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What is the Differences Between Walkie-talkie and Two-way Radio

Walkie talkies and two-way radios are being used interchangeably. But there are some differences between walkie-talkies and two-way radios. Walkie talkies allow communication between two people, but both can’t talk at the same time. It is a small portable device with an antenna. On the other hand, as their name said two-way radios allow two-way […]

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About the Colors of Lures | Did Not You Know This

Hello fellow fishers and followers of, today after a couple of months of being dedicated to other menésteres very different to the sports fishing, and already without a time to venture into the water. I decided to create another post related to the lures and the theory Linked to the colors and their effectiveness […]

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How to Choose and Use Depth Lures | Trolling Power Solution

Now that we are living a new era for fishing, where lures have gained a lot of ground, knowing how to choose and use them is an inescapable necessity for fishers who want to call themselves professionals. That is why today at PescaCosmar we have thought of talking more about the subject, touching the subject […]

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How to Select Your Own Kayak | Trolling Power Solution (2019)

Kayak is a small individual type of boat that offers you one of the funniest opportunities to explore a body of water. This extreme sports everyone should practice in different aquatic environments such as the sea, a lake or a river and to adapt to each of these various waters; it adopts different sizes, structures, […]

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