Best Marine Radar Reviews (2019) | Featuring & Compared Top 5 Picks

Marine radar has been praised as the boon for reducing visibility navigation. And now it is required to install on almost all seagoing boats or vessels.

Marine radar nowadays is amazing and able to do various types of works. It is a very useful device for boatman in many ways. The most important uses of the device are to navigate the boat correctly and remain up to date with the situation. Along with this features, this device also has fish finding ability so fishermen also found the device very useful.

The perfect marine radars are a little bit costly. But they offer the best performance and extreme value, such as Simrad NSS12 EVO3. But finding wrong marine radar can be the cause of your waste of money. So, you should be careful to buy a new small boat radar.

If you feel uncomfortable to choose a good quality radar, don’t worry! Our expert team members have picked some of the best marine radar for you. They may fulfill your needs. Additionally, we also included a buying guide so that you can decide which one is perfect for your boat. So, let’s check out the 5 best marine radars review-

Simrad NSS12 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display Insight 000-11192-001
Ray Marine Electronics E70367-03-NAG RV IRV 3D RV 100 Td & Navi+ USXC Axiom, 9"
Humminbird 409990-1 Helix 10 SI 600x1024 Sonar with GPS, 10.4"
Simrad NSS12 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display Insight 000-11192-001
Ray Marine Electronics E70367-03-NAG RV IRV 3D RV 100 Td & Navi+ USXC Axiom, 9"
Humminbird 409990-1 Helix 10 SI 600x1024 Sonar with GPS, 10.4"
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Simrad NSS12 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display Insight 000-11192-001
Simrad NSS12 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display Insight 000-11192-001
Star Rating
Prime Status
Ray Marine Electronics E70367-03-NAG RV IRV 3D RV 100 Td & Navi+ USXC Axiom, 9"
Ray Marine Electronics E70367-03-NAG RV IRV 3D RV 100 Td & Navi+ USXC Axiom, 9"
Star Rating
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Humminbird 409990-1 Helix 10 SI 600x1024 Sonar with GPS, 10.4"
Humminbird 409990-1 Helix 10 SI 600x1024 Sonar with GPS, 10.4"
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Top 5 Best Marine Radar Reviews:

1. Simrad NSS12 EVO3: Best Boat Radar [Editor’s Choice]

No products found.

At the top of the list, we picked the all new and upgraded Simrad NSS12 EVO3. This is considered as the best radar for small boats. Here, we discussed about this wonderful marine radar-

The Simrad NSS12 EVO3 is multifunction marine radar. This is like a beast with its wonderful features. By considering its features, the high price isn’t looks high. The EVO3 has reliable 12 inches SolarMAX™ HD display which is able to shows the map and the route navigation perfectly. The HD display of the EVO3 is able to show Chats, Radar, Sonar, on-board systems and many more.

The reliable control of the device is very effective to use and maintain easily. Along with the built in Wi-Fi, the device can be paired with your tablets or smart phone. This feature has made the using activity easier. For better service, this radar has autopilot which let you relax. Additionally, you have Simrad radar solution connect feature.

The radar is compatible in both mount style- flush or bracket mount integration. The advanced trip planning feature and all weather touch screen features have added more value to the radar. The SideScan sonar provides view like a picture, and it’s easier to understand. The viewing condition is extremely good. This one has wide HD screen and bright LED backlight as well as the anti reflective coating, so the user gets an enhanced daytime view. No matter is the operator sitting or standing.

The device has built in HD imaging with the combination of DownScan and the sonar, so the dvice can be used as a fish finder too. The intuitive touch screen and the multi touch gesture control along with the built in keypad are highly efficient for a significant control which can be operated safely in all kind of weather.

The device has Marine Navigation & Equipment, GPS, MRP, Fish Finder Combos etc. The NMEA 2000 connectivity lets you connect it with all Simrad equipments and other third party equipments. The 10 GHz GPS receiver is too good for a marine radar. It offers integrated engine monitoring sound system control etc. The device comes with included insight chart.

What we liked

  • 12 inches full HD display;
  • Built in GoFree Wi-Fi online enable features;
  • Reliable control in any condition;
  • Compatible with all Simrad expansion modules;
  • Radar control system;
  • Smart phones/ Tablet monitoring & control;
  • Customizable function keys;
  • Simrad auto-pilot integration;
  • Multiple mounting options;
  • Efficient navigation with the automatic routing.

What we didn't like

  • No noticeable con.

