by step below. We hope that you will be able to learn fish cleaning using electric fillet knife after reading this article.



You need a power source to use electric fillet knife. So, first of all, connect it to a socket then you are ready to go. Put the fish on a solid surface like table or cutting board. At first start by cutting the backbone that is located behind the gills of the fish. You must keep the knife little bit angled when you are cutting the backbone.


After that, insert the knife inside where you have cut near the head and turn the knife. Then move it along the belly to the bottom of the fish. Keep half an inch near the tail. Be careful when you are in this step. Keep the knife flat enough otherwise, the entrails will be punctured. After doing this, totally remove the innards from the belly. Also, don't forget to cut out the rectum.


After cleaning the internal waste of the fish now its time to clean the outer part. Use the knife to clean the flesh simply by sliding it on the skin. After you done with this step you will see there is no waste left in the fish meat without bones. You can use water to wash it before you cook them.


You have almost finished with the cleaning process using the electric fillet knife. You can cut off the head completely if you don't like to eat that. Finally, detach the bones that left on the fish meat before cooking it. Taking out bones is not mandatory; if you like to eat fish with bones then you don't have to do that. Now you are ready to cook and eat the fish that you just cleaned. Don't forget to clean the table also that you have used to clean the fish!

How To Clean Fish With Electric Fillet Knife - Infographic


Keep in mind that you will not be able to be a master at fish cleaning overnight. You have to invest your time on it to acquire it properly. We described the method of cleaning step by step so that people can understand it easily. The fillet knives are very sharp so be careful when you fillet a fish or clean a fish. As you use electric fillet knife it will be faster than normal and it makes it riskier and your hand can get injured if you don't use it carefully. No more words! It's time to eat some fish by cleaning it using an electric fillet knife!

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