The Best Hang on Back Filter | Top 5 HOB Models Reviewed (2018)

Have you any aquarium in your house to increase the beauty of your home decoration? If your answer is positive and you have pet fish of water animal in that aquarium along with if you face the problem of water pollution, then this article is especially for you.

It is common problem that our aquarium becomes polluted and unusable because of the waste of our pet animals. It is unhealthy and very bad for the animals. It’s nearly impossible to change the water regularly. So what’s the solution? Yes, we have a great solution for this kind of trouble. The name of the solution is- hang on back filter.

The hang on back filters are made for heavy duty, so you don’t need to worry about your aquarium tank. It is completely able to take proper care of your aquarium. It works all day long & keeps refreshing your tank water which keeps the water neat & clean and ensures a healthy life of your lovely pet as well as prolongs your pet life. It is a great choice for your aquarium.

So, keep reading this article carefully to know about the best hang on back filter for your aquarium. We’ve reviewed some best hang on back filter and also a quick buying guide so that you can find the perfect one for your aquarium.

Why Hang On Back Filter?

You may ask why you should use a hang on back filter instead of internal filter. Well, let’s see some reasons that why you need an external hang on back filter.

First of all, think about the visibility. Well, if you use an internal filter for your aquarium, then it has to be inserted into the tank. It needs space in your aquarium. So you can’t have a clear aquarium view at all. In the other hand, if you have a hang on back filter, then it provides you a clean view of your aquarium. It helps to increase the beauty of your decoration.

Then come to the performance. Internal filters remains into your aquarium so sometimes it becomes risky. It remains under water so after a period of time, its look like a wasted product. Though it works, but the work ability starts reducing. On the other hand, hang on back filter doesn’t have this problem.

Best Hang On Back Filter Comparison - 2018



Shipping Weight



AquaClear Power Filter

6.8 pounds

7.1 x 13.9 x 9.1 inches

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO

3.9 pounds

12.9 x 8.4 x 6.6 inches

Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter

2.3 pounds

6.2 x 7.2 x 9.7 inches

Uxcell AC 110V-120V 60Hz Filter

1.1 pounds

Not specified

Utopia Hang-on Filter

1.1 pounds

7.3 x 3.7 x 6.2 inches

Top 5 Hang on Back Filter Reviews:

[1] AquaClear Power Filter:

Product Features:

  • Easy & quick installation;
  • Re-filtration system for superior contact;
  • Ideal filter up to 110 gallons aquarium;

The powerful AquaClear Power Filter of 110 gallon volume is simply great. It has the Re-filtration system which offers you the superior contact time. It comes with filter media and the all new energy efficient pump helps you to lower the operating cost. It also offers you a quick and easier installation so that you can save your valuable time. You can start this machine within a very short time by reading the user manual.

However, it has a powerful filtration volume which is generally 7 times larger than the other comparable filters in this category, isn’t it pretty cool? It provides you the superior water quality with its AquaClear foam, Biomax and activated carbon cartridge. The cycle guard ensures a continuous biological filtration.

This AquaClear hang on back filter presents you one of the most versatile filter systems available. It also offers you various volume sizes filter so that you can choose one according to your need for your aquarium.

This device’s made with the latest technology so that it can reduce the flow by up to 50% without any kind of harm or impeller for the filter motor with its flow control. This awesome hang on back filter has included patented and innovative re-circulation grid as well as the multi filter media stacking. So, we can say that you’ll be highly satisfied with its high quality performance, because the latest re-circulation grid ensures to pass the water through the filter media more than once; when you select the slower flow rate. You can also insert or replace biological filter at a time to get safer water. It prevents the bacteria from the water and presents you super quality healthy water for your aquarium.


  • This filter is ideal for up to 110 gallons aquarium;
  • The BioMax & activated carbon ensure better performance;
  • Its re-circulation grid system is awesome;
  • It has 7 time larger filtration volume;
  • Its flow control can reduce the flow rate up to 50%;
  • It has a very easy & quick set up ability.


  • Price should be more affordable.