2. Simrad NSS12 EVO2: Best Midrange Boat Radar

Simrad NSS12 Marine Radar

In our top 5 list, the Simrad NSS12 EVO2 has obtained the 2nd place. This is the best boat radar in medium price range. Let’s go to know more about this product-

Basically, there are no major differences between the Simrad NSS12 EVO3 & Simrad NSS12 EVO2. The EVO3 is the latest version and it has the higher price range. Generally, it also has some latest and upgraded features.  The EVO2 comes with GPS, Marine navigation and Equipment, Network capable display, MRP and additionally Fish Finder Combos. The network capable display is an innovative feature of the device.

The EVO2 is a multifunction marine radar with the integrated sleek multi touch TouchSensible™ display. With the logical keypad input and the rotary, the touch screen provides precision interaction and easy to use capability in any sea condition. This is a well shaped (18x13x9 inches) device with a wide viewing display. So, no matter you are sitting or standing, you have the best view option as well. The screen ratio is 16:9 and it’s tablet shaped. It also has push to enter knob for easier control. Additionally, the device has ability to suit with sport-fishing, center console and cruising boats.

The NSS12 EVO2 is engineered especially for best performance, flexible control and functionality. The device has built in GoFree Wi-Fi option that allows the device to be connected with the server so that you can get the best safety. As like as the EVO3, the EVO2 is also compatible with all Simrad equipment and other third party equipment. The EVO2 has high gain 10 Hz GPS antenna that provides the precise location information, and the autopilot of the device is the most amazing thing. The feature let you be free and spend more relax time.

Additionally, the device can be used as a fish finder. You may also set the background image as you want.

What we liked

  • 16:9 wide screen display;
  • Built in GoFree Wi-Fi features;
  • Compatible with all Simrad expansion modules;
  • Simrad auto-pilot integration;
  • Multiple mounting options;
  • Efficient navigation with the automatic routing;
  • 10 Hz GPS antenna;
  • Can be used as fish finder;
  • Push To Enter knob;
  • Network capable display.

What we didn't like

  • No noticeable con.

3. Raymarine Axiom 9: RealVision 3D Marine Radar

Raymarine Axiom Marine Radar

The Raymarine Axiom 9 is a medium price range marine radar. This is a RealVision 3D marine radar and one of the best marine radars in the midrange. Here are the details about the device-

The Raymarine Axiom 9 is one of the best and amazing marine radar in the mid price range and absolutely, with wonderful features. The marine radar has built in RealVision 3D Sonar with CHIRP SideVision, CHIRP DownVision and the traditional CHIRP sonar. The radar lets you connect with your iOS or Android devices with the built in Wi-Fi paired. You can do with the Raymarine free app. The app allows you to view or control the marine.

The Raymarine Axiom 9 runs with Quad core processor which delivers blazing fast performance without any kind of slowdown. With the powerful processor, the radar offers multi touch interface and the powerful lighthouse 3 operating system. These features allow a smarter, powerful and more intuitive boating experience on the water.

The device has Navionics+ charts with the coastal USA and Canada coverage. Along with that, it has including 20,000 inland ponds, lakes and rivers too. This multi function radar delivers a superior sonar image with the included 4 channel RV 100 all in one mount transducer which uses gyro-stabilized sonar technology. The Axiom 9 is capable to extend its capabilities as you need.

The marine radar supports the full range of Raymarine accessories including CHIRP Sonar, Quantum radar, audio integration, instruments, FLIR thermal cameras and Evolution autopilot. The radar also works with vector electronic charts from LightHouse and C-MAP charts and the wide array of raster. The product dimension is 15x14x11 inches and it has a 9 inches display. 

What we liked

  • Built in RealVision 3D sonar;
  • Quad core processor;
  • Multi touch interface;
  • Powerful lighthouse 3;
  • Built in free Raymarine Wi-Fi;
  • Compatible with Android or iOS devices;
  • A larger and wider chart coverage with 2000+ ponds;
  • 4 channels RV 100 all in on transom mount transducer.

What we didn't like

  • No major con found.

4. Lowrance HDS-7 GEN3: Best Small Boat Radar

No products found.

The Lowrance HDS-7 GEN3 is placed here as the best small boat radar. This small boat radar comes with a very affordable price and good features. So, here, we have talked about this device-

The Lowrance HDS-7 comes with a 7 inches touch screen display along with keypad option in order to give you an improved interface. Besides that, the marine radar has built in CHIRP or Structure scan sonar for better performance. Another wonderful thing is the device has internal GPS antenna.

The HDS-7 GEN3 comes with built in USA insight charts for Coastal and Inland US water. So, you have all country’s insight map in your small device. The marine radar has 83/200 KHz included transducer. The device can be used as a fish finder too. It’s a great advantage for them who love fishing while boating or spending time on the water. The HDS GEN3 chart plotter displays forward step of revolutionary in product for the industry of marine electronics.

