A Guide to Finding the Best Kayak Paddles (2018) | Top 5 Reviewed

Kayaking is getting more and more popular nowadays. For those people who love to enjoy the natural beauty and also love adventures kayaking is a great medium. It’s such a sport through which you can enjoy your leisure time and also can get yourself among the awesomeness of nature. Some people also use kayaks for fishing. A fishing trip becomes a great source of fun when you are doing it with a perfect fishing kayak.

No matter you are fishing, or you are kayaking on the rapid water the first thing is to choose the best kayak for you. After that, you also have to choose other gears carefully. Among those gears, kayak paddles are the most important as without those you can’t move your kayak unless you own a peddling or motorized kayak.

You have to choose a good kayak paddle for better kayaking. A perfect kayak paddle helps you gaining extra speed and control your kayak better. But Choosing the best paddle is not that much easy as there are a lot of model and brand in the market. So you surely have many confusions. Don’t worry; I am here to release your confusion. You surely are willing to spend your money on the best product. That is why I am writing this article with profound information. Here you will find a complete buying guide of the best kayak paddle for the money. And you will also find top 5 kayak paddles reviews from where you will be able to choose your paddle easily. And for that, you have to read the whole article carefully. Let's proceed with our comparison chart and our top 5 picks.




Shipping Weight


SeaSense X-Treme II

Shipping Weight: 3.8 pounds

44.63 x 7 x 2.25 inches

Shoreline Rounded 96"

Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds

2.1 x 6.8 x 96.5 inches

Editor's Choice

Carlisle Magic Plus

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Lengths Available: (cm) 220, 230, 240

SeaSense X-1

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

1.8 x 6.8 x 44 inches

Shoreline Marine X-II

Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds

2.2 x 7.1 x 96 inches

5 Best Kayak Paddle for the Money:

[1] SeaSense X-Treme II: The Best Budget Kayak Paddle

Outstanding Features:

  • Blade has feathered design;
  • It floats in the water;
  • Can be divided into two pieces;
  • Drip guards;

The SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle is an excellent low-angle paddle. This paddle can be disassembled into two pieces, so it’s very easy to store it. It has a feathered blade which is a great feature. It floats in the water so you can remain worried free if you drop it. It is a great selection for budget! 

Things We Liked

  • Very easy to use;
  • Easy adjusted drip guards;
  • Float;
  • Easy to store.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No noticeable cons;

[2] Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded 96":

Outstanding Features:

  • Three position system;
  • Drip guard;
  • Comfortable grips;
  • Disassemble able into two pieces;
  • Affordable.

The Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle is another excellent choice. It has an excellent drip guard included which will keep you dry. It’s comfortable to use as it has foam grips. It can be disassembled into two pieces. It has three position system; you can customize it for different water spots. Blade are designed in such a way that provide you extra propulsion. It is 96” long and 2.2 pounds in weight.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use;
  • It's grips more comfortable for foam;
  • It's drip guards to help keep you dry;
  • Easy storing.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t have any cons.

[3] Carlisle Magic Plus: The Best Touring Kayak Paddle

Outstanding Features:

  • Durable and lightweight;
  • Fiberglass shaft;
  • Excellent colors available;
  • Three different lengths;

The Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle is an excellent choice for touring. It has a durable shaft which is made of fiberglass.

Editor's Choice

 Blades are very strong and can face many obstacles. There are three lengths of the paddle, and they are 220 cm, 230 cm, 340 cm. Weight is only 2.5 pounds. It is also disassemblable into two parts.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use;
  • Lightweight durable material;
  • Can be divided into two parts.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No noticeable cons;

[4] SeaSense X-1: The Best Kayak Paddles for Affordable Price

Outstanding Features:

  • Made of aluminum that means it's very strong;
  • Very lightweight;
  • Plastic blades are molded;
  • It floats on water;
  • Comfortable grips;
  • Drips guards are adjustable;

The SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle 84” is a great paddle in an affordable price. It has a two-piece aluminum shaft which is strong and also lightweight. It has molded blades which are made of plastic. Rubber drip guard will make your hands dry. Blades can be customized in three positions according to your need. This kayak is best for you if you are thinking of day long kayaking.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to grips for foam / rubber;
  • You can use it day long without being tired.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Blades are small;

[5] Shoreline Marine X-II: The Best Lightweight Kayak Paddles

Outstanding Features:

  • Length is 84”;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • High-impact handle;
  • Lightweight constructions;
  • Durable;

The Shoreline Marine X-II Kayak Paddle has some great features. It is made of aluminum. It has fantastic molded blades. It's very lightweight. You can use it hour after hour without being tired. The paddle is corrosion resistant.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight;
  • Strong constructions;
  • High impact handle.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Blades are not that much strong.

How to Choose a Right Kayak Paddle

For choosing kayak paddle, you have to research a lot. As you won’t want to waste your money on a useless product, you should research more and more before purchasing. I will make it easy and definite to you discussing some important factors. So let’s start

1. Paddle Length:

Paddle length is the first thing to consider before buying a paddle. There is variety in the length of kayak paddle. You can find a paddle of 210cm to 260cm. It depends on some point such as paddling style, your height, your kayak dimension, length, and width. So which size should you choose? The answer is, “The taller you are, the longer paddle you will need. It's very important to choose the right size, or you will not be able to enjoy your trip. So find the one which matches with your need.

2. Material:

Material is another important thing. A kayak paddle can be made of various kinds of materials such as Fiberglass, carbon fiber, nylon, plastic and aluminum. The strength and weight mostly depend on the material. You will need a sturdy paddle if you are willing to kayak in the fast water. And you can do with a less strong paddle if you are kayaking in the calm water. Again you should choose a light paddle if you are planning for day-long kayaking. Remember one thing that the stronger the paddle is, the heavier it will be and also harder it will be for using. The lighter the paddle is, the more comfortable to use it. The most expensive paddles are made of Carbon Fiber and they are light and strong. Fiberglass is at the second position. They are also light and strong enough. Aluminum paddles are strong but very heavy. They are cheap in price. Plastic and Nylon paddles are also light but they are not that much strong. However, they are the cheapest. They are best for the beginners.

3. Blade Shape:

The blade shape is also very important. Symmetrical blades were popular in the past. But nowadays asymmetrical dihedral blades are becoming more popular. This shape requires the paddler to apply less vitality than the previous design. They are like the wing of an aircraft. They allow water to effortless flow along each side of the blade.

4. Weight:

Weight depends on the material of the paddle. Aluminum paddle is the heaviest and Carbon Fiber Paddles are light. Lighter paddles are more comfortable. You have to find a light paddle to enjoy your trip most.

5. Paddling Styles:

There are two types of paddling styles. They are described below:


This style is for long and slow trip in the calm water. It’s a relaxed style of paddling.


This style is more aggressive. It’s a faster style of paddling which is ideal for rapid water and strong ocean currents.

The first thing which kind of paddler you are and which style matches your personality. Then choose a paddle of that style.

6. Feathered or Not:

Feathering can reduce wind resistance. This, thus, makes things a great deal simpler on your wrists and arms. The smaller the edge is, the easier it is to paddle. Larger angles make you much more efficient at paddling, but they will also make you give extra energy. This component makes it somewhat complex to use. These are suitable for beginner.


So, you have already come through the whole article, haven’t you? If you have done it, then I am sure that choosing the best kayak paddle for you is not that much difficult to you now. I hope this article is helpful to you if it is not enough then I will tell you to search for other resources because like you I also don’t want to find that you waste your money on a bad product. But I think if you have read this article especially the buying guide carefully then you will find it very easy to choose a perfect kayak paddle for the money. And I think you already have made your choice as we have included five best paddles in this article. Now if you ask me which one the best to me? I would suggest the “SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle.” This is our top pick because of its great features at an affordable price.

Above all, wish your chosen paddle will match your need properly and you will enjoy your kayaking trip.

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