Best Marine Cooler in 2018 | Top 5 Reviewed & Compared By Experts

A marine cooler is a small box which can keep your drinks or food cool as like as a fridge. It’s perfect and really a necessary box to every man who love fishing. This is too much useful as they it keeps your can cold and serves when you need. It’s a great moment to enjoy your favorite drinks on the water. Besides marine, you may also use this to other place like long drive, camping or hangout. Basically it’s a pretty interesting thing that can make our hangout more enjoyable. Additionally, you don’t need to spend money after buying one because of its cost free maintenance. So, marine cooler becomes very popular worldwide to most of the class of people.

 If you like fishing and are looking for a best marine cooler for your marine boat, then you are in the right place. Though, finding a perfect marine cooler is a little bit hard as there are various models available on the market. But we’re here to help you. We’ve reviewed here top 5 marine coolers. We also included a short buying guide so that you can easily find the perfect one according to your need.



Shipping Weight



Coleman 54-Quart

19.75 pounds

17.38 x 17.75 x 25.38 inches

Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

17.9 pounds

27.5 x 19.1 x 16.8 inches

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

18.95 pounds

17.63 x 16.75 x 35.01 inches

AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler

2.1 pounds

12 x 7 x 14 inches

Igloo Marine Coolers

8.35 pounds

14.06 x 14.13 x 25.56 inches

Top 5 Marine Cooler Reviews

[1] Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler (94 Quart):

Basically, this Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler is simply too much good to use on a marine boat. This cooler is manufactured in USA. Most of the users found it very useful and user friendly. So, let’s know more about this product-

build Material:

This marine cooler is made with high quality plastic outside and stainless steel screw of corrosion resistant. So you don’t need to worry about its lasting. The high grade material is long lasting so it will definitely serve you for a long time.


This Igloo marine cooler comes in a lovely portable size. The dimension of the cooler is 35 inches in length by 16.75 inches in width by 17.63 inches in height. This marine cooler is so compact that you can easily use it to your marine boat or other places and carry easily.

UV protection: 

Well, as you use it to your boat under the direct sunlight, you need a better protection against the sunlight. But don’t worry; this marine cooler has a UV inhibitor in order to protect your cooler from sunlight damage.

Special Features: 

This marine cooler also has some great as well as special features to give you better performance. This cooler is odor & stain resistant so it ensures you a safe drink. The intergraded fish keeper tool on lid for measuring is a good feature too. It has also threaded drain plug. It’s for hose hook up. The ultra-herm insulated lid & body are also additional features. The comfort grip handles of reinforced ruler on lid is too good.

Weak Sides: 

Actually, this cooler doesn’t have any major weak side. It is a good cooler. But this cooler doesn’t have insulation in lid. This is not a big deal because it has optional lid. But some users want it, so it depends on you that do you need it or not.


  • Odor & Stain resistant liner;
  • Compact in size (35x16.75x17.63 inches);
  • Ultra Violet ray protection;
  • Corrosion screw of stainless steel;
  • Threaded drain plug.


  • No insulated lid.

[2] Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler (54 Quart):

The Coleman 54 Quart marine cooler is a pretty good cooler. This is a steel constructed compact marine cooler. This is an imported and long lasting marine cooler so you will find this cooler very useful. Let’s see more about this product-

build Material:

The Coleman 54 Quart marine cooler is made with stainless steel. It also has steel-belt for a stronger grip. The stainless steel is able to serve you for a long time. This cooler has a rubber grip with stainless steel handles for more comfortable carrying. The full steel construction has made this marine cooler unique.


This marine cooler is compact in size. The dimension of this cooler is 25.38 inches in length by 17.75 inches in width by 17.38 in height. It also looks attractive because of the stainless steel walls. You can keep 85 can in the cooler at a time.


This marine cooler is steel based, so you get some strong protections. This cooler is rust proof and completely leak resistant. The channel drain ensures no tilt draining. It also gives protection against sun damage.

Special Features: 

The solid steel latch based stylish lid is designed for secure seal contents. This one is suitable for overnight camping, BBQ party or hangout too. Besides you can also sit on the cooler without and tension as it’s made with steel so it’s hard enough.

