Why You Need a Battery Box in Marine Applications

why you need a battery box

What Is Battery Box and the Purpose In the world of marine application the following article strives to energize and delve deep in the concept of battery boxes. Firstly it comes to an elucidation of what a battery box defines and the functionalities. Battery box includes a set of identical batteries and battery cells. Just like the definition the purpose …

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5 Reason That’s Why Every Boat Should Have a Battery Monitor

why every boat should have a battery monitor

When you are fishing or just casually enjoying nature in a sea or river, the loud noise of the outboard engine may disrupt the tranquility. Trolling motor comes in handy in a situation like this. Trolling motor contains a small motor, propeller, and controls. It can move and maneuver your boat quietly without making noise. It is a self-contained content …

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Restore a Lawn Mower Battery in 3 Easy Steps

restore a lawn mower battery

Don’t get intimidated by the title. We are not talking about any professional terms here. Rather, we discussed here some tips and tricks that anyone can follow to fix their dead or weak lawn mower battery. Besides, all these steps are detailed with simplified terms so that you can understand this better and face no problem to follow the instructions.  …

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Can Use a Deep Cycle Battery for Starting?

can you use a deep cycle battery for starting

You consider a CCA below a deep cycle battery, use a deep cycle battery as a starting battery. As a general guideline, it is a smart idea to increase the battery by about 20% to indicate a similar measure of deep-cycle battery to the cranking AMPs. Deep cycle batteries first variation, are intended to give a constant current of similar …

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How Many AGMs Does a Trolling Motor Use

how many amps does a trolling motor use

You can utilize any size of a 12-volt trolling motor. The battery limit determines the amount to be fixed so knowing the current drawing of the engine is the least of your pressure. As shown, somewhere near its maximum speed of 40 – 50 Amps. In size batteries, in the 110 to the 120-minute range, it’ll be in 23MP draws. …

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