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Two-way radio is a great way to communicate only with a group of people. In typical mobile devices where we use sim cards or internet to talk with other people are so vulnerable. Hacker or any person with bad intention can get all the information from our personal mobile. But two-way radios are far safe for communication than cellular phones. That’s why military and law enforcement agencies use two-way radio system to keep their information secret.

As we know, two-way radio communication system is more secure than mobile communication. But the question arises, how secure are two-way radio comparing to other communication systems. The security of two-way radio generally depends on certain two-way radio management things. If we can set these privacy factors we can make two-way radios two-step secured. So, here you will know how to secure the two-way radios to ensure the proper security.

Secure by Setting Encryption Key:

Most of the two-way radios Use the encryption key to secure the encoding information. Encoding is the process to convert a signal into a form. This can be the audio signal in a two-way radio system. So, to secure the two-way radio we have to set the encryption key to our radios. Without setting an encryption key to our radios other radio users of that channel can hear our signal voice.

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To keep the signals confidential between a particular user of a channel you have to set the same encryption key to both of the radios. Otherwise, the radios will not be able to transmit and receive the signal privately.

Type of Encryption:

There are mainly two types of encryption. Encryption for digital two-way radios and encryption for analog two-way radios. The analog encryption is also known as Simple Voice inversion.

Analog Encryption:

It generally works with the analog repeater. But to install it on the radio you have to install add-on board into the radio. Installing the board, it is quite difficult for a non-technical person. So, it would be rather good to see a technical person who can do this. Though some product like Kenwood has the built-in encryption. But this analog encryption is not very secure like the digital encryption. It works fine to scan the signal for clear listening.

Rolling code inversion is a mode of analog encryption. This encryption method uses to invert the signal at a constantly changing rate. Thus, the communication using this encryption method is much secure than simple inversion. The rolling code inversion is much secured because it has 1020 number encryption keys while the simple inversion has only 35 keys. So, Breaking the signal of rolling code inversion is difficult than the simple inversion.

Digital Encryption:

DES and AES are the form of Digital encryption. AES means Encryption Standard and DES means Data Encryption Standard. DES was introduced in 1970. But later DES is replaced by the AES to get the advantage of more security. This encryption method is very high standard. FBI, military and the Financial company generally use this encryption method. To set the code of this encryption you will need a device called keyloader. You have to use a cable to attach the radio to the keyloader then you will be able to set the encryption keys.

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Learn the Morse Code:

More code is the short form of language. It has been using for years to secure the communication. It will secure your communication unless the hacker can invade your radio system. Because they also know the Morse language.           

Two-way radio communication system just like other wireless communication devices. It can be hacked like any other wireless devices. But you can secure It by setting the privacy code which is encryption keys and by the proper management system. So, use the high standard two-way radio system to protect your information.

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