Weak Side: 

This marine cooler is made with steel, so it is a little bit heavy than the others. It is a little bit hard to carry easily, but that not a major problem. As it made with stainless steel, so you will get a better performance on the other hand.


  • Can capacity of 85;
  • Leak resistant & rust proof;
  • Made with stainless steel;
  • Rubber grip with steel handles;
  • Solid steel latch based stylish lid.


  • A little bit difficult to carry easily.

[3] Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler (50 Quart):

The Igloo Marine Breeze Roller cooler is simply a stylish and useful marine cooler. The wheels and handles of this breeze cooler has made this cooler unique than the other coolers on the market. Read details about this product-

Build Material: 

This marine breeze cooler is made with high quality plastic. The high grade material is long lasting so it is able to serve you for a longer time. The high quality plastic has made this breeze cooler more attractive & lovely.


This Igloo marine breeze roller cooler comes with an extreme portable size and carrying ability. The dimension of the cooler is 28 inches in length by 17 inches in width by 20 inches in height. This marine cooler has wheels and handle so you can carry it anywhere very easily with a great fun.


This marine breeze cooler has a good protection against the Ultra Violet ray and the direct sunlight damage. The high grade plastic body also protects it from damage.

Special Features: 

This marine breeze roller cooler has wheels and adjustable stand handle to you can easily carry it to anywhere. This breeze cooler is odor & stain resistant for your safety. The intergraded fish keeper tool on lid for measuring is a good feature too. The ultra-herm insulated lid & body are also additional features.

Weak Side: 

Actually this cooler doesn’t have any weak side, but we expect the body stronger. Though the plastic is of good quality, but the stainless steel body would better.


  • Very stylish design;
  • Wheels & handle for easy carrying;
  • Very compact in size;
  • Odor and stain resistant liner;
  • UV ray & sunlight ray protection.


  • It should be stronger.

[4] AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler (12 to 48 Can):

The AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler is comes with 12 to 48 can capacity. This is too much compact and light weight. The carrying bag is stylish so you can carry it with fun. Let’s see details about this product-

Build Material: 

The AO cooler is built with plastic. It is very small cooler so plastic body has made this cooler lighter. The plastic is of good quality so you can use it for a long term.

Tiny Size:

Well, this marine cooler is for single or small group use. The dimension of the cooler is 14 inches in length by 7 inches in width by 12 inches in height. This is too much compact so you can carry it anywhere with the included bag.


Though it is a small cooler but it has some good protection too. It has sun light damage protection. On the other hand, this cooler is soft sided and leak proof. So, for personal of small event use, this is a great marine cooler.

Special Features: 

This canvas type small marine cooler can hold ice for a full day (24 hours) in 120 degree weather. This compact cooler is suitable for boating, picnic, BBQ party, hunting, fishing or sport events. It has twice insulation of soft sided coolers. Besides, this tiny cooler offers you a dry pocket for your dry items, isn’t it awesome?

Weak Side: 

This is a great marine cooler but we prefer the more durable plastic. As a small cooler, it not a big problem, but we would like to get the best quality.


  • Very compact is size (14x12x7 inches);
  • Dry pocket for dry items;
  • Perfect small events or personal use;
  • Able to hold ice for a full day;
  • Has leak proof liner.


  • It should have more durable plastic.

[5] Igloo Marine Coolers (48 Quart):

The Igloo Marine Cooler (48 Quart) is basically so simple. This cooler is manufactured in USA and very popular among the people. This comes with a very affordable price. So, take a wide look about this awesome cooler-

Build Material: 

Well, as this is a very simple cooler, it comes with plastic and polyethylene. This cooler is made for simple and common uses. But the plastic and the polyethylene is able for hold ice for up to 3 days in 90 degree. This cooler has become very popular because of this ability.

Small Size: 

For a very common uses, the manufacturer has made this cooler too small in size. The dimension of the cooler is 25.56 inches in length by 14.06 inches in width by 14.13 inches in height. This is too compact so you can use it anywhere as your wish.


This cooler is simple but it also has the Ultra Violet ray resistant exterior. Besides, it also contains odor resistant interior to ensure you a safe food. 

