The Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers | Top 5 Selections (2018)

Do you want to improve the audio system of your boat? or looking for a new and high-quality speaker? Don't worry, you are at the right place. Nowadays people love to ride the boat for many purposes. Some people do it for fishing and some for recreation, it doesn't matter. While you are riding a boat on the water, music can increase your enjoyment lot more. A wakeboard tower speaker will give you awesome sound output and you will get better boating experience. But you have to choose the right product to get quality output. We discussed the things you should consider to choose a good speaker in the buying guide section below.

Due to lots of wakeboard speakers availability, people get confused to choose the best one. By considering this, we have picked up 5 best wakeboard tower speakers and reviewed them in this article. We hope that after reading the review of these products you will be able to choose a perfect tower speaker for your boat.






MCM Custom Audio 60-10021

10.2 pounds

20.5 x 12 x 13.5 inches

Rockford Fosgate M282-WAKE

23.7 pounds

22.5 x 16.6 x 12.8 inches

Editor's Choice

Pair Rockville RWB65B

11.3 pounds

21 x 13.5 x 12.5 inches

Pyle PLMRB65

11.9 pounds

20 x 13 x 11.5 inches


10 pounds

12 x 9 x 9.5 inches

Top 5 Wakeboard Tower Speakers Reviews:

[1] MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 Marine Wakeboard Speaker

Product Features:

  • MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 has good sensitivity of 90dB that is required for better output;
  • MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 use titanium made dome tweeter;
  • The woofers of MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 is surrounded by strong rubber that gives it more strength;

If you are looking for a wakeboard tower speaker that is durable, waterproof and excellent sound quality than MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 is the perfect one for you. This speaker is well designed and made of polypropylene and surrounded rubber that gives it better stability and endurance. It can manage up to 100 watts RMS. The waterproofing is a required feature that a good quality wakeboard speaker should have and this MCM Custom Audio has it.

This speaker is very light and durable as well because of it build material. The tweeters of this are made of titanium, for this reason, it can reproduce higher frequencies. Another great advantage of this wakeboard tower speaker is the price of it. You will get it at very fair price. If it meets your requirements then just go for it!

Things We Liked

  • MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 is a durable tower speaker with waterproofing;
  • High-quality design;
  • It will provide clear and sharp output;
  • The price of it is affordable;
  • Good frequency response;
  • Heavy duty ABS case;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It can resist little bit of rust not much;

[2] Rockford Fosgate M282-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 8-Inch Tower Speaker

Product Features:

  • Rockford Fosgate M282 wakeboard tower speaker is large enough and size matter for better sound;
  • Well designed and made of high-quality material;
  • The enclosures of Rockford Fosgate M282 are corrosion resistant;

Rockford Fosgate M282 is a good looking and durable wakeboard tower speaker that you can purchase for your boat. It provides very clean and clear sound output. This tower speaker can project the sound to 80 feet. The bullet styled housing gives it extraordinary look. Its UV resistant coating will protect it from sun rays. Also, it has waterproofing features that will protect it from the water.

Rockford Fosgate M282 is a flexible wakeboard tower speaker. It offers 363-degree rotational mounting. You should always go for a speaker that is durable and will provide clear sound output. In this case, Rockford Fosgate M282 is the one that has all these features. The price of it is not fair but not too much as well. If it meets your budget and requirements then you can buy this product.

Things We Liked

  • Rockford Fosgate M282 has high-quality enclosure;
  • The mounting of it made of cast aluminum;
  • It offers rotating mounting;
  • It will provide crystal clear sound output;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The rotating system is not much easier;

[3] Pair Rockville RWB65B Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Product Features:

  • Pair Rockville RWB65B is a high fidelity speaker, it can project the sound longer way;
  • Pair Rockville RWB65B is easy to adjust because it uses adjustable nylon mounting bracket;
  • It is easy to install and has built in two-way crossover network;

Pair Rockville RWB65B is an outstanding wakeboard tower speaker and it has so many features also the price of it not so high! 

Editor's Choice

You will get great sound output from the speaker. It is a two-way high fidelity speaker system. The mounting brackets will allow you to adjust it very easily. Pair Rockville RWB65B is durable enough also water resistant.

The terminals of this speaker are sealed. It has larger voice coil and it will provide clear sound with a good projection range. As it has two speakers, for this reason, each of them takes 250 watts. This is all-around performer boat tower speaker.

