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How to Make Your Own Coon Hunting Light

When we want to go for coon hunting we have to think about the coon hunting light. Because coons are mostly active at night. So, without coon hunting light, it is not possible for us to hunt the game. Besides searching the coon, you also have to walk through the hunting place. So, coon hunting […]

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What is Two Way Radio Communication & How it Works

Nothing is better than two way radio system to communicate within a group of people. We can use two-way radio communication from a far distance. Where the normal mobile communication system is not reachable. If in a certain area there is not enough mobile signal tower, then it is not possible for us to communicate […]

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How to Setup Two Way Radio Repeater

For communicating in outdoor activities like traveling, hunting and fishing nothing can beat the advantage of having the two-way radio. It is a must gear that we usually use to get connected with our group on the outdoor trip. We can use a two-way radio to warn or inform our other teammate about any current […]

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What to Know When Buying a Trolling Motor

Trolling motor is the most important part of a powerboat. Whether you have a cruising boat or fishing boat you will need a trolling motor to propel the boat. If this is your first time of choosing a boat or replacing your old trolling motor with a new one then you have to know some […]

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What Size Solar Panel to Charge 100ah Battery

Calculating the right size solar panel is not that difficult if you know the solar size calculating method. But It’s not also easy for a person who just planning to buy solar panels for the first time. Basically, when we buy solar panels we buy it on the basis of battery power. If the solar […]

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How to Install a Fishfinder On a Fiberglass Boat

Fishfinder is a great device to locate the fish. After buying a fishfinder You may think what is the best place for your boat to install this device. Some people use it to the front side of the boat and some people use it to the rear side. It’s basically up to the hull construction […]

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Where to Buy Solar Panels | Trolling Power Solution

Technologies are always evolving. Can you imagine how would be the next electric power generating system for the whole world? There will be less power generating system than the solar power system. As solar energy has several benefits for the environment it’s called the eco-friendly energy generator. Now people are trying to get their electricity using […]

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