How to Adjust and Cast a Baitcasting Reel

Baitcasting reels are getting very popular among anglers. This reel is appropriate for bass fishing, pike, and other large freshwater fishes. But there is a problem in using the baitcasting reels. Not a problem actually. Beginners level angler face some difficulty to cast it properly. Don't worry! If you give some time and if you have patience then you can learn how to adjust and cast the reel. In this article, we have discussed two things step by step. One is adjusting the baitcaster, secondly how to cast it properly. Just follow the steps mentioned bellow to be a master at adjusting and casting baitcasting reels.

Adjusting a Baitcasting Reel:

First of all, It would be better for you and you can understand the methods of adjusting the reel if you take a look at the reel's components. Adjusting a baitcasting reel is little different from doing it with a spincast reel.

The spool tension is an important part that you have to adjust accurately when you are using a baitcasting reel. You can adjust it by following these two steps: At first hold, the rod after you tie a new lure and lose the tensioner. Secondly move back and do a click after the lure reaches the ground.

To Adjust And Cast A Baitcasting Reel

After adjusting the spool tension, now it's time to adjust the brake. Adjusting the brake is not so hard but it is important for a good casting. The method of adjusting brake is different according to brake type. Some reels use magnetic and some centrifugal braking system. You will see a dial on the reel that uses magnetic brakes. Just move it to upper perspective to apply more brake. If your reels use centrifugal braking system then you have to press the tabs out to apply brakes.

Casting a Baitcasting Reel:

Holding the reel properly before a cast is really important. Reel the line in precisely before cast. Put your thumb on the spool of your reel.

Turn the rod according to the hand that you are using to hold it. If you are a right-hand person then the reel handles should point up and if you use opposite hand to cast then the reel handles will point down.

Use the spool release button to break off the spool from the handles; this will help you to cast longer. You can easily release the reel spool by pressing the button using your thumb.

Fold the arm that you are using to cast and spur forward the rod. Then stop when the rod reaches eye level. Now the final thing is: Use the thumb to apply pressure on the reel spool so that the bait/ lure stop when it arrives at the destination.


In this article, we have tried to make the method of adjusting and casting a baitcasting reel as clear and easy as possible. We hope that you have got an idea about it after reading this. To be a successful baitcaster you just have to follow the steps mentioned above and have to be patient and have to do more practice.

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