Things We Liked

  • It has Y30 high-density magnets;
  • It provides crisp and clear sound output;
  • The terminals are sealed and water, rust resistant;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No noticeable cons;

[4] Pyle PLMRB65 Marine Wakeboard Speakers

Product Features:

  • Pyle PLMRB65 has awesome bullet style sound projection system;
  • It uses 25 oz magnet structure and can provide 200-watt output;
  • Comes with universal mounting brackets;

Pyle PLMRB65 is another affordable wakeboard tower speaker that made of quality material and it comes in two color options. 

You will get Mounting brackets and hardware with it when you purchase. The sound projection system of this speaker is really good. It can handle 100 watts. Alongside these features, Pyle PLMRB65 is water resistant also with ip rating of IP-44. It has polymer dome tweeter and rubber surround terminal plugs.

Though it has some disadvantage, for instance, the frequency range is narrow of this speaker. But overall this is a great wakeboard tower speaker as its pricing. If you looking for a fair priced speaker and don't need additional features then you can purchase this product.

Things We Liked

  • Pyle PLMRB65 is a waterproof and durable wakeboard tower speaker;
  • Poly mica woofer cone;
  • It can reproduce full range stereo sound;
  • Gold plated terminal plugs;
  • The price of this speaker is affordable;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The terminals quality is poor;

[5] BOSS Audio MRWT69 550 Watt, Waketower Speaker System

Product Features:

  • BOSS Audio MRWT69 use 2 tweeters and Mayer cone;
  • It will provide well-balanced, clear sound output with optimal bass;
  • The price of this product is very fair but quality is much better;

BOSS Audio MRWT69 is an awesome wakeboard tower speaker that comes at a very fair price. If you are on a tight budget then this one is the perfect for you. It can handle up to 275 watts RMS. 

This speaker is durable enough because it builds by using the sturdy material. It has Poly injection woofer cone. The cone is surrounded by rubber that ensures better duribility and provides better output. The sound output will be clean and well-balanced with proper bass. It's weather proof also.

So what are you waiting for? According to the price of this product, it is offering tons of outstanding features. You can purchase this budget friendly quality full wakeboard tower speaker with full of confidence.

Things We Liked

  • BOSS Audio MRWT69 is weather proof feature;
  • Rubber surrounded woofer cone;
  • BOSS Audio MRWT69 is durable and take 275 RMS;
  • It has good sensitivity and frequency response;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The sound quality is good but could be better; 

Buying Guide for Wakeboard Tower Speakers:

Before buying a wakeboard tower speaker for your boat you should consider few things carefully. When you are riding the boat in the water, there will be a lot of noise and without best boat tower speakers, you will not get clean sound output. Don't know how to choose the best one? No worries! Just follow the things that are mentioned below

First of all, you should consider the size of speaker that you are looking for purchase. The size of wakeboard tower speakers is important because the sound quality mainly depends on the size of it, Also the size of the hole, where you will set the speaker on the boat has to be made according to the size of the speaker. So if you don't any problem of space in the boat, then you should go for the larger one.

Another important thing to consider at the time of buying a wake board tower speaker is the having an AMP or amplifier. An amplifier is a device or part that can increase the volume of the sound. Some good quality speakers can project the sound up to 70 feet and they don't require an amplifier. Some of the speakers that are not quality full may need an amplifier to get better sound output. So carefully think about it at the time of purchase.

The waterproof feature is a big thing that should be considered at the time of purchase. The speaker will be in wet condition as it will be used in a boat. Wakeboard tower speakers are electronic device and if the water gets close to it then it could be malfunctioned. So Waterproofing is highly recommended for the speaker. Keep in mind that the word: water resistant doesn't mean water proof. You must go with the one that is waterproof.

Finally, think about the cost of the product. The wakeboard tower speaker that has many features and better sound quality will cost more than a usual speaker. So, it totally on you that how much you can effort for the speaker. If a product match with your needs and your budget then purchase the device by considering the mentioned things above.


If you read this article thoroughly, then there should be no confusion in your mind about choosing the best wake tower speakers. So, now it's totally for yourself which one you will pick up. It will be the best if you estimate a budget and required features of the speakers then just find a product that comes from a good brand and match with your needs. But if you still feel any problem in choosing then we recommend you to choose one from the list that we have reviewed in this article.

All the products we have reviewed in this article are high-quality according to the cost and all of them has outstanding features. So if any of them match your requirements then definitely you can pick one from them without thinking twice! No more words! It's time to buy a marine speaker and play some music.

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