How to Choose the Best Spotting Scope

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Hunting is a professional sport. It requires practice and the right kind of gear to be good at it. Aside from your weapon, you will also need the best spotting scope for hunting to make good results out of your every hunt. Moreover, a spotting scope for target shooting is necessary so that you won‘t waste precious bullets. You don‘t go to a hunting ground while carrying a huge load. Most of the time, we prefer light travel. Sometimes, it could be mandatory.

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Why Hunters Need The Best Spotting Scope?

Spotting scope for hunting is necessary for hunters. The sport requires precision and accuracy after all. If a hunter doesn‘t have these two on his side, then he would miss his targets most of the time.

Our resources in a single hunt have always limits. Therefore, you need to shoot your targets precisely. Or else, you are just wasting money and energy.

A spotting scope for hunting can cure these problems. When it comes to enhancing your hunting performance, these accessories are certainly reliable.

However, do you know how to choose the best spotting scope? How about the best spotting scope for birding? Each hunting sports will require you to have a good scope. If you are new to this rifle accessory, then this guide will come to your benefit.

How to Choose the Best Spotting Scope for Hunting?
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Size and Style:

There are two styles that you can opt when selecting a spotting scope for hunting. They are the angled and straight spotting scope.

An angled spotting scope is there are a lot of people that will use it. This is because this hunting scope can accommodate different heights of your people. Moreover, it is good for hunts that will require you a tripod with little elevation.

However, this style of hunting scope is not advisable for beginners because it has a complex angle. Aside from that, it is hard to pack because of its design.

On the other hand, a straight scope is user-friendly, even for amateurs. It is the best spotting scope when you are riding a vehicle. It is also cheaper compared to the angled body spotting scopes.

Objective Lens Quality:

When choosing for the best spotting scope for target shooting, you should consider the objective lens diameter. Always choose for a hunting scope with a bigger objective.

The exit pupil is dependent of the magnification and the objective lens. The bigger the objective lens, the brighter an image will appear even in a poor light condition. Specifically, choose a spotting scope for hunting that has -5omm objective lens diameter.

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Prism and Qualities: If you want the

best spotting scope for birding, then pick the one that has a quality prism. This component is for spotting your targets at different locations. You can flip it left to right or right side up.

Specifically, there are two types of prisms that you can choose: the roof and the porro. The roof prism is suitable for portability purposes. However, it lacks the necessary features like an interchangeable eyepiece.

On the other hand, the porro prism proves to be the most efficient for spotting targets. It is also inexpensive, which makes it common nowadays.

Magnification Power:

Always choose a spotting scope that has a quality magnification. You should remember that a hunting scope is designed to view objects at distances that are unreasonable already for binoculars.

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When choosing for a scope, it should have a magnification of 3ox - 4ox. This type of magnification let you see your target at an optimal display. However, some scopes go higher than this range.

Going higher than 3ox - 4ox magnification will cause a loss of image quality. Some expensive scopes can reduce the drop-off quality of the image.

Eye Relief Distance:

Choose a spotting scope for hunting with a big eye relief. You should do this if you are wearing glasses. An eye relief will enable you to see your target without losing any field of view. As recommended, you should choose a hunting scope that has a 14mm of eye relief. Most of the hunting scopes today have this kind of eye relief.

However, you should always do double-checking.


You should be aware already that a spotting scope may not always include the eyepiece. Sometimes, you should purchase it separately. If the eyepiece is already part of the overall purchase, it may not be removable.

A good spotting scope for hunting should have a removable eyepiece. In this way, you can maximize the full potential of this accessory. You may like a single powered eyepiece because it has a lot of optical advantages. However, if you are hunting in unfavorable conditions, choose a zoom eyepiece. This type of eyepiece can give you high-quality magnification in a harsh atmospheric setting.

Close Focus:

The close focus refers to the close viewing distance that your hunting scope can view. Many of the spotting scopes you can see today have less than 20 feet close focus. If you like bird viewing, then this feature will come handy. It will let you see the smallest details to their feathers.

Water, Fog, and Dust Proof:

Hunting, by all means, is an outdoor sport. Therefore, you will have no choice but to expose yourself to the elements. However, you are not the only one who suffers from these factors. Your gears such as your hunting scope also endure the same travails that you have.

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You should choose a spotting scope for hunting that has a weatherproof construction. It should resist corrosion, abrasion, and rust. Moreover, elements like fog, water, and dust should not get inside it. When this happens, the integrity of your scope will be compromised.

Easy to Set Up:

Hunting will require you to move from time to time. After all, your target is mobile. In fact, they can be faster than you. In these cases, you need gears that are easy to set-up. Your arsenals should be ready in less than minutes. For hunting scopes, they should have a quick-to-mount ergonomics to keep up with your pace.


Your rifle is already heavy. You don‘t want to increase the burden of your arms by adding bulky hunting scopes. Ideally, a hunting scope should have a lightweight construction. It should not be obtrusive when you shoot. At the same time, it should be stressful to carry around.

Final Verdict

Having the best spotting scope for hunting can improve the experience of your hunt. They can give you an accurate display of your target in different distances and varying conditions.

There are a lot of spotting scopes to choose today. This makes the choosing process quite confusing.

However, we are hoping that this guide gave your some insights on what to look for a spotting scope. They are just the basic. In time, your knowledge about this accessory will grow deeper. Moreover, you should learn how to use these scopes properly!

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