Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping 2018 | Top Five Reviews

We know you are looking best portable solar panels for camping. Because, you travel or go for camping regularly, then you might face a problem. And the problem is charge of your phone or smart devices. This is the world of modern age. Nowadays, everybody uses a smart phone or other smart devices. Smart phones or devices have too much features or work ability, so these need a huge power. For this reason our battery becomes empty soon. You may then miss your important calls or meeting. Though our technology is becoming better day by day, but that’s not still enough.

So, a portable solar panel charger can help you to get rid of the problem by charging your electric devices with the power of sunlight without electricity. (Updated on: 5th May, 2018.)

Some Benefits of Portable Solar Panel Chargers:

  • They don’t need any external electrical source to recharge your battery;
  • The solar cells generate no emissions or byproducts;
  • Easy to move and environment friendly;

Here we go for review of some best portable solar panels -

Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping Comparison





Further Info

Go Power! GP-PSK-120

28.7 pounds

32.5 x 2.8 x 19.9 inches

Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts

19.8 pounds

47 x 1.5 x 20.9 inches

Suaoki 40W Portable Sunpower

3.5 pounds

11.4 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches

Poweradd 40W Solar Panel

2.4 pounds

12.6 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches

KINGSOLAR™ 28W Foldable

3.2 pounds

35.4 x 23.8 x 0.1 inches

Top 5 Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping Reviews:

[1] Go Power GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit:

Product Features:

  • It has a 10 amp charge controller;
  • It has quick connector feature;
  • Come with SAE solar plug adapter;

The Go Power! GP-PSK-120 portable solar kit is a great device for solar charging. It’s available in 2 models- 80watt & 120 watt. This device is foldable. This foldable solar panel is perfect for those types of people who do not want mount a solar charger panel to their rooftop permanently because it offers some best offers like versatile & convenient battery charging option. You can put it in the shade while you device sits in the sun to recharge your batteries. The amazing Anderson-style charging feature connector let you interchange the charging accessory quickly that suite according to your needs.

It allows maintaining trailer battery or RV while on the way to charge your ATV, car or boat battery. The Go Power! portable solar kit comes with a quick charging option with the capability of various types of battery charging options.


  • It is a heavy duty kits with nylon storage case;
  • ​Has a simple and quick setup;
  • ​Contains a 10 amp charge controller;
  • ​Has amazing quick charging feature with Anderson-style charging;
  • ​Produce 120 watts of power 6.7A DC per hour;
  • ​15' of UV 12/ cable;
  • XLR-style SAE solar plug adapter & ring terminal connectors;
  • Battery clamps & includes carrying case;


  • A little bit large size to carry freely;

[2] Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit:

Product Features:

  • It has a high solar cell efficiency;
  • It’s great for new customer in solar panel;
  • It can output 500W with IP 65 ratting;

Renogy 100 watts 12V Monocrystalline solar starter kit is designed for that kind of people specifically who are new to this solar. This kit comes with new system of necessity such as 100 watts 12V Monocrystalline solar panel, 20 feet 10AWG MC4 adapter, 8 feet 10 AWG tray cable, Z-brackets set & 30A charge controller. This is great for RVs, boats, sheds, trailers etc. it provide many benefits as like grid independence and quiet power production. The negative grounding controller ensures you the safety and broader off grid applications especially for vehicles which one has battery negative on the chassis.

It also prevents system failure. This Renogy solar panel kit can extend your travels further than ever before. This is an EL tested device, so you won’t be worried about heating experience. It has high solar cell efficiency of Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. The bypass diodes reduce power drop cause in low light environments. It is a long lasting product with IP65 Ratting. This item is sealed, flooded charging algorithm ready.

It also ensures you a safe system what is equipped with multiple electronic protections such as overload, overheating, short-circuit & reserved polarity. This solar panel is expendable. With your Renogy wanderer 30A PWM, you can extend up your system up to 400 Watts.


