Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews (2018) | Top 5 Selection by Experts

For many water-sports, fans going on a kayaking trips are the most exciting thing. It's adventurous, and you will get so much fun. You can enjoy the beauty of nature all alone or with your friends or family.

Now, if you are thinking of purchasing a kayak, you have to research a lot. I know you have so many questions and have a confusion of choosing the best one as there are a huge number of models brands and there are also different types of kayaks.

An inflatable kayak is easy to transport and does not take much space. If you are thinking of purchasing an inflatable kayak, you still have to research about it. As you are purchasing an inflatable kayak for the first time you have a risk of failing to choose the best one. That’s why I am writing this article with every useful information that’s needed for choosing the best inflatable kayak. Here you will also find top 5 inflatable kayak review. And from there you can choose your one. All you have to do is to read this article carefully.






Sevylor Quikpak K1

Display Weight 18 pounds

30 x 36 x 103 inches

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

41.2 pounds

30.1 x 11.6 x 19.2 inches

Editor's Choice

Advance Elements StraitEdge KayakA

Display Weight 48 pounds

15 x 15 x 20 inches

Sea Eagle SE370

54.6 pounds

34 x 19 x 11 inches

Editor's Choice

Sea Eagle SE330

44 pounds

133.9 x 33.9 x 13.4 inches

Top 5 Inflatable Kayak Reviews:

[1] Coleman QuikPak K1: The Best Inflatable Kayak for Lakes

Outstanding Features:

  • Build in backpack helps to carry easily;
  • Guaranteed not to puncture;
  • Multi-position footrest;
  • Very easy to set up;
  • Very quick inflation;
  • Secure cargo net for packing food and gear, also have a cup holder;
  • 400 Pounds weight capacity;

The Coleman QuickPak K1 Kayak has an excellent backpack design. It's durable. It has an affordable price. This kayak is suitable for people of all age. It has shoulder straps which help you carrying it when it folds into a backpack.The kayak is made of thick PVC. This is the best for lake use. 

Things We Liked

  • Affordable price;
  • Getting in and out is very easy;
  • High weight capacity;
  • Easy transporting system;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Does not track well;

[2] Sevylor Coleman Colorado: The Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Outstanding Features:

  • Multiple air chambers. If one is punctured, then the other one stay inflated;
  • Rod holders provide you hand free fishing;
  • Paddle holders make paddles secured when you are not using them;
  • Carrying handle makes it easy to take it in and out of the water;
  • Comes with carrying bag and hand pump;
  • Adjustable seat;
  • 470 Ibs weight capacity;

The Sevylor Colemon Colorado is an inflatable tandem fishing kayak. This is a two person inflatable kayak which is too much suitable for fishing. It's lightweight so very easy to use it on water and also easy enough to transport. This kayak is made of air-tight PVC material. It's very suitable for fishing on river, lake or pond. You can ride solo or tandem style. The most likely thing about this kayak is that it comes at an affordable price.

Things We Liked

  • Very lightweight;
  • Much more features at an affordable price;
  • Easy to carry on;
  • Trolling motor system;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for sea fishing;

[3] Sea Eagle 330: The Best Inflatable Kayak for Whitewater

Outstanding Features:

  • Fast inflation, takes only 6 minutes;
  • Cass 3 whitewater rating;
  • Lightweight Construction;
  • Inflatable spray skirt to keep you dry in rough water;

Editor's Choice

If you have never heard of an inflatable kayak that can be used in the sea water, then you should see the Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak. It has a class 3 white water rating. It can bear up to 500 pounds weight. It is suitable for all water spot. It is made of polykrylar materials.

Things We Liked

  • Hull is resistant to saltwater and the sun;
  • It has two skegs for better tracking;
  • Foot pump included;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Seat is not that much good;

[4] StraitEdge: The Best Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak Review

Outstanding Features:

  • Improved tracking system;
  • Self-bailing in bigger waves;
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat;
  • It is resistance to puncture;

Editor's Choice

If you want to have all the control that a real kayak has on an inflatable kayak, then you have to check the Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak. It's adjustable padded seat provides comfort for long time of paddling. It also has a class 3 whitewater rating. It is very durable.

Things We Liked

  • Self-bailing system;
  • Well tracking;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Difficult to dry:

[5] Sea Eagle Se370K: The Best 3 Person Inflatable Kayak

Outstanding Features:

  • Hull is resistance to saltwater and the sun;
  • 650 lbs weight capacity, up to 3 people;
  • Carry bag and repair kit included;
  • Very Lightweight;

If you are looking for an inflatable kayak that is suitable for both rapid water and calm water, then the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable kayak will be an excellent choice for you. It can bear up to three people. It can be used for fishing. It is durable enough.

Things We Liked

  • Quick set up;
  • Affordable price;
  • Easy to transport;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons;

How to Choose the Right Inflatable Kayak

1. Materials

Inflatable Kayaks are made of three types of materials. They are described below.

Hypalon: Hypalon is the most durable material for inflatable kayak outside coating. It resists UV, high temperature and other environmental problems better than other materials. But this material is very expensive.

PVC: To increase the strength and tear resistance PVC is used as coating polyester or nylon. This material is durable and affordable. It is easy to patch. It comes in different colors. Resistance to UV and high temperature is not stable enough. So UV rays can easily damage this material.

