How to Obtain a Falconry License in California

Falconry is the practice of hunting wild quarry with a hawk or a trained hawk. It takes lots of time and effort with your bird to get into falconry. Falconry is highly regulated in most countries, and falconers in the United States must undergo a rigorous procedure to obtain a permit. Perseverance and a sincere love for the sport of falconry are becoming an even simpler falconer.



Contact the California Department of Fish and Game (F & G) and ask about the falconry pack. When you do, follow the instructions in the brochure. The brochure will contain in-depth information on the rules and regulations for falconry, licensing and different permits.

Fill out the license application, get it signed by a sponsor and send it to F & G.


Submit and pass the falconry status examination with a minimum score of 80 percent.The test consists of approximately 50 multiple choice and true or false questions based on natural Raptor history, biology, care and management, diseases, The history of falconry and the laws. Failing the test would mean a 90-day wait to retake the test.


Obtain a hunting license. For this, you must have taken a hunter safety course, also known as the pistol safety course. Find an instructor in your area, get trained and receive the license. This is mandatory for the next step.


Find a sponsor. A general falconer or teacher must sponsor an applicant to obtain a falconry license. Establish a relationship with a person willing to patronize by him to impress by having passed the test, his love for the Hawks, following the instructions; he possesses a hunting license and willingness to hunt on his side.


It has facilities to house the hawk and the equipment. Any aspiring falconer must possess this to obtain the license. You can build your hawk house, or meow, with the help of your sponsor. It can cost up to $ 500, depending on the size. Usually, a child 8 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet mew is sufficient. Equipment, such as the Jesse (a thin leather strap used to tie the hawk), straps, gloves, and hood can be handmade or purchased in the store at any falconry equipment store.


Fill out the license application, get it signed by a sponsor and send it to F & G.


Submit documents such as the certificate of approval of facilities and equipment, fees to the United States Fish and Wildlife (F & W) with a filing note that is processing the paperwork.

An Introduction to Falconry

In this video help you to know about Falconry

Tips & Warnings

Upon receiving the license, the trap of a hawk only during the hunting season. This is from October 1 to January 31. The trap of a red-tailed hawk or kestrel of any age.

No matter how you get the hawk, you must complete and submit the Federal Form 3-186A to the F & W in Portland, Oregon. You must also accompany a map from where the hawk was captured.

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