[2] Aqueon QuietFlow PRO Aquarium Power Filter (LED):

Product Features:

  • Contains Bio-Pin wet dry technology;
  • Self priming filter;
  • Offer a four stage filtration;

The all new Aqueon QuietFlow hang on back filter has a special feature hiding in the product name. Have you ever noticed? This device can work quietly. It means this filter produce lesser noise among the other filter available on the market. It has the dense floss which removes debris and particles to keep the water clean. As well as, the activated carbon cartridge prevent odors, toxins and discoloration which truly ensure you safe water for your lovely water pet. Besides that, the patented bio holster helps to prevent the nitrites and toxic ammonia.

This hang on back filter is suitable up to 90 gallons aquarium. It also has LED indicator which has made this filter unique from the others. It makes your maintenance easier than ever. The LED indicators will notify you when you need to change or replace the clogged cartridge. It’s a smarter way of maintenance. And yes, you may use this filter for both of salt water or fresh water.

The easy operation of this device is really adorable. The diffusion grid also removes additional toxins when you add oxygen for more active water animals of fishes in your aquarium. This filter is designed especially for aquarist in mind. The special cartridge enhances the water quality better. The four stage filtration is really awesome. The four stages are- Chemical, Mechanical, Biological and Wet-Dry. They ensure you the clearest, healthiest and cleanest water for the aquarium.

The Aqueon QuietFlow has auto start feature and self priming features. The higher flow rate provides more clean water. The internal pump’s design for quiet and noise free service. It is a long lasting device which has less chance for leaks and thinner body.


  • This filter can work without making noise;
  • The Bio-Pin can be dry with wet dry technology;
  • It provides higher dissolved oxygen content;
  • It has biological filtration of superior quality;
  • This filter ensures a higher flow rate;
  • LED cartridge change indicators when it’s time to change clogged cartridge.


  • It has no wheel to stop running.

[3] Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter:

Product Features:

  • It uses large carbon filters;
  • Designed for ideal use of up to 45 gallon aquariums;
  • Very easy installation feature;

The Tetra Whisper EX power’s made by a well known brand- Tetra. They are very familiar for aquarium base device or equipments. This Tetra Whisper EX filter is pretty much good for any kind of aquarium tank like fish, frog, turtle or newt. This device is ideal for up to 45 gallons aquarium volume. This filter has high capacity of the water flow generally good for any tank because of its powerful filtration ability.

The carbon filter is especially design for powerful work ability.

This filter has Timestrip technology, so you can use it easily from the time of taking it out of the box. This Tetra whisper power filter uses the EX carbon filter for better performance. The carbon filter is large in size. The EX Carbon filter is truly the innovation filtration system which makes sure the better health of your aquarium animals.

The EX carbon cartridge removes odors, debris and other nasty elements from the water and keeps the water clean and safe. So it ensures the healthy environment for your aquarium. As well, it is easy to maintenance this hang on back filter. This filter also produces less noise than other filters available near us. The filter cartridge carrier keeps your hands away from the used cartridge when it’s time to change the clogged cartridge. This filter is obviously the ideal filter for your lovely aquarium.

The innovative design and cartridge truly provides intuitive filtration system. In the addition, there is a door for easy access on the top of the filter. So you can change the cartridge by keeping your hands away from the used cartridge. The motor also need less maintenance than the others models. So it is really an ideal choice for your aquarium.


  • This is ideal up to 45 gallons;
  • Very easy to use & maintenance;
  • It produces the minimum noise;
  • It contains powerful EX filtration system;
  • Its Timestrips tells when you need to change the cartridge.


  • No noticeable cons found.

[4] Uxcell AC 110V-120V 60Hz Filter:

Product Features:

  • Power saving filter;
  • Adjustable water flow feature;
  • Durable hang on back filter;

The Uxcell hang on back filter is another best filter in this category. This filter is specially made for small size aquariums. If you have a small or tiny aquarium then surely it is perfect for you. This filter is compact in size and reliable. Though it’s a small filter, it has some excellent features.