Nitrylon: As PVC is not that much good, many manufacturers have begun to use Nitrylon instead of PVC. They are eco-friendly and more resistance to UV and temperature than PVC.

2. Weight

Weight is another important thing especially if you are purchasing it for hiking in the wilderness. The lighter the kayak is, the easier to maneuver it. So you have to consider which weight matches you most.

3. Storage

Before thinking of storage, you have to consider what kind of kayaker you are. You will need of a bigger storage if you are a serious kayaker. If you need to take a lot of gear with you will need a large storage. But you have to remember one thing, “The bigger the storage is, the more expensive the kayak will be. So, if you are sure that you can be satisfied with smaller storage then don’t look for bigger as smaller storage will save you some money.

4. Usage

Are planning to use your kayak on whitewater? Or are you thinking that you will use it for fishing or sea kayaking? Which type do you want, single kayak or double kayak? Every different usage needs different features. So you have to consider this point carefully.

5. Length and Width

Length and width are important as the speed and stability of an inflatable kayak depend on length and width. Most inflatable kayaks are not longer than 14 feet because the kayak will be very unstable if it is longer than 14 feet. Now you are thinking that which size is suitable for you, aren’t you? Okay, let’s solve it within one sentence, “The longer and narrower the kayak is the speedier and less stable the kayak will be. On the other hand, the shorter and wider the kayak is the slower and more stable the kayak will be.

6. Cost

When choosing an inflatable kayak, your budget is one of the most important factors. There are different prices of an inflatable kayak. You can purchase an inflatable kayak for as low as 70 bucks. If you want to buy a decent model, then you will need to pay $200 to $600.

Types of Inflatable Kayak:

Inflatable kayaks come in all shape and size. There are five types of kayaks. Each one is different and suitable for various usage. Let's discuss the types.

Sit-on-Top Kayak: 

This is the best model for paddling on calm water in ponds or lakes. You will be seating on top of the kayak on a seat with a proper backrest. You can change your position. They are very comfortable.

Sit-In Kayaks: 

The lower part of your body will remain inside the boat if you are using a sit-in inflatable kayak. It's not as much comfortable as Sit-on-Top kayaks. They are suitable for choppy water.

Self-Bailing Kayak: 

These types of inflatable kayaks are designed with lower quality materials. They are most affordable in price. They are suitable for shallow water but don’t look for them if you are willing to kayak on the sea water.

Sup Kayaks: 

These are the newest model of kayaks. They are very rigid that the rider can stand up while paddling. You can also find an inflatable kayak of this type. They are just awesome.


This is an inflatable kayak that can bear up to 3 or two people together. They look like a canoe. They give you more space to move around as they have higher walls and deeper seats. These kayaks are best for fishing.

Inflatable Kayak Advantages:


Inflatable kayaks are very affordable. As I said before, you can purchase an inflatable kayak for as low as 70 bucks. And if you buy an inflatable kayak for $300 to $500 it will last for many years.


Inflatable kayaks made of Hypalon and Nitrylon are very resistant to UV rays and high temperature.


When the kayak is deflated it is fit into a closet, garage or a trunk.

Easy to Repair: 

If your kayak gets a puncture, it’s easy to apply a patch. After that let it dry and get your kayak all ok.

Ideal for Beginners: 

inflatable are very lightweight therefore they are very easy to transport and maneuver. So it’s best for the beginners.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Are Inflatable Kayaks Good for Fishing?

All inflatable kayaks are not suitable for fishing. The best inflatable kayak for fishing is either the “canoe-type or the stand-up kayaks. You can stay afloat on these kayaks. They have more space to store fishing gears. The canoe-type inflatable kayak can bear up to two or three people together. So you can take a friend with you and enjoy the fishing more. So purchase a canoe-type inflatable kayak if you want to fish.

2. What Types of Water are You Kayaking on?

Kayak manufacturers give kayaks a class of rapid. If you are thinking of kayaking on calm water in the river or lake a class 2 or class 3 is enough. But if you are planning for kayaking on the rougher water in the sea you need a kayak which has a class 3 white water rating. You will need different features for different water spot.

If you are kayaking on large, open water, you should use an inflatable kayak which has multiple air chamber so that if one gets a puncture, you can still reach to a safe place with the other chamber. For this purpose I will suggest you for the “Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak” It will be an excellent choice for you. However, you can also look for other kayaks if you don’t like this one.

3. What do You Plan to Do on the Water?

Are you planning of fishing on the water? Then you will need an inflatable which is suitable for fishing. You can look for a Canoe-Type inflatable kayak. Or you can look for a stand-up kayak as they have more stability. You will need extra storage, pockets and rod holders. So find one which will provide you all the requirement you need for a comfortable fishing trip.

If you are planning to be in the water all day long, then you will need an inflatable kayak which is very comfortable which has comfortable seats with comfy backrest. And you also need a large storage as you will need to take a lot of gears and food with you.


Okay, I hope you have already read the article carefully. So you know everything about choosing a perfect inflatable kayak.

However, if you want a suggestion from me, I recommend you to choose the " Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak " as it has much more features at an affordable price. And this kayak is perfect for both beginner and expert. The most important thing is this kayak is suitable for all the water spot. You can use it wherever you want.

I give you my suggestion as I have own experience with this kayak and I like it very much. But you are free to choose your own. And I will say that you should choose your kayak yourself as you know better which features will match your need most.

Wish you good luck with your choice.

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