Gun Safety for Kids is a Matter of Life and Death

When security matters most firearms have no alternatives. But your defender will be your most maleficent staff if mishandled especially with kids. So the first and foremost thing you need to ensure that is the most safety protocol possible before starting with kids. Everywhere you go or in the home, if there are guns and children together, then Gun safety for kids is a must. This safety concept can be broken into two different sections.

The first one is the training ground safety and the second one is the safety you need to ensure at home. In other words, on the training ground when guns on the kid’s hand the kinds of safety steps you have to take are different from the safety, you have to ensure at home.  

Here we have blended some effective tips for both kinds of situations that you must follow to ensure the best Gun safety for your kids.

Gun Safety for Kids is a Matter of Life

By nature, kids are addicted to those things they are told to keep themselves away from. As a result, they always try to invent the most innovative way to get the thing they are curious about. But regarding guns or firearms, it is not just a matter of forbidding and stalking rather than it is all about life and death. So mere counseling will not be enough in this case. Some people stay relax keeping their firearms in the gun safe. They think that the firearms are locked with an inaccessible lock as the safes are from the best gun safe under 500 brand. But it only works when you are unwilling to have your children got in touch with your guns. But what if you decide to train them! No worries. It will be a great decision if you follow some safety rules. In this guide, we consciously included some important and experimented tips and effective rules by maintaining which you can handle your kids with the best gun safety in both cases.

Easy Ways to Teach Gun Safety for Kids

Let’s us move into some effective tips to ensure the gun safety when it matters most to the kids.  We describe every tip step by step and also include the background reason of these so that you can understand why these tips are effective in some particular situations. These seven tips will help both the trainer and trainee regarding idea generation and brainstorming issues in this regards.

Tips #1: Play Guns Game as Real

When playing with a play gun, a sense grows up in children mind that guns whatever real or toy it is not a dangerous tool at all.  Since they found no injuries or harm after shooting one of their fellows with the play gun they think that the same thing may happen with the real one too. So if you plan to teach your kids to deal with the real weapon first make them able to distinguish reality from fantasy. Convince them as parents or a trainer that the consequence with the toy bullet and real bullet are not same but vastly different.

But it is not obvious that you should train them with a real gun from the very beginning. Common curtsey or basic rules with a real gun can be taught with a toy gun. Make them acknowledged that pointing a gun and pulling the trigger toward the person who is not involved in the game is a great disaster. Thus the can truly be aspiring with real guns.

Tips#2: Be Open About Guns

We mentioned earlier that by nature children are addicted to the things they are forbidden to touch.  So the right thing you are going to do in this case is that to be open about guns or firearms with your children. Instead of ordering them sorely you should discuss with them that they will be warmly welcomed with that once they finished with learning how to use it. Keeping your firearms in the best gun safe and thinking that you have done with the safety then you have done nothing. Remember your children are not intruders or burglars and they are living under the same roof as you. So it won’t be a matter of wonder sometimes you accidentally remain the safe open, and the children make the best use of their chances. Remember being open about the guns does not stand for being careless rather it all about a natural way of making your children fairly acknowledged about the disastrous consequence of firearms.

Gun safety for kids

Tips #3 Teach Them the Gun Rules           

Once they are well acknowledged about the manners and norms with the real gun and they, know there are vast differences between the toy gun and real gun they are reasonably ready to be trained with some critical safety issues, such as:

•    Gun is allowed to use only when it needs most otherwise even an unloaded gun shouldn’t be pointed at anyone never.

•     Never touch a gun without your trainer and if you notice that someone is playing with a gun tell an adult immediately.

•    You can practice with what your trainer teach you with your toy guns but never with the real one.

•    Dealing with real guns is far different from dealing with Toy guns.

Drill these rules into your child's head every time you train them with a real gun. As a result, they soon realize that they need to walk long miles to be proficient with it and till then they should do what their trainer tells them to do. Normally children are not always expected to listen to all bits of advice and orders they get from their parents, but when they got priority and sustained through a process, it works excellently.

Tips#4: Take Your Kids Practical Experiences

Well, now if you are sure that your child is well-acknowledged about the basic rules of handling a gun and they are very conscious about the manners they should maintain when they have firearms in their hands, then it is time to take them to the shooting ground.

