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How to Jig the Lake Trout in Summer

Jigging is one of the effective technique for the lake trout. Jigging is a great way to catch lake trout instead of trolling. And this fishing technique has some extra advantages for catching lake trout. Especially game fish like Genus Salvelinus Brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, Aurora trout all these kind of lake trout enticed by […]

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What Size Trolling Motor Do I Need for My Boat

A high quality trolling motor is essential for your boat if you love fishing or boating. Though you can ride the boat without a trolling motor. But if you want to get better thrilling experience and want to do more fun using the boat on the water then you should use the best trolling motor. […]

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How to Do A Marine VHF Radio Check

If you are a newbie user of the marine vhf radio then you should know the basic things about marine vhf radio. This will help you to use the radio properly when you are in the water in a critical situation. So doing a marine vhf radio check is a great way to learn about […]

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How to Make Fishing Lures Easy | Homemade Fishing Lure Ideas

Fishing lures play a vital role in catching fish by attracting fishes. There are many types of fishing lures available in the market in very cheap rate. But you can also avoid this expense by making it with few household items, your craftsmanship and a little bit of patience. Besides household items, you can also […]

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How to Make A Simple Kayak Cart

Planning for an outing to water but don’t have anyone with you to drag your kayak to the launching point is really a difficult task! You can get injured or the kayak can be damaged. Believe me! I had gone through all these and realize a kayak cart can turn the whole process much easier and […]

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What Size Marine Battery Do I Need for Trolling Motor

When you realize that your old trolling motor marine battery needs to be replaced by a new one. But you are confused about what size marine battery do i need for trolling motor, here is my comprehensive advice to guide you through choosing the right battery size. Marine battery comes in a wide selection of sizes, […]

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