This hang on back filter has water flow control capacity which is pretty good. You can also adjust the water flow rate. It comes with the adjustable water flow rate capability. You can use it freely as it has quick and easy installation. You don’t need to suffer of get another person’s help for set up. It also offers an easy maintenance.

This Uxcell 60Hz hang on back filter ensures you a great performance. It is also a low cost maintenance filter because it uses less power. This reliable filter produces a quiet operation. It comes with the standard US plug. It has 1 filter and 2 filter cartridge for better performances. You can also add filter cotton to the filter box in order to enhance the filtering effect. This filter is suitable for all kind of water pets. It keeps the water clean with its 2 cartridge and ensures a good environment for your water animals by removing odors, debris or other toxic elements.


  • It can work quietly;
  • It has adjustable water flow feature;
  • This filter uses less power and save power;
  • This hang on back filter is durable & long lasting;
  • This device comes with 2 cartridges;
  • It uses standard US plug.


  • Peak current should be more.

[5] Utopia Hang-on Filter:

Product Features:

  • It offers a quiet operation ability;
  • Adjustable water flow feature;
  • Creates a beautiful waterfall effect;

The Utopia 4.5W 92 GPH hang on back filter is specially made for small size aquarium. It has ultra thin build quality so it looks very compact and it saves your space. It is made with premium quality ABS plastic. This hang on back filter also makes an amazing waterfall effect to your aquarium which increases the beauty of your home decoration.

This filter has powerful filter function so it provides you great performance. This filter can work without making noise so it keeps your aquarium quiet. In the addition, this filter can pump while providing the Oxygen, and at a same time. The special cascade flow design is awesome. It can improve Oxygen dissolving. The adjustable flow offers optimal flow. So you can adjust the water flow level as you need anytime.

It keeps the aquarium water clean and clear by removing debris, odors or other nasty elements. So it ensures a safe and healthy environment for your lovely water fishes of animals. It offers an easy maintenance. So you can use it freely as it has quick and easy installation. You don’t need to suffer of get another person’s help for set up. For a small size water aquarium, we can say, it is one of the best hang on back filter. This device is affordable and awesome. It has the ability to satisfy you.


  • This water filter has a quiet operation;
  • It creates a beautiful waterfall design;
  • Its ultra thin design saves your space;
  • Freely adjustable flow rate;
  • It can reduce the resonance greatly;
  • It has oxygen providing and pumping capability at the same time.


  • All kind of aquarium can’t be fit with it. You need at least 19 cm tank height.

Short Buying Guide for Best Hang on Back Filter:

Finding the best hang on back filter is not too easy. It’s because there are various kinds of filter available on the market. So you need to know and notice some about some feature so that you can select the perfect one for your aquarium.

First of all, look at the water flow capacity of the hang on back filter. It is the main and most important thing.  If you have bigger aquarium, then choose one of higher rate of water flow capacity. And if you own a small tank, then choose a small one. If you buy a small filter for larger aquarium, then it can’t serve you. As a result, your aquarium will be polluted and your pet can be died. On the other hand, if you buy a bigger filter for small aquarium, then it will cost you more.

After then, see about the noise. Surely you prefer quiet in your home. If a filter produces sound, then it won’t be good. So try to choose one of quiet operation.

Then, always purchase a filter which has adjustable water flow rate capacity. That’s important because you may sometimes need to change the water level of your aquarium as you change the fishes of water animals. So it is a clever idea to choose a filter which has adjustable water flow level feature.

Also look at the special features like hands free cartridge change capability, easy installation and simple maintenance.

And if you like the beauty of waterfalls of the filter, then test one that can create an amazing waterfall. Though all the filters create waterfall, but a few one can create wonderful waterfall.


Well, if you read this entire article, then we hope you can now find the perfect hang on back filter for your aquarium. Many brands offer many kinds of features, so try to choose one which has those feature that you actually need.  It’s a perfect solution and best assistant for an aquarium. It always keep eye to your aquarium and take proper care of it. So if you have an aquarium in your home, then you badly need a hang on back filter for the proper care of it.

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