Special Features: 

This marine cooler has “Cool Riser” technology that offers you an elevated design for the proper airflow in the underneath in order to improve the cooling performance. This marine cooler also has swing-up handle for a easy carrying as well.

Weak Side: 

This marine cooler is for simple and short time use, so the polyethylene based built is not a problem at all. It can serve very well for a good period of time. As people often use marine cooler for general purpose, so it okay to polyethylene based made.


  • Very compact in size;
  • Swing-up handle for carrying;
  • Odor resistant interior;
  • UV ray resistant exterior;
  • It’s able to hold ice up to 3 days in 90 degree.


  • Not able to serve well at the high temperature.

How Marine Cooler Works:

Well, the work theory of a marine cooler is very easy. It blocks the transfer of temperature between the box and environment. As the heat can’t go through the wall of the cooler, the heat remains outside. And as you keep ice in the box, the inside of the box remains cold and keeps the drinks cold too. The wall of the box is made with plastic and reflex able material that block the 3 ways of temperature transfer, so the temperature stays cool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which One Is Better- Marine Cooler or Regular Cooler?

Basically, a marine cooler is better than a regular cooler. A marine cooler retains ice for longer than a regular cooler, and the overall build quality is also better. Usually, a marine cooler is 50-100% more expensive than a regular cooler.

Is There Any Gas Smell Inside the Cooler?

Basically, NO! The marine cooler is usually used for keeping food. So the manufacturer keeps the inside gas, smell or other object free so that you can have the perfect food quality.

How Thick Are the Side Walls?

Well, the answer of the question can’t be given in word. Different cooler has different thickness of the side wall. Usually the thickness of a marine cooler sidewall is 0.25 inch to 1 inch. It can be vary by model.

How to Maintain:

Everything needs proper care. If you take proper care of a cooler, it will serve you better and longer. So, we will now discuss about some common tips about marine cooler maintenance so that your kids can use it for a long time with the great performance.

Actually, a marine cooler is not a complicated machine. So it does not need a huge maintenance. Some small steps can keep the box working longer. Such as, the main thing is to keep the cooler clean. We always keep different kinds of foods of other things in it. Sometime, the inside of the box can be nasty. So, regular cleaning can be solution.

After then, we need to change the ice regularly. Ice can turn into water in heat. Then we won’t get our desired performance as well. So, we should change it when needed. Additionally, some coolers need gas to keep things cool. So regular checking is another good point for better service. You should change or replace the gas cylinder when needed.

How We Picked Top 5:

You may ask why we picked these 5 marine cooler when many others cooler are available outside? Well, basically, we picked the top 5 marine coolers according to build quality, service ability and period, user’s experiences, ratings, special and essential features and more. We selected these 5 from many others products to give you an opportunity to find the suitable one. We also selected the sizes that you prefer most.

What to Consider Before Buying a New Marine Cooler:

To buy the perfect marine cooler, you need to look after some features and ability. This is for your choice and need. You need to select one that can fulfill your needs. Such as-


​Yes, for marine cooler, size is an important thing. You should buy a marine cooler as you need the size. If you generally go with some friends or alone, then a small marine cooler is enough for you because a large one is hard to carry. But if you hang out with many friends, then you will feel the need of a large one. So select according to your needs.

Build Material:

It’s an important matter about the material, obviously. You have to choose one for a longer use. Most of the marine coolers are made with high quality plastic and steel. So check the body carefully before buying.

Work Ability:

Always try to choose one that can give you the maximum service time because it a worse experience if you need ice on the water or hang out. Generally, a marine cooler can keep the ice same for a long time, but in case of longer use, you need a better marine cooler.

Safety & Protection:

As you keep foods or drinks in the cooler, so you have to give priority to the safety. Go for one which gives you safety against odor, dust, stain, bacteria or other fungus infection. Also buy a cooler with UV damage protection for a longer use.

best marine cooler

Photo: By Cpl. Michelle Brinn

Special Features: 

Various coolers offer various special features. So, you may check the features and choose the one which has the features that you actually need.


Finally, we’re in the bottom line. Hope, you now know how you can find the perfect one for you. You may choose from our top selection or you may consider other coolers as well. But we believe, our selection and buying guide will help you a lot. Perhaps, you will find your desire marine cooler easily. Best of luck!

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