The HDS GEN3 is a perfect example for the forwarding technology. This is a bottom machine which goes well beyond your finding. The device has both keypad and touch screen display operating interface so that every user can gain the best user preference and on the water condition. The high tech generation of the device has award winning Lowrance target separation by combining the simultaneous uses of the cutting edge CHIRP sonar technology.

This device supports NMEA 2000, you can add this to your device for better performance. By enhancing your time on the water, upgraded and new software and features, GoFree wireless download and upload of maps facility and new fishing app extends your control. The device is ready to give you an extreme experience!

What we liked

  • Improved controlling interface;
  • Internal GPS antenna;
  • Offers touch screen or keypad option;
  • Built in CHIRP/ Structure sonar;
  • Built in insight USA charts;
  • 83/200 KHz included transducer;
  • Compact (8.5x3.3x5.8 inches) size;
  • Very easy to use;
  • HDS Gen3 bottom machine.

What we didn't like

  • No auto pilot feature.

5. Humminbird Helix 10: Best Budget Marine Radar

Humminbird 409990-1 Helix 10 SI 600x1024 Sonar with GPS, 10.4'

The Humminbird Helix 10 is our another choice which can be your company on the water. This is considered as the best budget marine radar. Here are the details about this low price range device-

The Helix 10 comes with a 10.1 inch WSVGA display. This is a super bright LED backlit display. This 1024Hx600V wide screen display provides you crystal clear and bright images for easy viewing even in the sunlight. The Down Imaging/ Side Imaging of the device are admirable. The dual Beam Plus and the Switch fire are able to output PTP power by up to 8000 watts.

The device comes with built in GPS chart plotting with the built in Humminbird Contour XD map. This device also has the Ethernet networking capabilities so usage is more interesting than previous. The device come with including cover for the unit that helps to prevent dust or damage while not using. The dual card reader and the instant access preset buttons make the usage quicker.

The most innovative thing is, the device is capable to create 360 imaging. This device shows 360 degree view of water all around the boat via wide and narrow beam sonar. The anglers can be chosen to view marine life in a 300 foot circle that extends to 150 feet on either side of the vessel. The user also can select the beam speed from the 5 beam speed settings of 50 KHz, 83 KHz, 200 KHz, 455 KHz or 800 KHz frequencies. This means plenty of flexibility and choice for various water conditions and it for up to 3000 feet depths of water.

The device dimension is 13.4x7.1x4.2 inches. So it doesn’t take a huge space on your boat, buy it does work worth of huge amount. So, let’s check out this low price awesome marine radar.

What we liked

  • 360 Imaging;
  • Dual sonar beam;
  • Offers side and down imaging;
  • 10 inches WSVGA display;
  • Built in Humminbird Contour XD;
  • Compact in size, Easy to use;
  • Optional 50 KHz transducer for extreme deepwater use.

What we didn't like

  • No autopilot connectivity.

What Is Marine Radar? How They Work?

Marine radar is a kind of radar which is made for ships or boats in order to detect other ships or land obstacles to ensure undisturbed navigation and for collision avoidance. They are mainly built for sea area. They remain connected with the servers for best safety most of the time. Most of the radars can do multiple works, sometimes they can be used as a fish finder too!

The marine radar is a vital component for the safety in the sea and as well as near the shore. The marine radar work technique is based on electric signal. They use a rotating antenna (in commercial ships) to sweep a narrow beam of microwaves all around the sea water surface and find other objects. In non commercial ships, people use touch screen marine radar which is connected to the internet and the give the view of the sea. They have some smart features like auto pilot which can guide you more significantly.

What Are The Uses of This?

The uses of marine radars are various. All the ships and boats use marine radar for their safety and keep going at the night time. The commercial ships use highly capable marine radars. On the other hand, non commercial ships and small boats use general marine radars. But don’t think that they are weak. They are very smart and provide many facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Do they come with HD transducer and cables?

Yes, they do. Most of the radars contain transducer and cable, but not every single one has. Some radars don’t have the transducer. You may check before buy.

2. What’s included in the box?

All the radars don’t have the same accessories. They can be vary according to the model and the brand. But generally, a marine radar contains the display, mounting bracket some flush mounting hardware, a cover, power cable, top to bottom trim piece, quick start guide in the box. You may check the website of the product to know specifically.

3. Do they come with flush mounting kit?

Yes, they often do.

Most of the radars come with included flush mounting kit so that you can mount the device perfectly with the provided kits.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Marine radar

As there are various models of marine radar available on the market, so this is a difficult task to find the best one for you. Though we reviewed top 5 best marine radars, but we’re also including a short buying guide on the marine radar for your further help.

