Best Portable Car Battery Charger in 2021

Simply put, a charger for a car battery is another battery or recharging unit. It comes to your rescue when your automobile battery betrays on the go. To avoid that inconvenience, car owners install an additional portable car battery charger to get going without an uncalled-for halt. But in a technology-driven world, a car battery booster doesn’t come merely with the recharging power. It is too basic now a day to keep contended only with that.

So you must know what the most updated features and extraordinary benefits are available from the best portable car battery charger. There is another sophisticated version of battery recharger fondly tagged to be a jump starter. That can jump-start your car the minutes its battery is drained to the death.

The more informed you are the more benefit you will be. A well-researched review guide can greatly help you find the match you are after. From myriads of quality product selections, we have narrowed down to five products that are the best judging by the parameters of popularity, power, safety, size, and intelligent features.

Comparison of Recommended Jump Starters

NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
Antigravity Batteries MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger - Back Up Mini Portable Power Supply -...
NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
Antigravity Batteries MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger - Back Up Mini Portable Power Supply -...
Star Rating
Prime Status
NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
Star Rating
Prime Status
Antigravity Batteries MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger - Back Up Mini Portable Power Supply -...
Antigravity Batteries MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger - Back Up Mini Portable Power Supply -...
Star Rating
Prime Status

Top 6 Portable Car Battery Charger Reviews

Make one of the following potable car battery boosters or jump-starter a party to your on-wheel travel or toting around and feel the peace of mind.

1. Stanley J5C09 Jump-starter

Stanley J5C09 Jump-starter

Stanley J5C09 is a versatile recharging module that combines max output power able to jump-start vehicles of any size and type. It provides you with a flashlight to make things easier when the hassle takes place in the dark at night and an air compressor to fill flat tires in an emergency. It is engineered to function in fowl and cold weather because car batteries betray very often in adverse weather.

J5C09 will not only kick start your stranded car with a jerk rather you can have your electronics recharged with the power bank it comes with. It is a jump-starter and a battery charger as well. You can regulate automobile batteries with the trickle charger facility features by this Stanley version.

Most of the upgrade versions of the jump-starter and battery charger are featured with the reverse polarity signal. This intelligent and sensitive feature enables the unit to warn you if the connecting clamps are set wrong. The 3.5 feet long cable is a two-way sword. It is long enough to reach the joining points easily and is not so long to create a coiling hassle. On top of that, the built-in storage stow the cable conveniently.

Stanley J5C09 is a portable jump-starter but not too light to be rated in line with the ultra-portable units. Conversely, this is not a space capturer too as you can install it inside the car trunk without losing large space. If you want to travel better, safer, and smarter go for this all-rounder jump-starter.


  • A flashlight and air compressor;
  • As high as 1000 amps;
  • Medium length connecting cable;
  • Safety ensured;
  • Fast charging speed;
  • Compact size.


  • Heavy for a portable jump-starter;
  • Short warranty span;
  • Single USB port.

2. NOCO Genius G3500 Car Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G3500 Car Battery Charger

Let’s follow a versatile jump-starter with an all-rounder battery charger. In terms of versatility, NOCO Genius G3500 must be rated to be the topper among the road vehicle charging units. It comes with the power of charging and regulating both 12 -6 voltage lead/acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries of 12-voltage.

 Along with these features, NOCO Genius features the most compact and sleek design capturing scanty trunk space for installation. So it is doubtlessly the best portable car battery charger.

Batteries left unused for long get sulfated and sulfated batteries lose the capacity to receive the charge. NOCO G3500 offers the most lovable feature that can restore life to the dead batteries. This feature is an active restoration process to de-sulfate the old, stranded, and unused battery. Thus a battery rejuvenated by NOCO G3500 can hold charge at as low as 2 voltages.  Whereas a charger of regular capacity can’t give a second life to batteries that have reached down to 3 voltages.

It stands out for the safety measure – G3500. Jump-starter is used when and where the car needs to be run as soon as possible. But car batteries lie uncared and unattended for several hours. So reverse polarity warning is much needed for battery charger than a jump-starter.

NOCO G3500 presents overcharging protection that means NOCO will charge the battery so long it is not fully charged. It stops at full charge. Thus how it saves the battery from being over-heated and the car owner from the unwarranted circumstances.


  • Overcharging protection;
  • Never Overheats;
  • Can handle both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries;
  • Recover sulfated batteries;
  • 5 Long warranty;
  • Compact design.


  • Higher price;
  • Only one button to manipulate all modes.

3. Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Here is the incredibly popular battery booster- primarily for the ability of jump-starting and portability. It comes with a grabbing handle further strengthening the issue of mobility. And this is the only one to have a carrying handle among its kind. Tremendous popularity is earned by the eye-catching cover design. The heavy-duty jacket is made to bear with the rugged and professional wear and tear. 

It features a light on the front side to signify that charging is on and this built-in auto display will notify you when the battery is charged fully. The voltammeter clock face allows you to check the current status of the battery unit. A switch is set to press and get the status report.

What makes it a towering figure among the crowd is its output amounting to 12-volts backed by default circuit deterrence. So on top of kick-starting your vehicle, it can charge your laptop, Smartphone, iPad, and other accessories. It is meticulously built with the dedicated feature like 1700 max amps which is among the highest on the list.

The Jump-N-Carry exclusive PERFORMER replaceable battery equips the jump-starter with dedicated engineering. This is mainly responsible to function jump-starting without fail. Every time you try to start a car instantly it is there to empower the cars – bus, truck, and any road vehicle. This is something more than versatile with an above-the-average design and professional interface along with the unfailing reliability of starting numerous automobiles within minutes.


  • Jump-N-Carry only Replaceable battery;
  • Besides the basic design;
  • Handle multiple automobiles;
  • Built-in auto recharging display;
  • Additional 12-volt power output;
  • Clore proformer battery technology;
  • Voltameter dial to check battery status.


  • Sturdy and heavy-weight jump-starter;
  • Massive dimensions;
  • A short 30-day warranty.

4. Anti-Gravity MICRO START Series Lithium Portable Car Jump-Starter

Antigravity Batteries MICRO START SPORT BLACK Battery Jump Starter & Charger - Back Up Mini Portable Power Supply -...

Antigravity Batteries is the manufacturer of battery-only products that is very evident from the brand name. A fabulous range of battery-related products is made and supplied worldwide by this big brand. Our battery under review is a jump-starter and it is rated among the most popular in the lineup.

It is the most powerful battery booster that enjoys the power to make run automobiles carrying diesel engines. Through this charger, you can charge your phone, I pad, go pro. It works very full not only for the car but also for the different devices.  This is a complete charging package starting from tiny electronics to giant vehicles.

Antigravity Micro-start offers some over-the-board features. The powered LED Flashlight is the one to start with what enables you to send S.O.S signals in an emergency situation. It is featured with a flashing urgent beacon and two flash systems.

The second and the most sought-after mechanical facility is the reverse polarity prevention pattern backed by a detachable jumper cable – SMART MINI. The inclusive safety measure provides you with an over-charging and over-draining prevention facility. Thus the dedicated security process fairly claims the high price by relieving the car battery of being overheated and sparking.


  • Suitable size;
  • Flashlight;
  • Comparatively lightweight and undersized;
  • Dedicated safety measures.


  • Short jumper cables.

5. YABER Upgrade Portable Car Jump Starter

Here the power bank and the car jump starter will remove the all gas / 7.0 L diesel motor multiple times. Its 20000-mAh battery can also be tapped with two USB ports that will charge your tablet, iPhone,  and many more at charging speeds at 2.1, which is far more elusive than many different models.

Regarding the hopping angle of the vehicle, the gator brackets are attached and adjusted, including both ease and intensely deceptive protection that keeps you from hitting your car’s battery with excessive compression. Add it to install LED lights that show how much electricity is left and have a crisis electric lampwork and friends of your incredible little glove box.

Deeply recommended, this is basic, simple, and intuitively works by bouncing the starter vehicle battery. This battery works with all 12v battery vehicles, cruisers, vans, trucks, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, ATVs, UTVs, yachts and seamless. Finish and Reduce Unit Each link and a connection case you will ever need to attach it to any.


  • This is an excellent power bank;
  • Its overcharge protection feature;
  • With an emergency flashlight.


  •  Its issues with the build quality.

6. Schumacher SC1308 6/12V Battery Charger

Schumacher SC1308 6/12V Battery Charger

We will end this battery charger review guide with Schumacher SC1308 6. It is a transportable battery charger affordable at a budget price. This price tag has made it stand out glaring among this group of exclusive and expensive battery chargers and jump-starters. The upgrade features and basic benefits it offers are a steal or gift against the price.

This is a microprocessor monitored automobile and marine battery charger. The data collected by the microprocessor allows the charger to gauge the charging requirements more accurately when a battery is connected. This monitoring favors the charger with a rapid charge time and reduces the risk of damage due to overcharging, overheating, and sparking.