  • The negative grounding controller ensures safety;
  • ​It can output 500W a day & can charge 50Ah battery in just 3 hours;
  • ​30A PWM charge controller;
  • ​Has a 8 feet 10AWG wire;
  • ​TPT back sheet gives a smooth performance for a long period;
  • ​You can extend the system up to 400 watts;
  • EL tested solar kit that gives no hotspot heating experience;


  • Less power of watts than similar product;

[3] Suaoki 40W Portable Sunpower Mono-crystalline Solar Panel:

Product Features:

  • It has dual port charging output;
  • Has a 40 watts PWM charger controller;
  • Waterproof feature;

The Suaoki 40W Portable sun power Mono-crystalline solar panel with DC 18V and USB 5V can output charger for laptop tablet SLR GPS cell phone other 5-18V devices. It has dual port output so can you can charge 2 devices at the same time; one is DC output (up to 18V) and one is USB output. It is also versatile & ultra portable so you can charge your mobile or laptop devices as well as your car and storage battery by using the DC port which is included with the set by the sunlight. Suaoki’s intelligent chip (TIR-C technology) provides built-in smart IC for the USB port charger that can quickly & automatically identify the current of your equipment and can speed up device’s charge progress. It charges the storage battery without overloading or overheating the devices by using the clamp.

You can also use the solar panel near the swimming pool or on the beach with our fear because it has a water proof layer that let you t charge your device without getting wet. This is perfect for outdoor activities like boating, hiking or travelling because of its paper sized and bag shaped folding feature. Suaoki’s solar panel is truly a great assistant to keep you out from many of complicated situations with the unlimited and clean power from the sunlight with up to 25% efficiency. It includes 40W foldable dual port solar charger bag, car charger, clamp, required cables etc.


  • Compact size allows you to carry more freely;
  • 40 watts PWM charger controller;
  • ​Able to charge 2 devices at a time;
  • ​TIR-C technology allows to charge fast and smartly;
  • ​Include a 10 feet connectors cable;
  • 1 DC to SAE and 2 DC to DC cables;


  • Less power of 40 watts than similar product;

[4] Poweradd 18V 12V Foldable Solar Panel:

Product Features:

  • It can automatically adjust the current & voltage;
  • 5V USB port and 18V DC port;
  • FCC, RoHS and CE certified that ensures safety;

The [High Efficiency] 50W Solar Charger, PowerAdd 18V 12V Foldable Solar Panel can charge cell phone, laptop, generator, powerhouse, charger center, UPS and more. This poweradd foldable solar panel has 2 major breakthroughs. Its highly transformation efficiency is up to 22% where other similar product has 15% or lower. It has a beautiful unique design with voltage regulator that ensures stability. So your devices will get a stable charging though the input becomes unstable. This device has feature to charge multiple device at a time.

The 5V USB charging port is suitable for smart phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, external battery pack etc. on the other hand, the 18V DC port can be used for laptops, car batteries or other DC powered devices. This solar kit has a safety protection. This device is RoHS, CE and FCC certified with built in safeguard protection. It can deliver its fastest possible current up to 5V/2.7A and 18V/2.1A under direct sunlight. This pack includes many kinds of features and equipments.


  • Highest efficiency of up to 22%;
  • ​Dual port output system;
  • ​Unique design;
  • ​Equipped with the voltage regulator to ensure stability;
  • ​A great 50W solar charger;
  • ​Includes 10x laptop connectors;
  • ​Has a good safety protection;


  • Build material should be more premium;

[5] KINGSOLAR™ 28W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Dual-port Solar Charger:

Product Features:

  • It has dual output port of 5V & 18V;
  • It ensures you a safe system;
  • 8 panel solar panel produce more power;

The KINGSOLAR™ 28W foldable portable solar charger has dual charging output. They are USB 5V& DC 18V Output. This solar power charger is suitable for hiking, camping, travelling etc. it’s compatible with smart phones, laptops, tablets and all 5V USB & 18V DC charging Devices. The efficiency of this solar panel is up to 18.5% that’s better that other similar product. It has intelligent power supply ability. Its unique designed voltage regulator ensures current ability to protect devices while charging. It has Mono solar cell, PET, EVA and TPT premium material and circuitry which ensure lifetime reliability.

It is a compact light folding design with 8 solar panels which helps you to use freely. This device is highly environment friendly. You can enjoy easy charging facility anywhere with its unlimited clean and free solar power.


  • Dual port 5V & 18V output;
  • ​Made with premium materials;
  • ​Highly environment friendly;
  • ​Able to charge 2 devices at a time;
  • ​18.5% efficiency;
  • ​Compact size, easy to carry;
  • ​Voltage stability capability;
  • Can be damage it electric circuit in water condition;


  • Batteries could be much better;

Final words:

The portable solar panels are very useful for us while outdoor. It is a best part of outdoor. Always give priority to your choice and needs. After buying a solar panel, you should read the user’s manual to use it in the proper way and safely and for perfect lasting.

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