First of all, when you go to buy new marine radar, you must look at its ability and the features. Actually, nowadays, all marine radars are too smart and you don’t need to think twice about it. But, as you want to own the perfect one, you may follow the following components mentioned below.

The most important feature of marine radar is its feature and capability. You must choose a marine radar which provides you sonar, radar, chats etc. It’s for your safety. The better the abilities are, the better the safety is! So, select a radar which offers you all of them and additionally, GPS, SOS and other emergency features.

After the features, come to the display. Display is not a major issue but if you have better display like HD, then you will get some benefits like better view. I said this because, in the day time, sometime you may have direct sunlight, if you have High resolution display, then you can get the clear view of any lighting condition. And yes, don’t forget to get one of touch screen display. Screen touch display is more suitable to control.

Also, look for mounting system. Choose one which has multiple mounting capabilities, because sometimes, you may need to change the position of the device.

Now, we will say about the auto pilot system. Each radar doesn’t have this amazing feature, but which one has, that surely is a perfect choice. Auto pilot lets you relax and the programme can run by itself. This can be your helper so that you can enjoy the time on the sea.

After then, don’t forget to select one with built in Wi-Fi facility. Though each radar has this because they need connection to communicate but unfortunately, some radar may not have this. So, it’s better to be careful.

We finished almost all the important issues. This is enough to find a suitable marine radar. You may look for advanced option like frequency, receiver, channels etc. but we don’t think that is too important. Hope, you can now find your own marine radar that suits you most.

How to Maintain Marine Radar?

Well, not only the marine radar but also all the devices need to maintenance. A proper maintenance helps to longer the device service period and keeps the best performance. As like other devices, marine radar should be taken care of properly.

Here, we will discuss about how to maintain marine radar. Hope, this will help you to get longer and proper service from your device.

First of all, regular maintenance is the key to keep the device working longer. Try to keep the equipments as much free as possible from dust, dirt or water splashes always. Please make sure all the screws are secured and properly tightened.

The fuse of the power cable is to protect the equipments from the reverse polarity or ship's mains over-current and the equipments fault. In any case, if the fuse blows, you better find the cause of the blow before replacing the fuse. Never use an incorrect fuse. It can be more dangerous.

In every month, check bolts for the tightness corrosion. Replace the bolts or coating with new bolts if needed. Look for foreign disposal material such as oil, salt deposit etc. If you get, then clean them. They can accumulate the radio antenna that can make effect on radar performance.

Check the waterproofing gasket for wear and open the scanner unit and check all the screws and board. Then wipe the screen and clean with soft cloths and remove dust.

After 6 months, look out the scanner motor brushes. A carbon brush usually serves for about 2000 hours, if the period is over, then replace the brush. The damage of carbon brush can make effect to your display. It may shows you damaged images. So, for safety reason, replace it in time. And after one year, go and check all the board and wiring and make sure that they are secured. If you get and problem, then fix it.

Please note: the marine radar uses high voltage electricity that can harm you. The voltage is able to kill a human with direct contact, so always power off the device before maintenance. Therefore, before starting the maintenance work, wait for two or three minutes in order to allow the residual charge to subside. The radio antenna uses high frequency that can be harmful, especially to your eyes. So don’t be very close. Always try to keep at least 2 feet distance when you work with antenna unit. It’s better to power of or keeps the radio standby mode during working.

Mounting & Installation

You can easily mount & install your radar following the user manual provided by the manufacturer. But there are few basic rules you can follow for mounting and installing.

After selecting your radar, find a suitable location for safe operation, maximum range, and minimum blind spots. The best space for the radar is the highest point of the powerboat. It can give the radar 360° view without any interruption.

For mounting your radar avoid masts, stacks, horizontal spreaders or any kind of solid objects because they create reflection, shadows or blind spots.

Now mount the antenna above head- height. Because the electromagnetic energy emitted from a radar can be harmful.

If you are uncomfortable with the user instruction you can also ask for help from a marine technician.


Obviously, a best marine radar serves much more than the worth of money. They are the best companion for you on the water. The modern multitasking radar allows you to do more efficient work with it. The advanced features ensure your easiness and safety. They are always ready to support you as they are connected to the server. This is like an autopilot. They are able to navigate the boat with the automatic routing. The advanced sonar system and the nano receiver show you the right destination and unusual lands under the water. So, surely this is an essential kit.

If you are thinking to get a new marine radar, hope this guide will help you. Because the radars I mentioned above are the best quality available in the market.

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