Choose the best battery for your trolling motor (Infographic)

To choose the best battery for your trolling motor there are three vital points that you should find out:

  • One. Group
  • Two. Cold starting
  • Three. Reserve capacity

If you choose a battery the wrong group, you can face the problem that is very large. And cold start, this is the ability of the battery to start the trolling motor in cold weather. Like temperature of -18 ° C for thirty seconds and a voltage exceeding 7.2 volts. Finally, reserve capacity. Is the time in minutes that your boat can run if the charging system fails and cannot support the electrical needs of the motor and have to rely on the battery only. It is always preferable to buy a battery with high reserve capacity.

Other important matters are the choosing best trolling motor battery: low maintenance and maintenance free. Low maintenance batteries that can be reviewed in its electrolyte level and filled with water when required. And maintenance-free batteries are also known as sealed. They cannot be filled or checked, so they are easier to maintain. But how to find these type of batteries? Please follows this top five best trolling motor battery infographic for details help.

Choose the best battery for your trolling motor

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