This unit is 12 volts and 15 amp charger that can regulate with 3 amps, needs 8 amps for mid-level charging, and fast charging is accomplished with 15 amps. This charger also enjoys the reverse polarity prevention and keeps the car battery dysfunctional and safe while the clamps are connected wrong. The feature earns it the tag of an efficient charger.

Schumacher goes pretty versatile with batteries categorized with lead-acid – commonly used in power-tillers, motorbikes, stand-up PWcs, and those found in multiple automobiles and boats. This unit is the result of an excellent combination of fundamental battery charging expertise and artistic circuitry. That is what renders the charger the flexibility and facility rare in battery charger scenes.


  • It’s more than three modes of charging;
  • Its desulfation stage;
  • This is a five-year-long warranty;
  • Modern charging technology with state-of-the-art circuitry;
  • Its easy-to-use and maneuver digital readout.


  • Unable to handle the heavy-weight vehicle chargers.

How to Choose a Portable Auto Battery Charger?

You have already been aware of the fact that a battery booster or jump-starter is not only a recharging unit to energize your car battery. It is much more than that as an upgrade version of any car charger provides you with both the fundamental benefit and exclusive features.

So whenever you are opting for the purchase of a car battery charger, you should very neatly know whether it can recharge batteries of any size and specification. How many charging ports it has come with? How powerful is the power bank to charge portable electronics? Is it featured with the reverse hook-up protection or is it spark-proof or not? Now a day all the portable car battery booster or jump-starters, from basic and high-end ones, offer the aforesaid features.

The one claiming higher price must come with high-end features like LED flashlight, detachable jumper cable, and tips, max amps of power and max mAh power bank, compatibility with both lead-acid and lithium-ion battery types.

The five recommendations made in this review guide are all high-end products claiming a moderate price. The Antigravity Batteries Micro-start is a bit pricier than its companions but compensates fully with the exclusive features and additional accessories like- slim and protective leather portable case, A/C adapter, and 12 V power port adapters, micro USB, mini USB, and Apple pins.

Schumacher SSC-1500A charger is a high-end charger with a cheap price. It is minimalist in feature-richness but this is in no way a deal-breaker.

Why You Should Have a Portable Car Jump Starter

Battery dead is a problem when you ride a car. Suppose you go camping and suddenly you find your battery is dead. Really is a poor condition. But you can ignore these conditions through a portable car battery charger or car jump starter. Here is some advantage of it.

Time saver

If you have a car jump starter or car battery charger it will save you valuable time. Suppose your car battery is dead when you are riding but you have to go to the office very quickly because there is an urgent meeting. So if you have these two alternative options, you can save time and take the car very fast. 

No Need for Other Help

Car battery charger and jump starter work on very easy methods. So if you have them without any help you can do it. Just connect it with your dead battery and get your battery back. When you are the owner of this magic item you need no other help to start your car. Either you can help your nearest people through this tool. 

Charge Other Devices

Through a portable car battery charger, you can charge your other device like smartphones, tab, and other eclectic gadgets. Suppose you went on a campaign and your phone ran out of charge and the phone stopped working and you lost someone you came with, you could run into some kind of big problem. But if you have this car battery charger, you can easily get rid of this problem by charging your phone and contacting your friends.

Really is a very useful tool for every car owner. It will help you a lot with the bad conditions of your car battery.


What is the Difference Between a Battery Charger and a Jump-Starter?

A car battery charger is an alternative charging source that can recharge your dead or old battery in a given time. On the contrary, a jump-starter will kick-start your car within minutes of the halt caused by the car battery failure.

Both the units are alternative batteries while a charger takes time to recharge the main battery of the car by getting connected to a power outlet and then start the car. A jump-starter will solve the problem instantly as it is a battery with relatively higher power amps to boost the car engine immediately.

What is the Reverse Polarity Prevention?

When the connecting clamps are attached wrong or reversely to any battery, there lies the risk of partial or full damage. But the reverse polarity protection feature of a latest battery charger or jump-starter keeps the battery dysfunctional when clamps are set mistakenly reverse.

How Ultra-light Can a Car Battery Charger be?

Till date, the most ultra-light battery charger weighs as low as 2 lbs.

Wrap Up

No stone is left unturned to make you clear about anything and everything involving a portable car battery charger. So the concluding section of this article is just structural. An additional charge booster for your automobile is not a gadget only. It is the tool to let you rest assured that with that installed in your car trunk you are safe on the move and will reach your destination on time. A jump-starter will act handier in this regard.

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