You are not expected to take them on a regular basis but often. Doing so what may make you and your child facilitated are pointed out below:

•    It will allow them to be used to with the rules they have been taught practically

•    They will come to know the esoteric knowledge of handling a gun

•    Letting them know in what purpose and how they should use it

•    They will understand the importance of controlling the disastrous assumption underlying the firearms.

•    The practical difference and consequence between toy and real guns will be realized and observed deeply.

With these practical experiences, the kids will behave more maturely with a gun, and they soon get over the taboo they have about firearms.

Safety tip#5:  Let Your Child Clean the Gun

After having an adventurous, practical experience with real weapons on the ground, the kids will not remain kid with firearms and firearms since they are now well-acknowledged with its norms and forms. So letting them clean your Guns will not cause any accidental issue at this stage rather than they will be more proficient not only with the use but also with how to take care of it. Also, you can involve them to clean the gun safe as well so that they can understand that though firearms are for safety they need their protection safety as well.

Tips #6: Starting with a BB Gun

Starting with a BB gun at the very beginning of the practice will be a great idea. A BB gun is not as dangerous as a real one but requires almost the same techniques in handling. So with a BB gun, you can teach them the gun safe with high safety.

Let them practice all the basic rules and manners they have learned and trained with this gun. Once they able get over with the BB gun, they will undoubtedly reach your expected level with a real gun too.

Tips#7: Play a Real Life Role        

The last step is role-playing. It will let them be more practical with firearms safety than they are. You can concept different scenarios that involve security.  For example, play a role as a stranger who has a gun. Then show it to them.  Observe their reaction and attitude and if they do something incorrectly then teach them with the correct thing they should do in that situation.

Thus you can play different roles and teach them in the right manner they should maintain in those situations. It will make them truly dynamic and expert to handle this kind of situation in a real context.

Gun safety

Talk to Your Kids and Their Caregivers

One of the major mistakes the parents usually do regarding Gun safety for kids is that they are starting with the counseling at the very first stage. But they should do so after they make their children easy with the use of the firearms following the steps as mentioned earlier.

While counseling with children about gun safety the parents should know what to say and how to say. Therefore, you should not be so harsh in this case rather you should make them convince that Guns of Firearms is not for public use. They cannot go out with it whenever and wherever they wish even though they are enough matured and proficient in dealing with it. Apart from, you should also talk with their caregivers advising or ordering them to be more careful with this matter.  

Gun Safety Tip for Parents

Along with the children the parents are also expected to maintain some safety rules with firearms. Because a proverb goes that “An apple does not fall far from the tree” that means children usually follow their parents and thus they sometimes adopt some behaviors from their parents that might not always be good. So to ensure the gun safety for kids, you should take into account the followings:

•    Never threat each other when you are in a familial dispute in front of the children

•    Use Gun safe that comes with ultimate security features

•    Never put the gun here and there or in a nightstand that has not any lock

•    Never put the loaded guns even in the safe rather keep the guns and bullets in separate places.

Age to Teach Gun Safety             

Children at the age of five are not expected to teach with gun safety. We mentioned earlier that it is a matter of life and death and who does not has the sense of life and death will never care about this. In other words, when your children are less than five, they are naturally innocent and unable to understand the concept of danger and favor. It doesn’t matter how well you have trained them of how many times you warned them as they are innocent they will not pay any attention and care about the consequence. You can go for the training with your children when they aged more than five.

Gun Locks and Safes

If you have children aged less than five you should ensure the highest safety at home if there are firearms. In this case, Best gun safe will be the ultimate solution. While buying a gun safe make sure it has inaccessible locks and strong body construction and others important features. There are so many established and reliable manufacturers known as the best gun safe brand on the market. So go and have your desired one and ensure the safety for your kids.

Adolescents, Teens, and Guns

Teens and adolescents are usually a bit restless by nature. So when they have easy access to guns and firearms something unexpected will not unexpected all the time. Along with this, it is true that they are more mature to be taught with gun safety than kids but in bad times they are riskier than the kids. So you better not allow them to have free access with firearms but they can be trained with the firearms safety like the kids.

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