The Best Scope for M1A (2018) | Top 5 Models Reviewed by Experts

If you are a hunting lover then you must familiar with M1A Rifle. Many people do hunting nowadays for the various reasons. The M1A is a great semi-automatic rifle that comes with removable magazines. A high-quality scope is required for your M1A rifle if you want to be successful or want to gain better result in hunting with it. So do you know which one is the best scope for m1a?

Finding the best spotting scope for target shooting from thousands is not a very easy task as there are lots of brand and manufacturer constructing scope and selling them in the market. For this reason, we have shortened the list and picked top 5 m1a rifle scope and these are a very good performer and has outstanding user review. So, if you are looking for a good quality scope then just go through this article and we can assure you that you will be benefited from it.



Shipping Weight



Nikon Force XR

1.4 pounds

12.2 x 3.5 x 2.8 inche

Sightron SIII SS

2.8 pounds

19 x 5 x 4 inches

Vortex Viper PST

11.2 ounces

13.9 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches

Leupold VX-3i

3 pounds

14 x 3.2 x 3 inches

CVLIFE Scope 6-24x50

1.9 pounds

Not specified

Top 5 Scope for M1A Reviews:

[1] Nikon Force XR 2.5-8x28 EER Matte with BDC:

Product Features:

  • The optical system of Nikon Force XR is very clear and provide protection;
  • This scope will give you crisp images of its field of view;
  • The reticle is easily adjustable;

Product Description:

Nikon Force XR is an outstanding scope for m1a and the price of this scope is not so high. This scope comes with hard polymer housing that is very durable. The eye relief of this scope is easily adjustable. 

You will get an outstanding field of view with this scope for m1a. The coat optical system of Nikon Force XR is very awesome and ultra clear. The optical system provides protection and offers good light transmission. Moreover, Nikon Force XR is shockproof, fog and waterproof. In a word, Nikon Force XR is very for the money you spend on it and this scope is really outstanding.


  • Waterproof and shockproof design;
  • Price is affordable;
  • It has broad peripheral range.


  • Eye relief is not good;
  • Nikon Force XR has small field of view.

[2] Sightron SIII SS 10-50x60mm Long Range Rifle Scope:

Product Features:

  • Sightron SIII has ExacTrack windage and elevation adjustment method;
  • Comes with huge 50x magnification feature;
  • Outstanding optics provide good transmission of light and clear image;

Product Description:

Sightron SIII is an amazing scope that has many outstanding features. This is one of the top quality scopes that come with impressive 50x magnification system. You will get a very clear view even when you are using magnification. It offers quick adjust side focus that allows you to adjust. This scope has ExacTrack windage and elevation system that will give you control to shot on longer target.

The outstanding optics of this scope are really well and it will provide you better clarity. This scope is also waterproof, shock and fog proof. You will get good quality images and better light transmission.


  • It has quick side focus feature;
  • It has up to 50x magnification system;
  • Waterproof and shockproof design.


  • Not much clear and images get fuzzy on maximum magnification.

[3] Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 with TMCQ MOA PST-14ST-A Riflescope:

Product Features:

  • This scope has multi-coated lens coating that provides better light transmission;
  • This scope has brightness adjustment features;
  • Vortex Viper PST 1 has o-ring seals that provide moisture protection;

Product Description:

Vortex Viper PST 1 is one of the best scope mounts for m1a that is really dependable according to its price. The lenses of this scope are optically indexed, that means you will get much better quality images and brightness by using this scope. You will get max brightness as it has multi-coated XR lenses. Vortex Viper PST 1 is very durable, made by using waterproof aluminum.

The O-ring seals is another great thing of this scope that prevents moisture. This scope has Illuminated reticle that will allow you to control the brightness according to your needs. This one is obviously a high quality and good performer scope for m1a.


  • Made of durable aluminum;
  • This scope is moisture resistant;
  • Easy brightness control.


  • The glass is not much clear.

[4] Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40mm Matte Duplex:

Product Features:

  • Leupold VX-3i is a durable almunium made scope;
  • Leupold VX-3i comes with easy turn power selector;
  • Leupold VX-3i has ultra bright 40mm objective bell;

Product Description:

If you are looking for a scope that comes with a fair price tag but the quality is good then you can go for Leupold VX-3i. This is a traditional scope that you can use for hunting. 

This is a simple and easy to use a mid-range scope. The lenses have a special coating that filters the light and gives you the ability to identify targets more easily. Though this scope is not much good as other that we discussed above we hope you will like that if you don't need an extra facility and don't have much budget.


  • Aluminum alloy housing;
  • Traditional duplex reticle;
  • Price is lower than other options.


  • Little bit heavier than others.

[5] CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE:

Product Features:

  • You will get a sharp, and crips image with this scope;
  • Its illuminated range finding recticle is very well;

Product Description:

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 is an outstanding scope for m1a rifle that has so many great features and awesome custom feedback, also you will be amazed to know that price of this scope is under hundred bucks. It has the giant 50mm objective lens and 6 to 24 power magnification system. You will get a good amount of field of view on this scope. 

It also has illuminated range finding reticle. So there is no confusion to say that this CVLIFE Hunting Rifle is a good and reliable scope that you can purchase for your m1a Rifle.


  • Affordable price;
  • This scope comes with a large objective lens;
  • High-quality optics.


  • Has accuracy problem on the adjustment knobs.

Things to Consider to Choose A Good Scope for M1A:

Before making a choice and purchase a scope for m1a, you should consider few things that will help you to get the right spotting scope. To help you about it, we have discussed the things below that you should think at the time of purchase. So let's go to the point:

The duribility of the scope is an important thing and you should take a deep look into this factor. As you are spending money to buy the scope you should pick a durable and longer lasting scope. The outer lenses of the scope should be scratch resistant, and the scope should have a durable housing unit. Choose a scope that is a shock, fog, and waterproof. If all these features exist on the scope that you are planning to purchase then, obviously that scope is durable and reliable.

The precision of the scope is the very important thing that you must consider when you are picking a scope for your M1A Rifle. Some scope has reticle illumination that will allow you to use it more precisely in the extreme conditions. So be conscious about the precision of the scope when you are buying one.

If you are beginner level shooter or hunter or user of m1a rifle then you should think about the ease of use of the scope that you are thinking to buy. Because you have to mount it on the rifle, always pick a scope that is very easy to use. You can do some research and pick one from various m1a scopes.

Finally the cost of the factor that you should consider. As the quality of the scope also depends on the price of it, so this is a really considerable thing. It's on you how much you can spend for a scope for the best scope mount for m1a. But it's sure that a higher price scope will give you better performance.


We are not at the very last of the article and we are thinking that you have read this article completely so far. Also now you know the things that make a scope better from others. Also, the buyer guide that we have added also describe the things that you should consider. Now all you have to do is, take a look at few scope and pick one according to your budget.

Also, we can suggest you a thing, you can take a look at the products that we have reviewed in this article, they are definitely good and good for the money. If one of them go with your requirement and budget then you can purchase it without any hesitation!

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