How to Build A Pond in Your Backyard for Fishing

If you are thinking about building a pond in your backyard then you are at the right place. Nowadays many not only you but also many peoples are making a pond in the backyard. Also, the hobby water gardening is very popular in present time. People keep fish, snails, frogs above-mentioned. on the pond. But you need a proper direction to build a good pond on your own. Don't worry anymore! In this article, we have covered the steps you should follow to build a pond in your backyard.

First of all, you have to dig the pond. So how you can start digging a pond in your backyard? Here is the answer: Select a place in your backyard for the pond. Calculate the size of the pond before start digging. Then draw an outline on the ground by using limestone, rope or other colored powder so that the area get visible that you have to dig.

Dig 12-16 inch by stacking the dirt on the back part where the waterfall area will be situated. Dig more on the center to make a ditch so that the pond pump can be installed there. Keep one thing in mind. Don't build a pond under trees because the water of the pond will be filled with leaves very frequently and you have to clean them.

To lay the liner on the pond you have to be careful. Take the folded liner according to length on the center of the pond where the much deep hole located and start unfolding it. Use water or something heavy to hold the liner in the center.

Stack the stone on the pond basement. If there any space between two stone then you can use a smaller sized stone to fill them. Keep in mind that if you are using large and heavy stone then be careful or it would be better if you call masonry to deliver the stones directly.

Now its time to install the pump to fill the pond with clean water! You have to use a hose that will carry the water from pump to the waterfall. Cover the hose by using stone but be careful heavy stone and subconscious mind can damage the hose.

Pond in Your Backyard

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You have to do some electrical work to use the pump that you can do yourself but it would be better if you use an electrician to ensure the safety of your pond pump. No more waiting connect the hose with pump and on the pump switch to fill the pond with water within minutes.


We hope that you have got a clear instruction about building pond after reading this article. A pond in the backyard will enhance the beauty of your compound. Also, you can keep snail and other fish in the pond. Follow the above-mentioned steps to build the pond in your backyard by yourself.

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